Warid Introduces New 100 MB Monthly Internet Bundle

Warid_EDGEAfter introducing new internet bundles last month, Warid has partially revised the offer with an addition of offering new 100 MB monthly mobile internet bundle for Rs. 99.99 per month.

Revision in previous bundles include 15 MB cap for daily mobile internet bundle that comes at Rs. 10 per day, which was earlier offered with 50 MB daily limit for download upload.

Following is the complete details of mobile internet bundles offered by Warid:

100 MB Mobile Internet Bucket

  • Monthly Limit: 100 MB
  • Price: Rs 99.99/month
  • To activate, SMS 100MB to 7777

15 MB Daily Mobile Internet Bucket:

  • Daily Limit: 15 Mb
  • Price: Rs 10/day
  • To activate, SMS 15MB to 7777.
  • Validity expires at 12am daily

2 MB Bucket:

  • 2 MB, i.e. 2 MB of data per day.
  • For activation SMS 2MB to 7777
  • Charges: Rs. 2.99 per day
  • Validity expires at 12am daily

Terms & Conditions

  • Charges of 7777 are Re 1+tax.
  • Limited time offer

Here’s the official PR for the offer:

In keeping with brand’s commitment to provide its customers with reliable internet service, Warid Telecom is proud to reveal a new dimension with its improved Edge service. This service marks the telecom company’s step forward in mobile internet. This improved version of the Edge service offers greater reliability, speed, and a one stop solution for all your data needs across the country.

Warid’s Edge services will empower consumers with a faster and more consistent online experience which allows rapid browsing as well as faster downloading no matter where you are. Warid is set to take the campaign on-ground with innovative activation that will allow the consumer to experience the superior quality of mobile internet service first hand.

Director Marketing Sadaf Zarrar said, “The aim simply is to provide our customers with a better and more reliable online experience. The service gives the consumers a one-stop solution to their online needs through unmatched nationwide service allowing a better user experience through the best quality mobile internet service. On the whole this campaign “Live on the Edge” enhances the experience of mobile internet – increased speed and reliability, making browsing, downloading, streaming and other online activities a lot simpler yet superior than before.”

Subscribers can enjoy improved service quality with Warid’s 15MB daily internet bucket for Rs. 10 and 100MB monthly bucket for Rs. 99.99 only; to activate, SMS 15MB or 100MB to 7777.

  • Zahid

    Bad one

    • Warid bakwas pkg now we i m going to telenor

      • Shanzay

        I like Warid more in terms of reliability and speed.

    • Shanzay

      Not at all

  • Seaking

    100MB for 99.99 & 15MB for 10 so if you get 15MB for ten days it becomes 150MB in same price, But the validity matters, this package should be with rupee 50 for 100MB or 500 mb with rupee 99.99, As Mobilink offering 1GB for same price.

    • Internet Ninja

      But Warid gives better Quality! Tried and tested!

  • Zahid

    Only. Best package is jazz 1GB/149/30days
    And speed 18to 25 kbps. on mobile 12-15 kbps is also good but no one giving that I personly test in diffrent times
    Jazz rocks
    Telenor bhi takreban same hy some time very good but little expensive after these two’s
    Then zong
    But I tino ka problim ye hy k kisi waqt behtar ho jati hy in ki speed but zyada time bohot slow warid regular use nahe kia any way I recomend only jazz and telenor on thing is mera kisi say koi wasta nahe kafi time sy mobile internet use kar raha ho baki aap ki marzi
    3G agaya to shyd ye aisy he ho ga jaisy dsl k baad dial up ki takreban chutti but kafi late ise m guzara karna paray ga ……..

    • Sacha Kaka

      I get average 29 to 33 KB per second.

      • trix

        Ufone BEST hai 4.99 Rs main 20 hours.

        • fella

          :@ trix Ufone 300 mb dey rahi hai. baki sab tu chillar baat rahay hain, jaisey telenor waley 3mb 4 rs main dey rahay hain lol.

        • Sacha Kaka

          haftay main teen dafa sham ko ufone ke gprs offline hota hay.

      • Bilal Shahwani

        Since our networks use 4TS on network that means theoretically its impossible to get speeds above 29.6KBps and than include latency and dropped packets and I doubt its possible to go above 25KBps even in best coverage area. You might see higher numbers in buffer time rather than actual speeds that holds.

    • 3G

      Best package Ufone ka hai 4.99 main 300 mb 20 hours main.

    • Kala Kawwa

      Mobilink is Shit… everytime i login on facebook or browse internet it says connection error, and even if it connects the Speed so PATHETIC!

      I have recently started using Warid’s Internet and it hasn’t been Disconnecting

      WARID is still the best compared to the rest!

