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mza_5601186186928902973Snapping and distributing those snaps through different platforms like Facebook and Google Circles is something we all usually do. Taking a snap and then tagging the names to the right person on the snap is a tedious job. Klik makes this task very easy and makes snap sharing a lot of fun.

Lets accept it facial recognition is a tricky business we have seen software’s in the past that have performed this task horribly.

Klik by Face.com is a facial recognition application that has the ability to tag photos of your Facebook friends. The application can apply different filters to a taken photograph but Klik was originally designed to identify your friends’ faces from their Facebook profiles.

To make it easier let’s assume you have a friend’s circle of approximately 50 friends and 25 of those friends are connected to you through Facebook. You and your 50 friends go out for a picnic and along all the other fun activities you also take a lot of pictures. Now you plan to share those pictures on Facebook. What Klik does is that it can take those pictures and identify those friends that are added on your Facebook profile and tag those pictures with their names automatically for upload on face book.

The application which is currently available on iOS taps into the users iPhone camera to take the pictures. Klik users must log into Facebook to enable the application to operate, and the user’s friends must share their profile photos publicly to allow Klik to access them.

The application which is running a face recognition software at its back then scans your friends profiles for their pictures, then those profile pictures are matched against the pictures that you are uploading. Once a match has been established your picture is tagged with a name and is ready to be published.


It is good to know that the application can only scan and tag photos of a users Facebook friends and no one else because the application is using Facebook as a source for matching the pictures. In terms of Privacy this is a very strong point because Google also claimed that it could support facial recognition of complete strangers with its patented Google Goggles technology but then it had to back track on its plan because there were serious privacy alarms raised.

If for instance Klik does not identify one of your friends in a picture who is also your friend on Facebook the application can be put into a manual learning mode where the user can direct the application to manually tag the photo and then tell the application to remember the tag for future refrence

Today’s technology is becoming more and more bamboozling. A users phone having the ability to recognize people is something that we could only dream of or only see in movies a couple of years ago but today we see fiction converting to reality. We truly are witnessing apex of an era.

Klik can be downloaded for iPhones here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/klik-by-face.com/id484990787?mt=8

  • Real-time facial recognition at the KLiK of a button

    Pointing out friends on Facebook just got a little easier with KLiK, an iPhone app that performs real-time facial recognition to identify and tag them in photos.

    Pointing out friends on Facebook just got a little easier with KLiK, an iPhone app that performs real-time facial recognition to identify and tag them in photos.
    To start with, KLiK relies on a connection to Facebook.
    Gil Hirsch is the chief executive of facial recognition technology platform Face.com, which launched the app. Hirsch points out that users can’t just point it at a stranger and make it work.
    However, KLiK will allow users to teach it who someone is by pointing the camera at them and manually entering their name.
    The app mimics a built-in function on Samsung Galaxy’s S3.
    “The magic of real-time face recognition has been a dream since we started this company. Developing KLiK has proven that mobile real-time recognition is possible,” Hirsch says.
    “[KLiK] not only adds value to the experience of taking and sharing photos, it also adds an element that’s almost science faction – only this is real life, and in the palm of your hand.”
    Are there other ways in which you can add value to the experience of taking and sharing photos?

  • I gues the admin and the writter both were living under a rock because facial recognition was introduced way back and its not actually the application server thats working facebook is doing itself… Track back to a few weeks and u’ll find that facebook rolled out the autotags for pictures

    Plus whats so special about facial recognition that it made its way to the blog???

    P.s u spelled faces with two EE’s in the last line of paragraph no.2

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