Intel Introduces High End SSD 520 Series Drives

Intel_520_SeriesIntel Corporation announced today its fastest client/consumer solid-state drive (SSD) to date, the Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 Series (Intel® SSD 520), a 6 gigabit-per-second (gbps) SATA III SSD produced using Intel compute-quality 25-nanometer (nm) NAND memory process technology.

Aimed at delivering world-class performance for even the most demanding PC enthusiasts, gamers, professionals or small-medium businesses (SMBs), the Intel SSD 520 has fast throughput performance, new security features and reliability to meet even the most intensive user requirements.

Any consumer application requiring high throughput and bandwidth, low latencies and accelerated speed will benefit from the Intel SSD 520.

Software developers, architects, accountants, engineers, musicians, media creators and artists are just some of the professionals that will find that the Intel SSD 520’s full package of features can make a dramatic impact on their productivity.

With faster performance for graphic renderings, compiling, data transfers and system boot-ups, users can speed through multi-tasking or once-cumbersome application wait times with an Intel SSD 520 Series.

“We tapped Intel engineering to create a client SSD that delivers performance on all fronts with obsessively high reliability,” said Naveed Siraj, country manager Intel Pakistan. “The Intel SSD 520 once again raises the industry bar on SSD performance, quality and reliability to dramatically improve user experience.”

Unlike a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) with spinning disks and moveable parts, an SSD is based on silicon, NAND flash memory specifically, to create a lower power, more reliable and drastically faster storage solution that can keep up with today’s most demanding applications, Internet streaming and intense multi-tasking.

Based on its own industry-leading 25nm Intel compute-quality NAND flash memory and a 6gbps SATA III interface, the Intel SSD 520 uses an LSI SandForce Flash Storage Processor with an Intel co-defined and validated firmware release, to create an SSD that sets new industry performance benchmarks.

The Intel SSD 520 delivers up to 80,000 maximum 4K random write Input-Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and up to 50,000 4K random read IOPS to speed through every day operations. High sequential read performance of up to 550 megabytes-per-second (MB/s) and up to 520MB/s sequential writes also markedly accelerate and improve user productivity. This is backed by thousands of hours of Intel testing and validation, including more than 5,000 individual tests, as well as a 5-year limited warranty.

The Intel SSD 520 will mark the high end of its client SSD offerings and include these new features: a wide range of user capacities from 60GB to 480GB, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit encryption capabilities and stronger password protection for added security in the event of theft or power loss.


Intel is offer SSD 520 drives in 60GB, 120GB, 180GB, 240GB and 400GB units. However, in Pakistan only 240GB SS-drive is available which is priced at Rs. 45,000.

  • where its available in Pakistan? i already have intel 510Series ssd. want to upgrade. no will be more helpful

  • Official Intel re-sellers in Pakistan are:

    Esys Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd
    Villa # A-45, 1st floor, S.M.C.H.S., Off Shara-e-Faisal (Behind Fayyaz Center), Karachi 75400
    UAN. 92-21-111eSyskh (111-379-754)
    Fax 92-21-3431 3912

    Spectra Innovations Pte. Ltd. Al-Hafeez Shopping Mall, 4th Floor, Office # 401, Gulberg III, Main Boulevard, Lahore – 54000
    Lahore . Pakistan.
    Tel: +92-42-3577-4932-34
    Fax: +92-42-3587 1469

    Shing Technologies Inc. D-22, Gizri Road, Bock 9, Clifton, Karachi – 75600
    Tel: +92-21-582 4561-62
    Fax: +92-21-3582 4563

    Hope this will help

    • I wouldnt define a laptop without SSD as “acha”
      If you havent added an ssd already, try it and you wouldnt be able to work without it.
      Infact for normal work an ssd is alot better upgrade then a faster processor.

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