Meet the Future with Google Glass

Google Glasses

There has been quite a lot of talking on the web about Google Glass but some people still have failed to get the hang of it. Here we’ll go through the basics & every other thing related to the hyped product.

What are Google Glasses?

Google Glasses is Google’s take at wearable computing. Like you might have seen in various science fiction movies.

Google Glasses consist of a frame made almost like that of a normal spectacle but is a lot more technical. A screen on the glasses that will display an interface from where you’ll be able to carry out various functions. This video will help you know more about the interface and how the whole thing works.

Check below video to have an idea of the capabilities of Google Glasses

The hardware and connectivity

The right side of the frame boasts a touchpad. The part of the glass behind your ears is where the battery is placed. The front part has a camera but more importantly a small, transparent screen which acts like a display.

Inside the frame, there’s a CPU, RAM, a mic and a speaker. The glasses will have motion sensors. They will most-probably support 3G and 4G connections and also GPS. They’ll be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible with Android smartphones.

How do they work and what can they do?

The OS running on the glasses will be Android. You will be able to scroll through the interface just by moving your head around and by voice input.

The Glasses will allow you to make voice and video calls, plan routes, know about the places in your surroundings, play music, taking photos (and sharing them through G+), remind you of your time-table & about the weather, send messages and a lot more.

Google Glasses will make the world around you interactive. Google is also working on a special pair of glasses for people who already wear glasses.

Live Demo of Google Glass

I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss this live demo of Google Glasses at Google I/O event in which number of Skydivers and stunt bikers performed together hanging out of Google Plus wearing Google Glasses.

The bad

Some trade-offs will have to be made. The glasses will be available at a price comparable to that of a high-end smartphone, so don’t expect them to come cheap. Also lets hope that the glasses won’t have any troubles in recognizing your voice and accent.

Hopefully the camera will not be as blurry as the one shown at Google I/O 2012 by the Skydivers (but we’ve got to admit that was an extreme test). Also a pair of glasses should be made with a screen on the left side of the glasses for people with more-capable left eye. But worst of all, the glasses can be dangerous too.

They can distract you from your surroundings during operation. This can cause accidents on roads where the user can be distracted.

And of course, the people on the road (who will be unable to see the glass) will get the impression that you are talking to the surroundings. Also expect the glasses to display advertisements as well.


Google co-founder Sergery Brin said that he ‘expects’ the glasses to be available some time next year but wasn’t very sure when they’ll be released. So expect the glasses to be released in 2014.

This means you’ll have to wait for quite a time but the glasses are only in their developing stage now. The developers who’ve been to the Google I/O can pre-order the glasses for $1500 and will get them early next year. But they’ll be far from the final product too and the experience won’t be very good.

The Verdict

Google glasses is an extra-ordinary idea which seems to be really advanced and from the future. But the product will come with some disadvantages. And will the glasses work as good in Pakistan as they will in the US? I don’t think so. We can only hope the end product to be cheap, user-friendly and of course useable.


  • What about those people having very week eye-sight and using (thick) eye glasses ? Will those people able to use these google glasses ?

  • its seem like a one powerfull eye. i mean all seeing eye. it will have many plus points. but too much negative points. may allah guide us. ameen.

  • wish it can intergrate with WAPDA server to kow load shedding scheule !! LOL.

    Anyhow, good thing if used and applied wisely.

  • Now, the people will start saying that this thing represents Dajjal??????

    Your Comments????

  • amazing, technology has given us the freedom to be social all the way in all aspects- Shortcuts & Fast Access :)

    • But it’s not Iphone????

      Love this product. Awesome, though a little dangerous but gotta be careful outside.

      Bravo Google!

    • $1500 for the pre-release developer version. I am sure the CONSUMER version will cost less than $500.

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