News One TV Gets Hacked, in Protest Against Muslim Killings

News One TVOfficial website of News One TV, a private news channel, has been hacked and defaced by a Pakistani hacker, who wants to be called “No Swear”.

Hacker, who defaced News One TV website said that the motive behind this defacement is to open the eyes of Pakistani media, who is alleged for not properly covering the massacre happening in Burma.

Hacker writes:

When an Indian actor dies every channel including yours cover’s it till he is buried and even after that..

But thousands of Muslims are being killed in Burma and our Muslim sisters are dying with hunger.. and no one gives a damn..???

Why is that so ????

I request you to broadcast the hardships of our Muslim brothers and sister. So that the U.N (United Nation) may take an action….

Pakistani news channel websites have faced such hacking attempts before, where they were urged by hackers to properly cover certain events.

Check below screenshot of hacked page of News TV One website:

News One TV Hacked


It appears that website is back online now. Zong-h mirror of defaced website can be viewed here:

  • Lamha e fikriya. Shame on our govt who can’t even support muslims in some other part of the world.

    • Are you kidding? govt can’t even take care of people in Karachi, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan how are they going to take care of people in other countries. I wish apnay hum watnon ke marnay par bhi itna afsoos hota.

  • First time I am in support of this hackor. This is a great step by pak hacker. I think he should hack all pak news channel website specially geo news,ary news and express news.

    • its worth mentioning that this giant media network didnt even bother to check that the author of this article totally copy-pasted the data.. n even its fake in article to divert the thoughts…

    • And also read this point of reporter
      ( “I do not deny the killings of Muslims in Burma – not even for a minute.”)

      Brother some pictures are fake! it does not mean that Muslims are not brutally killed in Burma. They are being killed. Please open your eyes. Try to find truth! The whole worldis not like shown on Geo news and dunya news etc

    • Thank You Ali Khan… This hacker and all those who make fake pictures and exaggerate the Burma situation will be dealt by Allah on the day of judgement.

  • Hackers have done a great thing. Why these TV channels are not opening their eyes. They are showing un-usual events more then the important.

    Common Pakistani Media, stand-up for the Muslims.

    All the Muslims are brother to each other if one Muslim needs help then one should definitely stand-up.

    Agreed with Hackers!!!

  • What about massacre and target killings within our own country .Why no protests from politicians ,media and the HACKERS

  • Pakistanio ki aadat hai ziyada saga bananay ki apnay logon ko janwaron ki tarhan maar rahe hain aur fake facebook pics par itna emotional ho rahe hain saray. Bewaqoofi ki haad hai. zara socho agar burma ki govt ne pakistan se pooch liya ke what about your own people who are being killed daily by your own people and govt?

    • Cast are killing casts.. Gov is not killing people in pakistan.. bomb blast + target killing are not done by government.. but in burma the case is different.. government supports this act.. if it dont then why their gov take an anti action against it…!!!
      No Swear
      Pak Cyber Pyrates…

      • What about the syrian government killing fellow muslims? Aaah I bet u don’t want media to cover that.

        • In Syria Saudi Arabia is funding the rebels and it is likely that Israel is providing intelligence to them (and now also the US is providing intelligence to them). On the other side Iran is funding the Syrian government and Russia is probably also giving them Arms.

          So on both sides Muslim and non-Muslims are helping different groups. Very very sad situation. But there is no doubt that the rebels are mostly fighting for a government that works FOR them instead of OPPRESSES them.

    • Bewaqoof qaum kay jahil loag. More muslims are killed by muslims than any other country or religion.

      Burma has 2.5 million muslims of which 0.8 million are Rahingye. The remaining Burmese muslims and other ethnicities in Burma want to send the Rahingye Muslims back to Bangladesh where they belong. Rahnigye tribe has around 1 lakh hindus as well, but these losers only talk about Burma muslim qatl-e-aam.

      • Its strange, who said that speaking for Burma people mean you support Pakistani killings?

        No one said or saying the target killings in Pakistan is rigth, but it does not mean if horible things happened in other cournty, he start using counter argument..

        We never used such logics that why tv giving so much coverage to Olympics while your one people are getting killed?

        Do not mix things,Media should behave neutral and our other brothers too.

        Killings innocent in Pakistan or killings innocents in Bumra both are wrong… Better we dont mix things. We all feel more pain about Pakistan, but it does not mean we stop feeling about others things.





  • All those who are against this hack. Bhaeyo ap he kuch krlo agar ap smjhty ho ye hack gallat hae to ap log koi theek kam kro. I bet ProPakistani apki news bhe post kry ga

  • Well, still we see different pics and we do share it . They can share Indian Stars Death reports in their Bulletins but they cant share what is happening with our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world.

  • I just have one question. If media is not covering these events, how do you know it is happening? Answer is Facebook…

    • from online resources.. media is covering it but not properly.. its not giving an importance to it..

  • So we are going to bully what the media should cover and what it shouldn’t cover? This kind of stuff is called cyber-terrorism. Is this going to generate sympathy towards Burmese Muslims?

  • When i read this article i feel very happy and like to say (i am with you my dear can you please give lesson to other news channel) ;)

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