Pakistan Ends May 2012 with 119.9 Million Cellular Subscribers

According to latest stats issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, cellular industry of Pakistan ended May 2012 with almost 120 million subscribers or 119,860,799 subscribers to be exact.

PTA said that teledensity of cellular mobile subscribers in Pakistan reached 68.8 percent, up from 68.2 percent in March 2012.

PTA today updated cellular subscribers’ stats for April and May 2012, in which Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone and Zong showed positive growth while Warid lost quarter a million subscribers per month to continue its data cleanup process.

Mobilink stood at top position with 36,048,127 subscribers at the end of May 2012, followed by Telenor with 29,896,660 subscribers. Ufone contented at third slot with 23,550,270 subscribers and Warid had 13,798,974 subscribers on May 31st, 2012.

More details in statistical graphs below:

cellular subscribers May 2012

cellular subscribers May 2012 001

cellular subscribers May 2012 002

cellular subscribers May 2012 003

cellular subscribers May 2012 004

cellular subscribers May 2012 005


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  • Usama

    Warid sub se bakwas sim hai. Aur warid ye result deserve bhe karti hai.

    • RizwanYaqoob

      I’ve been using Warid for about 3 Years,Never faced any problem related to Coverage and Quality. I found only WARID the best network in PAKISTAN – undoubtedly!

      Their recently launched offers (Power Pack, Ghanta Offer, SMS Bundles, Advance Balance etc)are simple awesome. I’m lovin’ it :D

      • Umair

        yes , you are right , warid has best network in all , because of low user accessibility i think,,, , i personally recommended warid for business point of view.,

      • Mudi

        I got Warid Postpaid and a Prepaid (ported from ufone) connections.. Undoubtedly Warid is the best Network for its quality of service!

  • umair

    zong sab se bakwas network ha mai ne khud use kiya ha zong ka network zong is very bad

    • naveed akhtar

      ap jaisa b sochte hai,ye to data bata raha hai,k kon acha hai,our kon bura,qk zong lead kar raha hai,zong s rock

  • umair

    warid are the best network in pakistan

  • Telecom

    Why is not giving same fake results like telenor and Zong

  • usman

    ufone thorey arsey main mobilink aur telenor se agay nikal jai ga.

    • A source of jokes

      mujhe nai lagta k agay nikle ga

    • TAYYAB

      UFONE is the BEST… har taraf hai UFONE he UFONE… BEST CAL AND SMS SERVICES OF UFONE.LoVE U ufone. and ur Right Usman, ufone is weldone. and Pakistani Company.

  • Askani

    Why can’t Ufone even reach near Telenore???? I’ve been expecting for years now that ufone would over take telenore but telenore seems to be cursing.

    Can anyone tell me is telenore service better than ufone’s???

    • umair

      yes telenor is far better then ufone im using since 2005

      • RizwanYaqoob

        Telenor being 2nd largest cellular network in Pakistan has worst ever customer support!

        I had some issues with my Telenor connection (Random activation date when SMS to 667) and I’ve registered more than 12 complains through Care-Line and through emails as well but after a month still my problem is there and they don’t care about their customer. For all those who say TELENOR is best blah blah… Its the most worst network ever!! I HATE IT :/

        Where as UFONE takes up your complain to higher level and they confirm to their customers by calling them whether problem has been resolved or not! That’s what I love about UFONE, they care about their customers! :)

    • faisal

      Telenor is even far better than Mobilink , I have been & ( will continue ) using Telenor sim since many years & never faced problems.

      feels like that their rates are a fraction high than others but their coverage is AWESOME.


      I travel a lot in Pakistan & where all fail I have full network of Telenor . My international calls are connected in first instant with clear voice but I don’t use SMS as I don’t have time for these.

      I was in Murrey a few days back & had Telenor sim with full coverage on Mall road , others ( Warid ,Ufone ) were all OUT ..

      • Saeed

        Jhootay par Allah ki Lanaaat :)

      • telecom

        Warid is also working in whole muree and surrounding also I went to Thandiani (abottabad) Warid as working throughout whole journey and Telenor had lot of pockets.
        Used Warid, Telenor and May be link
        Now using Warid and found best since last four years.

        • exp

          Ufone packages k hisaab se best hai ,telenor sab se expensive hai.

          • RizwanYaqoob

            no doubt!!

