Djuice Introduces Android Powered Alcatel One Touch

bg-djuice-one-touchDjuice has introduced Android 2.3.3 powered Alcatel One Touch 990 Smartphone in Pakistan.

Priced at PKR 14,999 – djuice will offer free unlimited internet for three months for those who will use djuice SIM with this phone.


Inside the phone there is a 600 MHz processor coupled with 150 MB internal memory with a 2 GB MicroSD card shipped with the phone (upgradable up to 32 GB).

One Touch 990 comes with 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 480 px. For imaging and video there is a 5 5 Megapixel (autofocus, flash light) rear camera in addition to a front facing VGA camera for video calling.

Alcatel One Touch 990 supports WiFi and bluetooth for connectivity. 1300 mAh battery will support talk time for up to 6 hours while 550 hours on standby.


  • Alcatel One Touch is priced at PKR 14,999
  • Phone is available at Telenor Sales & Service Centre and Franchises
  • Phone is network locked to Telenor subscribers only.
  • Free internet offer is only for first djuice sim inserted in the device
  • Phone comes with 12 month warranty
Telenor has communicated us that Aclatel One Touch with Djuice comes with Android Gingerbread or V 2.3.3.

  • You can get Htc Chacha for that price which is far batter frm the one telenor is pffering…. useless offer

  • I’m sure nobody would buy it considering options of HTC Explorer, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Gio …

  • why should one buy this set for Rs. 14,999/- if zong is providing for Rs. 6,999/-

    just for 5 MP camera.


    • zong only cut short the price but phones are not available in the market.

      Will some one tell me how can i buy Zong android in Lahore.

  • Are they mad? Introducing such a low end device on higher price which is not even on Ginger.

  • This phone has a better screen than any other comparable phone. HTC chacha and other shit are not even close to this

  • Like Zong IDEOS this will also drop to somewhere between 5000 – 8000 and still no one will buy it.

  • Its a good effort that Telenor has decided to change their strategy by offering android phones. Well, this will not work for them instead its kind of a fail offer. In terms of comparing with other phones being offered from telecom companies in Pakistan.

    No doubt Mobilink winning with a lead but Ufone is on the right track. While Telenor should think about introducing those gadgets which are being loved by people.

  • This phone is actually a little bit better than the HTC Explorer. As far as the Android 2.2 is concerned it can be updated to Gingerbread (2.3.5).

    The phone has a 5mp camera with LED flash which is better than the HTC Explorer’s 3mp camera with no flash.

    I saw some videos and games like Fruit Ninja were running very smoothly on this phone.

    The Alcatel 990 also has a front facing camera while the HTC Explorer does not.

    So, clearly alcatel is a bit better in it’s own way.

    HTC Explorer: 15,000

  • @Asad
    How can you compare this with HTC Explorer which is far better than this with regards of:

    HTC Sense UI
    More RAM
    Wifi hotspot (I`m not sure if this one has this feature)
    Android 2.3 Ginger
    Design and stability

    The only plus point it has is better camera and a front camera for video calling (Though I`m not sure video call will work on Android 2.2)

    “in addition to a front facing VGA camera for video calling“

    Is video calling on Skype supported on 2.2 Froyo?

  • just bought this handset, its really nice and quality. Far better then anything Zong is offering.
    Also its on 2.3.3 ginger bread. May i request Propaksitani to please update their post. Many thanks

    • if you have this handset in hand, could you please try skype video calling and update us here?

  • There are alot of sets available in the market which are far better then it.

  • I will just say that today OS (Operating System) is every thing. The latest android OS is “4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich”. The phones which are using “3.0 Honeycomb”, “2.3 Gingerbread” are also fine. I think there is nothing worse than having a smart phone with too outdated OS “Android Froyo 2.2”. This type of things are affordable in “Proprietary” not in case of “Open Source”.
    It is just like Buying a PC made for “Windows 98” while world is buying PC for using “Windows 8”.

  • The problem with all these entry level Android phones, including Alcatel OT 990, is the fact that they have low internal memory.

    You might get away with low memory on feature phones, but Android relies on applications. And applications require internal memory. The HTC Explorer has just 110-120mb of free internal memory, which is like NOTHING.

    Good thing that HTC is beginning to change that with its upcoming entry level Android handsets. Just be patient for a couple of more months and you will be treated to Android handsets for prices that match this handset and are truly representative of the platform.

  • Admin, can u help me, i’ve go a wifi ptcl modem, now i want to buy a set having wifi. I have two options one is better Samsung Pocket, 2nd nokia c5 06. which one would u recommend????

  • Dears,

    The Set ZONG offering is from HUAWEI, and battery timings is nearly shit if use Wifi,whereas Alcatel One Touch is very good in its battery timings,plus the features offering are very good under android windows.
    Alcatel usually unknown brand to everyone,but ALCATEL handsets are reliable and long lasting with battery.
    About price issue,if negotiable at 13,000.,thats much worthwhile instead of 15000.
    I’ve used many sets of Alcatel, HTC is a Taiwanese company,whereas Alcatel Handsets are from France Manufacture and its battery too European style.


  • hi so i thought this was a great offer till i read the comments. seems like you lot know what you’re talking about. so can someone here please suggest an android phone below Rs 25,000 that has a 5 mp front camera, a secondary camera and is suitable for skype?

  • HI everyone. just to know that does this phone support skype video calling. as I am thinking of buying it if it does…. your feedback will be much appreciated.

  • I recently bought this set for my wife. And believe me I did a lot of market research before buying this one. The strongest points of this phone are;
    1- Very well finished, unlike usual Chinese made phones.
    2- Very Sturdy.
    3- Good battery performance.
    4- Camera result is above avg. when we compare with other low-range droids.
    5- Good interface, not as great as HTC’s but nonetheless it pleasanlty surprises you.
    6- Optimum screen size of 3.5, which is just right .

    Wanted to buy an entry level phone for my wife who would be using her first all-touch phone, and she immediately. I would say its very good value for money.

  • If you want to try an Android smartphone, Qmobile is giving much better options than this phone. Qmobile Nior A5 has almost the same configuration. More advantages in Qmobile are dual-sim and low-price. Qmobile is easily available within 10,000/- to 10,500/-

  • alcatel is a good set but its battery life is only 1 day, may be 20 hrs max. camera result is good. one major fault is that it only stores or download to internal memory. ginger works perfectly, touch is good. reasonable set in this price. resale is major issue. ill rate it 7 / 10.

  • Wen huawei ascend g300 coming in pakistani market.anxiously waiting.its arrival will be the death of all budget cells

  • I have nokia c7 and i want to sale it.
    Only three months use. It come from saudia.
    It has all accessories(all original things).
    I want to sale it for Rs;19000 only every one who want to purchase it plzzz call me
    [email protected]

  • Alcatel OT 990 is available in the market for Rs. 8500 any where. Its far better than the others mentioned in the market. i have bought new one came from UK on O2 for 8500. Much better option in cheap price. Front camera. 5 Mp rear one. Full Android.

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