PTCL Re-Launches VSS Scheme to Slash 50% Employees

PTCL-logoLike we already reported, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has now officially announced the launch of new Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS), offering financial benefits and facilitation options offered to 16,000 employees.


While quoting Senior Executive Vice President HR, Syed Mazhar Hussain, a statement issued by PTCL said

VSS is a completely voluntary offer especially designed to ensure long-term welfare and well-being of our employees and their families. Employees have a choice to either opt for a very attractive severance package, or continue working at PTCL which has always considered its employees as a top priority.

Giving details of the new VSS scheme, Mr. Hussain told the press that PTCL’s first 2008 VSS scheme had received a very positive response, which far exceeded expectations. He informed that the 2008 VSS was offered to 50,000 employees and 35,000 opted for it.

“Honoring the hard work and commitment of our employees, PTCL invested huge sums to make their choice beneficial and rewarding,” said Mr. Hussain, adding that PTCL relieved 30,000 employees while around 5,000 applicants couldn’t be spared and it has since been a pressing demand from employees to introduce a similar scheme again.

Explaining the key features of the new VSS scheme announced today, Mr. Hussain informed that it was being offered to approximately 16,000 employees.

“We are offering yet another golden option to our employees to choose a rewarding future which may be a lifetime opportunity,” he said. “However, if they choose not to avail this opportunity, they will remain respectable employees of the company”.


For raising awareness and consultation among employees, PTCL has undertaken an nationwide mechanism comprising information & special counseling sessions, promotional road-shows, and financial advisory consultations & services. Special helpline and help desks have also been set up for the purpose with a toll-free number 0800-13531.


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    • …and why you are telling this? :|

      Is it related to topic? I just read the whole page again but didn’t find single word of “3G EVO” “fast speed” and “unlimlited downloads” except in your comments. So please bother to read the topic before spamming. :)

    • Main Sara ki Behan hoon!!!
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      And the speeds are horrible.

      I want my Rs.2000 back PTCL!!!

      In ki Submarine cable Qayamat ke baad repair hojaye gi!!! ;)
      (Those who have recently called helpline recently know what I am talking about!)


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  • The only way to improve PTCL service is to remove it’s old time employees who are absolute drag and appoint fresh blood in line with other multinational cellular companies.

  • Launchpad of VSS is an other fraud with PTCL employees/ pensioners. The PTET is although soul guarantor of benefits of Pensioners but Trust is working like Subsidy of Etisalat and depriving the existing pensioners from their their legal benefits and reluctant to pay enhanced pension sine allowed by Govt. How they claim that they are launching VSS in the interest of service. The PTCL employees should not take interest in this fraudulent scheme.

  • VSS-2012 is not completely volountary, in urdu it is call thoker Sepration scheme, in 2008 employees adopt the VSS but in 2012 , BM, SM GM, EVPS and SEVPS all given “Dhakka” to its employees and treft them to leave PTCL or we can say officers take sign from the employees on Gun Point, it is a very big fruad with the employees

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