Mobilink Partners with DIL for Literacy Initiative

Mobilink_DilMobilink has partnered with Developments in Literacy (DIL) to set up a Computer Lab at the DIL Model School in the Khuda ki Basti community in Kala Shah Kaku near Sheikhupura.

As part of the partnership, DIL will provide the IT curriculum and teacher training, while Mobilink has provided the hardware and equipment for this.

Mobilink has sponsored a total of ten computer systems, one printer, twenty audio headsets and ten webcams for online lessons. This hardware was handed over to the school management by Mobilink Torchbearers during a brief ceremony, with the Torchbearers also utilizing the opportunity to interact with students and emphasize the importance of IT literacy.

On the occasion, Omar Manzur, Director Public Relations and CSR Mobilink highlighted, “As Pakistan’s premier cellular services provider, we are fully cognizant of the importance of IT literacy for the economic development of the country and bridging the digital divide. It is indeed an honor to provide this support for IT education at the very basic level, where it is needed the most.”

The DIL Model School is located in Khuda Ki Basti, which is a community housing project of “Saiban” a local NGO. The housing scheme is for the low income group of Sheikhpura, located in Kala Shah Kako. DIL establishes, adopts and manages primary and secondary schools for underprivileged children in partnership with non-governmental organizations in all four provinces of Pakistan.

The Mobilink Foundation remains committed towards leading social responsibility in Pakistan, with a history of helping the deserving across the country. The Mobilink Foundation has a dedicated and efficient team of Torchbearers; trained employee volunteers who enable the Foundation in the various causes it identifies for the relief of the underprivileged across Pakistan. Each Mobilink Foundation Torchbearer is empowered to clock an average of five (5) dedicated hours per month during official working hours.

  • Very good initiative, I would like to appreciate whole team of Mobilink and DIL for this IT Literacy awareness program

  • Can anyone see the irony? Poor people get old computers and headsets while bablus get state of the art equipment. Talk about building the nation. Do these students do not deserve corei7, or at least corei5? Give them p4 junk, cheap Chinese headsets and get media coverage. Money well spent. Im also planning to get franchise of some NGO. Its such a lucrative business and lots of PR

    • We live in a capitalism. Furthermore, Islamic society has always been a capitalism. Having said that, I see no reason why would a student need Core i5 or even Core i3, and why on earth they need to waste money of on Core i7?

      A Pentium 4 (at 2.53Ghz or above, with 1GB of DDR1 RAM, and 40GB of SATA HDD) will suffice all the need for students. It can easily run Windows 7 or latest famous distros of Linux. Students are not there to play games, students are there to learn. These machines can be used for all major kinds of learning, from office applications to programming.

      And before you attack me, I am using a Pentium 4 (with above configuration) from last 4+ years for programming and it still does its job.

  • My name is Yasir and i live in Mansehra Provenience KPK Pakistan. It is very good to learn about DIL and also want the same project in my city for the betterment of my people but resources are too low and short. So nothing do any thing, if it is possible that you people do some thing then please contact me.

  • Very nice step every organization must do some thing for welfare of society….. Change the world bit by bit , byte by byte.

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