WorldCall Gains Investors Attention in Karachi Stock Exchange

WorldCall_logoWorldCall Telecom has been in focus of investors’ attention at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) for past one month as shares’ trading of the company was witnessed huge volume with constant improvement in par values.

On Monday, it was once again seen a top performer at KSE 100 index in terms of volume after number of shares traded crossed 30.86 million benchmark with value of a single share settled at Rs 4.05 per share after touching level of Rs 4.35 per share in intraday session.

On the contrary, different players in the telecom sector witnessed lukewarm shares trading such as Telecard with 7.5 million shares volume, PTCL with 2.71 million and Wateen with 2 million shares trading on the closing session.

It was not a first time that WorldCall Telecom stood in the top ten most favorite companies grabbing attention of the investors owing to its improved financial health, analysts said.

The company volume of shares trading has crossed the level of 32 million in past week besides it improved its value from Rs 3.85 per share to Rs 4.05 per share so far.

In 2011, WorldCall posted profit for the first time after its majority stakes were acquired by Omantel in April 2008.

WorldCall Telecom posted Rs. 290.250 million ($3.4 million) as profit after tax in the year ended December 31, 2011 as compared to after tax loss of Rs. 1,147.006 million in the corresponding period in 2010.

According to the financial results, the company’s net revenue increased to Rs. 8.001 billion in 2011 against Rs. 7.464 billion in 2010.

Meanwhile, WorldCall Telecom received a syndicated $35 million loan facility for the company’s expansion and availed the financing against corporate guarantee of Omantel.

The companies overall operations including DSL broadband services were witnessed growth in the subscribers’ base whereas its cable TV services were also recorded increase in connections. In addition, LDI and Wireless services were seen gradual improvement in 2011.

The situation of cash flow has been improved at WorldCall Telecom Limited whereas its liabilities and losses have been seen under control, analysts said.

  • __________ banao worldcall walo ! employee ko dene ko salary nai hai profit show kar rahay ho . 2 months se salary pending hain tum logo ki ! 2 2 months ki salaries rok kar share ki value barhatay ho ! management sahi ki _________ banaing share holders ko hahahah

    [Comment Edited]

  • Very amazing.Where is SECP?I have also heard that they have not paid salaries .How they are showing profits etc.

  • its just they are Advertising on Social Media that they are gaining profit lol but in reality they havent paid the salaries of last month yet and Omanis have stop financing Worldcall. now when they collect advance payment from Customers they should pay on 1st of every month but Finance Management sucks . most of the Departments are on Strike and Evdo services Sucks due to no Fuel in area towers. company has stopped all the investment and just collecting money from customers and even not paying salary to employees too ! What the Crap

    sajid from lahore

  • its all fakeeee ! .. they are stopping every ones payments in Order to Show the Amount in bank Account after Stopping every ones bills Salaries Definitely share will go up ! but in Reality go to worldcall offices and ask them lol ! employees working on low wages and are needy and this WorldCall management is sucking there blood and kicking there asses every day lol ! Mostly employees have left Wordcall or Resign from WorldCall only those are working who dont have skills or cant work any where else except this lossi company :P

  • WorldCall will go up one day ! .. its just crisis which every company faces but it doesn’t mean company will collapse . pray for the best ! WorldCall will be better soon Inshallah . still worldcall is offering almost all services which another company is not offering in all over pakistan . hfc network evdo and wll phones so worldcall investment is far enough big as compare to local companies .Go Worldcall go :)

  • Worldcall Khassi Management Salary to Dado Employees ko.tum logo nay apne hi Employees ki mar kar rakhi hoi hai,pasey hain nai tum logo k pass phr bhi company chala rahay ho.Abhi tak salary nahi di hai tumne employees ki ! i am one of your customer and my friend is in worldcall ghalti se and he is planning to switch some where else. worldcall k halat abh theek nahi hone wale.
    armaan from karachi

  • Hafeez! you are right i agree with you i am one of effected person of WTL… Just Corruption nothing else… no Medical, No fuel, No Salary since three months and making us fool by hiring new directors… few of the managers think that by stopping their workers to go on strike! what does it mean! Clearly, that they are corrupt… in lahore more then 250 staff of technical went on strike on 9th of July… Just demanding for their rights!… salaries what else… their landlord giving them answer to empty the house! the most worst is some employees already sold everything almost everything to sleep they have only bedsheet not bed…

  • It is not at all a sacrifice by employees. It is simple exploitation of employees. They have not been paid salaries since last four months. Additionally, employees expenses for fuel and medical have not been paid since more than a year. Now people are literally thinking of committing suicides with their families. I am also amongst them. Despite all that crisis, the foreign tours of management have not been stopped. Even their huge cell phone bills are also paid at the cost of employees salaries; not salaries but their lives.

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