Comptel Plans to Set Up Operations in Pakistan

Comptel_logoComptel Corporation has planned to set up its operation in Pakistan with very strong fulfillment offering to facilitate the entire order management process of operators for executing 3G technology, an official announcement issued said.

The company will open up doors of multiple opportunities for investment and employment along with boosting business of the existing telecom operators, vendors and allied industries through innovations and its benefits to customers of different fields.

According to the official statement, it has realized the growth and potential of the Pakistan market having large number of cellular users with different socio-economic backgrounds and communication needs.

Comptel is one of the leading software companies specializing in telecommunication with strong presence in the world, providing activation space to 280 companies globally in different 85 countries.

The company is based in Finland that bridges Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with their network and content partners, fixed with mobile networks; and networks with IT. It operates globally in the developing Operations Support Systems (OSS) market for telecommunication sector in accordance with the need of domestic markets.

Comptel solutions have helped companies deliver their subscribers’ communication and infotainment needs, improving the customer experience while creating revenues, reducing costs and lessening churn.

Comptel Dynamic SIM Management enables the operator to monetize vanity numbers and to manage them, all in real time. It allows subscribers to select their numbers and services with an interactive dialogue the first time they use their SIM cards.

Comptel Dynamic SIM Management facilitates true service personalization and an all-round more fulfilling customer experience. The solution also supports the full lifecycle management of SIM cards, from the moment the cards are manufactured to the point when they are discarded or recycled. When using their SIM cards for the first time, they can also search for the numbers they want and purchase the value-added services of their choice.

  • Rizwan

    When they launch service in Pakistan ??