  • Jawad

    Telenor is far beter then ufone

    • RizwanYaqoob

      Telenor se SMS shaam 6 baje bhejo raat 11 baje milta hai, Network wo jo reliable ho like WARID n UFONE!

      • khalid

        telenor ka internet package 3mb for 4RS. LOL

        3mb main sirf check kar saktey hain internet chal bhi raha hai ya nahi:P

  • Zaki

    Warid is the quality network, i like it, and use it, like a loyal customer!

  • Ufone and zong believes in quantity thats y they’r moving towards failure.

    • RizwanYaqoob

      Zong believes in QUALITY? bwahahaha xD

      I’d rate this comment as JOKE of the YEAR!! xD

      • Mudasir

        yr whan quantity hy nt quality :-D

  • funny clip

    all networks have hidden charges, only girls are nice

    • A source of jokes

      wah kia bat hai yar apki

  • SuchMuch

    Yar in companies k revenue stats mile tu pata chale k kon kitne pani mein hai, Customer base se kya hota hai.

  • A source of jokes

    I think that zong is best in all fileds

  • Dear to be honest, Different network ke packages use karain. I am using ufone , its good . But for packages i prefer zong.

  • Zong Member Increase :O How This Is Possible I Personally Convert My Network Zong To Ufone Because OF Zong Ghatya Service

  • Baaghi

    Ufone Double Deal: 10,000 SMS and 3 GB Internet in Rs. 200

    Such Packages will Surely Get Ufone to quite higher level………. provided, Ufone does not compromise its quality of service.

  • Interesting


    It would be great if you could publish the revenues of each company also. Market share is one thing but revenues will also give us a further insight of how companies are performing.

  • syed nusrat shah

    Bahi saib, aap loog saray telenor, ufone, mobilink kalina band karo. All operators are good and providing the stat of art support to their customer.

    • Web Hosting Providers forum

      Agreed with above

      Agar kisi k sath kuch bura howa ha tu yaar, baqi log tu service sa happy han :) i use Ufone & telenor im happy with both of them :) never face any kind of problem :)

  • pyari

    i’m really not surprised to read this. What else could you expect from our hardworking public?? The advancement in this filed is the only thing they can do & are doing without any general problem. It’s ok if you don’t have anything for supper but it’ll make difference if your pocket is out of any cell. This is what our common think is.

  • Syed Fahad Yunas

    Can anyone please tell me how PTA or Cellular operators are estimating their subscriber base.
    Is it based on the total number of connections sold, or number of individuals (meaning one NIC card treated as one subscriber irrespective of how many SIM cards he has). Do the operators take into consideration the approximate churn rate when estimating their subscriber base?

    Sorry I am a technical guy and new to this economic stuff.

  • Zong the best 12 rs+tax rozana may zong say zong free calls tamam networks per 500 sms…100 mms…1 hour net aik he pkg may dial *717# for Perfect pkg…is k alawa 75 min 100 sms daily 4 rs may dial *369# for zong flutter pkg…SUB KEH DO…

  • Nauman

    I’ve been using both Warid as primary and Telenor as Secondary sim. I have had no problems with both the networks, the customer support for both telecom have been very helpful and service centre operatives are efficient.

    As far as signal strength is concerned, I believe Warid’s signal strength has improved over the years and Telenor’s signal strength is very good.

    Price factor, Warid has better postpaid packages, as for Telenor it suppports good prepaid packages.

  • mushtaq alam


  • Munir Khan

    I would suggest telecommunication giants to introduce inter-network roaming so that subscriber of any network can connect to any other network and host company should charge guest company on time or usage basis. Guest company would alternatively charge its subscriber. Thus mobile user will be able to connect and use the strong network everywhere throughout the country of their choice.

  • Shoaib

    Koi Mobilink Jazz ki Tareef bhi kar do :-(

  • tayyab Jutt

    UFONE is Best and Great…LOVE U Ufone…we proud u UFONE.

  • tayyab Jutt

    UFOEN is best, Punjab me telenor khatam ho raha hai, telenor is v bad network and expensive…Punjab k hr village me UFONE he UFONE hai..UFONE is Best.

  • tayyab Jutt

    UFONE going on 1st Number…TELENOR DATA is Fake and Wrong..Now 2013 UFONE is going well.