Submarine Cables in the World [Interactive Map]

If you are in any way related to telecom, Information Technology, Education or related departments – then there are chances that you might have wanted to know the most about submarine cables, lying deep in the seas, of the world.

Just in case if you aren’t familiar, submarine cables are laid under the sea to carry voice and data communication signals across the stretches of oceans. They are considered most viable, price efficient and productive way of communication between countries or regions.

Almost every country – other than those who don’t have sea ports – are connected with submarine cables to get in touch with the rest of the world.

Pakistan, for instance, is connected with four submarine cables, which are:

  • SeaMeWe3
  • SeaMeWe4
  • Transworld (TW1)


We often need various kind of information about Submarine Cables, including maps, cable routes, landing points, owners, length, capacity, ready-for-service (RFS) date, website information and more.

For which we have many paid services, starting from $ 250 per subscription or more, but today we are going to tell about a resource that offers detailed information about submarine cables with interactive map.

Here’s the URL:

This simple but informative website is built on an interactive map, highlighting the submarine cable network of entire globe. Here are few of the features:

  • Search for Submarine Cable or landing point in the search bar
  • Click on landing station (cities) or submarine cable on the map to know further about the submarine cable
  • Get complete information of a particular submarine cable, such as:
    • Submarine Cable name
    • Submarine Cable route
    • RFS: Ready for Service Date
    • Cable Length
    • Owners
    • Submarine Cable’s official website
    • Landing points of Submarine Cable
  • If selected a landing point (city) on map, website will show you all the cables connected with that landing point.

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  • if we are connected to 4 cables and then why we still experience the internet speed and surfing problem when the cable is broken.

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