  • waqas

    Also add 10mb and twilight package

  • Azi

    only 100mb :(

  • TA

    BS !!!!
    Warid is joking with us, i asked them to give us some reasonable monthly package.

    Warid seriously screwing me.

    They can easily offer 500 mb for 200 rupees, that will be ok to go.

    Me thinking to port out to telenor.

    • “They can easily offer 500 mb for 200 rupees, that will be ok to go.” /Zong is offering 2gb in same price

  • Ather Siddiqui

    Warid is so expense when it comes to GPRS/MMS usage. Ufone has come with a better offer, but still Zong rocks.

  • zain

    its time for warid to introduce new prepaid zem package which are 5 year old

    • kaleem

      strongly agreed. there must be new sms packages for Zem.

  • Sacha Kaka

    I am with mobilink 1GB now =)
    zong is slow and 50rs expensive :P

    • Pinjara

      in 50rs u will get 1 gb more and i dnt think speed is much difference

  • DAni

    i used zong ufone and mobilink and i dnt find any difference in speed so all is depend on you which sim and which package u wana use

    • Internet Ninja

      I have been using it for the past week and im really happy with it! Better Quality, great connectivity!

  • Zong best he endless mobile Internet 4rs 400/month on zong postpaid .

  • Humayun132

    Mobilink is best 1 GB Only 149 speed b thekh hai / Warid pata nai kon use krne laga jo inhon ne 40 MB data kam kr diya

  • Muhammad Anas

    Where is 100MB Bucket????????????Confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In your previous article the link says.

    “Warid Introduces New 100 MB Monthly Internet Bundle“


    Please clearify

    • Fayez Najeeb

      Read the post again carefully and complete !

  • ppp

    anas is right. this post was for 100 mb package. now showing 10. wtf
    this is 2 year old thing. y u _____ poping this up

    • MOON

      Anas & ppp are rite this post must be a jok by propakistani team

  • RizwanYaqoob

    Just wanna know about Mobilink GPRS/EDGE speed…..

    Mobilink users batao =P

  • Shahzad Pk

    Zong GPRS best hai

  • Multan

    Ye Warid Walay mazaak kr rahy han? keya Warid ka koi employed aisee packages ko use kr sakta hai, all rubbish.

    Zong Great.
    Now Jazz also got 1GB Good.

  • Xahid

    10Mb/Month for 30Rs. what a joke !

  • Humayun

    Mobilink best 1 GB

  • Imran Shah

    Another BLUNDER!!!

  • Kashif Bashir

    come on warid grown up. we are not in prehistoric era or in stone ages. 10/month what a joke.

  • awan

    warid key to abi service he nai hai out off every city

  • Asad

    Warid stop joking!!!
    Zong k mukably me abi tk koe pakg na a ska 5 saal sy.
    All r joking
    Just use zong 2gb/200/month
    Expecting zong to launch new pakg 10mb in Rs 1 daily!

  • salman

    ghatya package … Kya hoga in networks ka ye log abhi tak mb pe he chal rahe hain….india se he kuch seekhle ye log just 64 rs e 2 g dete hain wo unlimited browsing k sth 2 gb just for downloading :(

  • Muhammad Ch

    IT iS 100 MB Monthly for 99.99 Rupees
    Best hai yeh.

    • Azi

      you confirmed to whom?

      • Muhammad Ch

        From warid helpline
        100mb for rs-99.99
        validity one month
        send 100mb to 7777

  • RizwanYaqoob

    No such information provided on their official websites!

    And if there is any such package, how to activate it? (O_o)

  • Good bye warid…pehly jo 50mb 12rs mei de rahy thy toh me daily double package krta tha.yani 100mb 24 rs mei leta tha.magar ab toh warid ne qissa he khatam kardia.mene warid ki sim sundoq mei band kar ke rak di.q k ab jazz apna hai 1gb at rs 150

  • Goodbye warid…pehly jo 50mb 12rs mei de rahy thy toh me daily double package krta tha.yani 100mb 24 rs mei leta tha.magar ab toh warid ne qissa he khatam kardia.mene warid ki sim sundoq mei band kar ke rak di.q k ab jazz apna hai 1gb at rs 150

  • shahjahan qadir

    haha 10 mb for month haha realy all mobile company make me laugh ,10 mb hota kya hai kissi bhi user k liye ? jitney paise liye jatey hain us k motabiq hamein internet ki koi khas packeg nahi diya jata , is se bether hai Qubee ki Rs 500 line rent k saat travel device le liya jai kam se kam 512 kb ki speed k saat pure month ki aazadi to hogi .

  • Mudassir

    gud bye warid…50mb wala kuch thk tha, ye to ….

