Protection from SPAM, Unsolicited, Fraudulent and Obnoxious Communication Regulation 2012

PTA-logoPakistan Telecommunication Authority is up for an upgrade in the regulation concerning SPAM and unwanted call/SMS communication that authority had regulated back in 2009.

With this revised regulation draft called: “Protection from SPAM, Unsolicited, Fraudulent and Obnoxious Communication Regulation 2012” authority has asked the stakeholders for their input before it is made a policy.

As per draft, protection from SPAM communication regulation says that all operators, with the approval of authority, will establish standard operating procedures for controlling spam.

PTA will require all operators to upgrade their SOPs if and whenever asked by authority to make sure that SOPs are synced and updated between operators at any given time.

All operators will have to maintain grey and and black lists of subscribers along with their complete user information for those who were found involved in fraudulent communication.

Those customers who will repeatedly get involved in fraudulent activity will be put in the black list.

For marketing communication, regulation will require all business to use short-codes to market their business. Operators will have to establish a DNCR (Do Not Call Register) to manage all those customers who don’t want to receive marketing calls.

Telemarketing companies will have to sign service level agreement with operators. This agreement will include a procedure through which telemarketing companies will have a system in place to block calls to those who are on DNCR list.

Regulation emphasized that cellular mobile operators will have to handle complaints diligently. Regulation also talks about awareness and education campaigns to be run by operators to make customers aware of SPAM techniques.

You can download complete draft for regulation by clicking this link (PDF File – 392 KB)

  • Tigerzzzzz

    Lolzzzzz Bad Regulation….
    Networks Have Call Block and Sms Block Service Also , Users Can Easily Block Call And Sms Okay..
    Sms Marketing And Tele Marketing Is Allowed In All Countries so Why Pta Is Taking These Type Of Action.

    • khan

      Update yourself. DNCR is part of almost all european and American companies. If I as a customer dont want to recieve Tele Marketing Calls, you have no right to call me. Moreover how many numbers a subscriber can block via call/SMS blocking systems. Profiling of spammers and illegal telemarketing SIMs is a must for the peace of subscribers.

  • Sab Drama…

  • Anwer Baloch, Quetta, Balochistan.

    No matter what they say, keeping in view the history of our country from 1947 to date, these few points are of Great concern for people of Pakistan:

    1. Every Good Law (Including the Supreme Law of the Land, i.e. Constitution of Pakistan), has been violated, used for the personal interest of the ruling elite, and against the common interest of the People of Pakistan. Look around and see yourself the proof everywhere.

    2. What is they Definition of SPAM? The Government seems very much Disturbed by the Power of SMS which has emerged as an effective Tool of sharing information among the People of Pakistan. There were, are and will always be attmpts from the Corrupt Governments of this poor country to suppress People’s voice, giving it false name of Higher National Interest (and now Consumer Interest). People are dying in the streets. Mobile phones are used for criminal activities. The PTA must monitor the Criminal use of mobile phones, but it has no right to Crush Freedom of opinion, information sharing, etc. which are guaranteed in the Fundamental Rights of our Constitution. Any Step taken by the PTA or any authority must first and foremost Respect the “Constitution, being the Supreme Law of the Land”. Very much sadly but rightly, it is the repeated violation of the Constitution which is responsible for the sense of alienattion among the deprived provinces of the country. If the country was run according to the Constitution, we didnot see 1971 tragedy, and very much sadly same practice is still going on. What is National Interest? Keeping poor nations looted billions of Dollars in Swiss Banks and then shamelessly shouting in TV talk shwos? What is Supremacy of Law? Defying Supreme Court Judgments? Who according to the Constitution is the Right forum to Define Constitution? The Supreme Court or the Convicted persons lawyer. It is too much now….

  • Faran

    Strongly agree with khan. However, it would be highly appreciated if some authority also take some serious action against local spam emailers…

  • Navy

    “For marketing communication, regulation will require all business to use short-codes to market their business”

    and Hence then SPAMMING will allow then !!

  • Business Purpose

    Good step but unfortunately and as usual it is not for public welfare. Its for so many reasons:
    1:- To suppress public’s opinion
    2:- “For marketing communication, regulation will require all business to use short-codes to market their business”, a new business trend and more money from the market by selling short codes like (436, 5655) etc.

    Common public in Pakistan is being befooled by bas governance and corruption in the processess

  • yaseeen

    why the outgoing service of 0342-2485304 is suspended???
    while i didn’t spam.
    and when it will continue?