PTA Vacated 66 Illegal Frequency Spots During 2011

PTA-logoPTA, based on responsibilities given to it, carries out extensive field surveys to identify illegal/unauthorized users of frequency spectrum and coordinates for vacation.

In addition, for certain persistent unauthorized users, PTA and FIA conduct joint raids for vacation and seizure of wireless equipment.

Frequency Spectrum is a scarce & highly expensive national resource and under Telecom (Re-Organization) Act 1996, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has to ensure that the rights of the licenses and telecom users are duly protected.

During the year 2011, PTA successfully vacated 66 illegal frequency spots which were causing interference in the authorized spectrum of licensed telecom operators. Numerous raids with Federal investigation Agency (FIA) were also conducted against illegal frequency users and equipment was confiscated.

Apart from illegal users of frequency, PTA has also removed 61 jammers across Pakistan to ensure interference free spectrum for the telecom operators.

Chairman PTA, Dr. Muhammad Yaseen emphasized that PTA as a regulator is vigilant and is taking all measures to stop this unlawful activity. He also warned to all those who are involved in such illegal use of frequency and users of jamming devices to stop such unlawful activities, otherwise strict action will be initiated against them as per the Pakistan Telecommunication Act Re-Organization 1996.

It may be mention that Illegal/unauthorized use of frequency and any source of interference in the authorized frequency spectrum is an offence under clause (n) of sub-section (1) of section 31 of the Act.

  • saeed khan


    Yaar i dnt get the meaning of Illegal Frequency Spots…? what that mean it mean voip gateways..?

  • umair

    brother i want to setup wifi network in my rural area which can cover area of 3 it practically posible.more will it be legal and ptcl allows it?plz answr