  • Rayyan

    it is confirmed. 100mb @ 99.99 for 30 days. send 100mb to 7777. Check remaining units by *200*3#
    I am using it. u can have multiple subscriptions.

    • shakeel

      frds warid ka net acha hai yah telnore ka

  • waqas

    My BB apps world now working on Warid. No other operator is offering this

  • Zahid

    Is app world is working on normal gprs or data plan

    • Shazia


  • Zahid

    Is app world is working on normal gprs or bis plan

  • hassan

    BIS , BES and BES+ on all but not on regular data plan

  • SSR

    Amir Bhai what u doing yar Ap zara 321 par call kar k confirm karain Woh 100mb wala package bilkul introduce kar waya hay ap nay hata ku dia hay bhai Please check it again n post again… quick

    • admin

      Warid officially emailed me saying that there’s no 100 MB package, but a 10 MB package. Still, let me check into it.

  • Muhammad Anas

    Thank God, you just corrected, I was so confused by this article.

    By the way the warid website is so complicated that a person can waste a whole day for finding the required info but still the info provided is not clear enough,

  • Muhammad Anas

    Still, There is a slight(that can cause big lose for those who follow it) mistake,

    100 MB Mobile Internet Bucket
    Monthly Limit: 100 MB
    Price: Rs 99/month
    To activate, SMS “10MB“ to 7777

    It should be 100MB, Kindly correct it.

    You can see how important a zero alone is:[

  • TA

    Enough !!!!!!

    Porting request to jazz jazba sent !!!!

    • TA

      Mobilink CS pathetic too..

      They can not take port requests now, they are saying try after few days.

      Telenor ??? Again 500 mb is not Good volume.

      • Internet Ninja

        Dude but Warid is fast! Like, expensive but really fast! DOn’t you think it’s worth it! I just ported out of Jazz and im HAPPY!

  • Zahid

    Dear aamir bhai is bakwas post m aisa kia tha k app is ko oper lay ay I mean ye to 27th ki hy why
    R u charging for that

  • rashid rauf

    Agar apkay kissi relative ya friend jis k pass qmobile ha or os ma urdu likhnay ki option b ha to os ma lafz Muhammad (saww) likhnay ki koshish karain (jo k nahi likha jaey ga) agar na likha jaey to ye hamaray nabi ki toheen ha maray nazdeek aisa set haridna jaiz nai qadyanion nay apnay aqaid ko philay k liey ye harkat ki ha joq dar joq jao or is base pay (set pori urdu he nhi likhta) warranty claim karo agar qmobile ap ko paisay na dey to kya lakhon musalman q mobile k headoofice ki ient say ient nhi baja saktay? Faisla ap ko karna ha koi jamhori qowat qadyanion k samnay nai bolay ge ye to bikay hoey log hain.
    itna share karo k poray mulk ma phail jaey

  • Naila Shah

    Really fast! Worth the price! I’m satisfied! :D

  • Internet Ninja

    So i have been using it for a few days now and its better than any mobile internet i have used. I used to be with Mobilink! Warid is much faster and the connection is great!!! High quality ke liye kuch dena parta hai na! ;) :D

  • Tum sare mamay ho.
    Zong is the best for GPRS packages.
    2gb/200/mnth.no any other network offer package like this.speed is also good.
    Zong sub keh do. . . .

  • Sana

    Koi mujy bata sakta hai k live sex channal ki koi wabsite hai or kia warid internet pe chul sakte hain ya ne

    • Bhatti

      Sub Chalta hy bhai!

  • Sana

    Kia warid internet k through skype per cal ho sakti hai

    • Bhatti

      yes you can… you might see some glitches in video but voice call works perfect

  • Nadia

    Plz mujy porn websit to batain

  • Kala Kawwa

    Warid is still the best… compared to the rest

  • Rizwan

    WARIDS internet speed is quite impressive i have been using internet on Telenor and now i have tried this package its much better than telenor which is more expensive. warid is much cheaper and have great stability and speed. Thumbs up warid!

  • Rehan

    I m zong user and Im using zong internet on my computer …it is just ok ..and too slow…but it’s ok for me .. :)

  • yusuf

    I’ve tested Warid, Telenor and Zong. Warid is costly but offers best speed and connectivity, no disconnections.

  • Anis

    How to unsubscribe from 15MB package? Please reply.

  • asmar

    Speed wise jazz is better than all..
    But pkg wise zong rockss! But speed is not really good.. Just average!!

  • Anie

    15 MB Daily Mobile Internet Bucket:

  • Anie

    how to unsubscribe from 15 MB Daily Mobile Internet Bucket:Warid…plzz tell

  • Tariq khan

    Ufone is bast Gprs Net packeg 2GB From 200 ma