Ufone Celebrates Faisalabad City

Ufone FaisalabadUfone arranged three day fun filled fiesta to celebrate Faisalabad and the success of the city.  The attractive event boasted of 100 different stalls which were set up by the local industry.

The festival was open to the general public so that they could witness the diversity of the industries in Faisalabad which are a source of pride for the entire nation.

‘Celebrating Faisalabad City’ was a family festival which gave the local entrepreneurs an opportunity to display, sell and interact directly with customers while giving visitors an opportunity to shop, enjoy food and have fun all under one roof, said an official release.

There were also live performances including stand-up comedy and the kid’s area boasted of a jumping castle, stuff toys, slides and other various sources of entertainment for the children.

The entry ticket was priced at only Rs. 20/- per person and Ufone donated the proceeds from the sale of these tickets to the “Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology” as a gesture to truly support the industrial city.

The hospital is not only state of the art but it is also helping the underprivileged people who cannot afford to pay for their treatment. The Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology has clinical departments including cardiology medicine & cardiac surgery, and allied essential operation theatres. The institute also offers a training center for medical, para-medical and nursing staff.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Aziz, President and CEO Ufone said, “For Ufone the cardinal principle is that action speaks louder than words. While other may come up with rhetoric, Ufone actually delivers. The city of Faisalabad has served as backbone to country’s economy and Ufone feels humble to arrange such a festival for the people of Faisalabad. It is interesting to see a mix of different industries come together under one roof and create such a positive ambiance and portray the success of the city. It was also heartening to see kids and adults enjoying the festivities. We hope the proceeds of this activity will help improve the plight of disadvantaged patients at Institute of Cardiology.

Following is the pictorial review of the event: