PakTurk School Replaces Blackboards with Smartboards

001PakTurk International Schools and Colleges have replaced blackboards with smartboards to enhance skills and learning experience of the Pakistani students.

The decision of electronic replacement was taken to introduce appropriate technology among Pakistani students after realizing their exceptional intellectual potential.

The touch-sensitive display of a smartboard, which connects to computer and projector, can be controlled directly from the display. Teachers and students can write notes in digital ink and save work to share later.

Students using smartboards can view three-dimensional objects and they can interact with learning material as their fingers become the mouse.

Moreover, students in different classes and remote campuses can talk and act together seamlessly through wireless broadband connection which allows high-speed transmission of sounds, images, documents and other information.

Underlining the importance of modern knowledge-sharing and teaching method, Eren stressed upon the teachers to give their best to ensure successful future for students.

The newly introduced technology will help the teachers to learn and develop more, enable students overcome shortfalls and help bridge the digital divide, he said adding that blackboards will soon be a thing of the past.

    • Kadi Khush na hona har walay har kisi di galti he labday rahna. GOVT scools still use black board if possible mama jee.

  • Very best step taken. Dil khush kardita. Its great to see technology taking lead over the conventional methods of teachings.

    I hope somewhere in Pakistan they will start incorporating social media i.e like Pinterest in education. Revealing new horizons for learning online.

  • Not a great move to be honest. Smart-boards will have require the lights to be turned off which is obviously not good for students if they are reading a book or writing on their notebook. Not ever upgrade in the technology is worth using ‘everywhere’.

    PS. A move to bring more students to their school? Earn more money? Where is the REAL education?

  • this is a good step. Though the critiques have valid arguments but we should at least let experience our kids what has been obsoleted ages back. I am looking forward when Pakistani schools also adopt the concept of shadow schools and bring more technology into education. I have heard of couple of organization working on same concept and are really successfully implementing the idea. E-g Virtula Uiversity, Teletaleem, intel and ICT and R&D fund. We should always appreciate and encourage a positive move.

  • I have my own experience with this school, not just one kid but more than that. They are focusing on getting attention of the public than giving real education. They are more focused on getting some selected students participate in inter turkish schools and other international events than improving the knowledge of all students. They dont focus on weaker students who need more attention from the school and parents but keep on focusing on few students who could be their trump. Not to mention the standard of English, pathetic. No ill feelings about Turks but their English sucks and this is their so called English medium school? I have personal experience with this school and some other so called English medium or Islamic schools here in Lahore. Anybody want to logically challenge me can write to [email protected].

  • This is technology at its best and they should promote and educate others on this technology aswell.

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