Zong Supports Olympic Athlete Rabia Ashiq

To acknowledge their efforts and to motivate the talented women of Pakistan, Zong – under the umbrella of Flutter – has decided to support Pakistani athlete Rabiq Ashiq who will be running in the 800 metre competition in the London Olympics scheduled for August 8, 2012.

Rabia was selected to participate in the event through wildcard. Zong’s effort is aimed at ensuring that women, who comprise 51% population of Pakistan, are given all the support that they deserve, and to ignite passion and pride among the Olympics participants.

Hailing from a modest background, Rabia had to face discouragement from her immediate and extended family initially but her passion drove her to continue taking part in sports at school and college level. Recognizing her tenacity, ZONG decided to sponsor the athlete for her participation in the world’s foremost sports competition.

Usman Ishaq, Executive Director Commercial of ZONG further elaborates, “Rabia is an epitome of courage and an excellent example for the world to see that with minimal resources there can still be success stories of women who are willing to dream. Even if the society is not ready to support, a person can change everyone’s perception through their consistent efforts.”

He added, “Flutter aims to empower Pakistani women and giving them the right exposure and chances so that they can excel in this world. By supporting Rabia, ZONG wants to convey the message to everyone in the country that our women are capable of much more than we can imagine and they deserve our encouragement.”

While all eyes are set on their performance, ZONG has been encouraging the athletes taking part in the London Olympics and has assured them of its support irrespective of the outcome. Rabia Ashiq herself has said at several occasions that although she will strive hard for the medals, this opportunity alone is a dream coming true. She also said, “Girls should educate themselves and realize their dreams through hard work and persistence. Nothing is impossible!”

Realizing that women are an underrepresented segment of our society, ZONG also recently launched a special initiative for women called Flutter. This deal is designed while keeping in mind the fact that women have different requirements as compared to men and these needs have to be addressed differently.

  • Islam main tu Khawateen ko Ghar par khidmat karnay ka kaha hai nay kay is tara kay bayhoda games main janay kay layae.

    Khawateen tu MAA hai aur MAA kay paerao kay nechay tu JANNAT hai.

    I against womans from these types of bayhoda Games.

    • dude, your Islam is different than what i am following, and i am happy to know that the Islam i am following give freedom to women!!

      Check the history!!

      Hamari khawateen ijarat bhi kertith or jangjoo bhi thi, dr. bhi thi or masiha bhi thi, apni talwaroon say dushmano kay galay bhi kaat dalti thi

      pata nahi woh konsa Islam hay jis may likha hay kay orat ko chaar diwari main band ker kay us say janwaroon ki terha khudmat kerwai jay!!

      • dude, kahan par lika hai kay khawateen in bayhoda games main hisa lay ge. Kisi Sahibiyat ka bata do kay kisi bayhoda games main hisa lia ho aur is tara kay kapray pehnay ho.

        Bhai – Pehlay islam par lo phr batain karo kay khawateen kay kia huquak hai

        bus yehi NGOs ke batain dil damagh main beta de hai kay khawateen chaar diwari main band kardo. Pehlay bat kay kis nay band keya hai.

        Kia ap apni Bivi/Sisters ko bejain ge is games main? Answer nahi aye ga kyun kay ghair mard ne nazarain parein gey.

        Saf bat hai hum mardo nay apni lazaton kay layae in NGOs kay gun gana shuro karday hai.

        Dear first read our Islam properly then comments.

        • saeed bhai agar apko is trah ki behuda games pasand nahi hain to ap mat dekho…wo bazurgon na kaha ha….keh …TUJH KO PRAEE KYA PARI , APNI NEBAIR TU…LET DO OTHERS WHATEVER THAY DOING…

      • And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former Times of Ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless.


        • omg, double check 33.33 (And previous chapter) its belong to the wive of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because non-Muslim make fun of them when they go outside from their house, Allah (swt) telling them that they are not like ordinary woman but the wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

          then after this verse Allah said if they want to go outside from their house then

          “And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and protect their private parts” 24:31

          and BTW ALLAH (swt) has ordered to Muslim man for Hijab before the Muslim Women

          “Command the Muslim men to keep their gaze low and to protect their private organs; that is much purer for them; indeed Allah is Aware of their deeds”. 24:30

          • about 33.33

            so it means Muslims women don’t have to follow Wives of Prophet Muhammad(SAWW).. is it your point?

            Beshak, male and female both have to lower their gaze and protect their private parts.

            Both should not wear tight dress as women ( males too ) do nowadays.

            They wear Hijab but wear tight dress.

            And tell me why non-muslims used to make fun of Ummul Momineen? can you elaborate this point?

            My point is just that

            1) If any girl wants to go outside, then they just have to not wear tight dresses and should wear Hijab ( anything that covers their body shapes and hair ). It is not choice. If you know, When women do pray namaz, they have to cover their body shapes and hair etc.

            2) If they participate in any international thing, then they should make themselves as Muslims ( but nowadays, they only do it for fun or make country proud. they forget to make themselves proud Muslim ).. otherwise other people will make fun of them.

            3) Women just have a special thing for cover their body etc.. because they’ve some attractive parts, so these should not be displayed. not even contour etc.

            I will stop my point, when you will say It is not important to cover body shapes, hair while offering Salat.

            May Allah guide us.

            If you still don’t get my point. I am very very sorry. It is just in your mind, so you will never change your mind. So do what you want. :) it is your life. so I think there is no point of talking about this thing. Enjoy your life.

            Akram Abbas

      • Ap jin khwateen k bat kar rahay ho wo deen aur islam k hatir larra karti ti aur dushmano k sar kaat daiti ti.islam may khwateen ko ghar k char diwari my band nhi kia jata lkn is tara hazaro logo k samny apni izzat ko pesh karna konsa izzat ka bat hy aur na hy ye islam my hay aur na hy wo islam k lye kch kr rahi hy jis par hm fahar kary ha agr wo london my islam ko promote krti waha deen k baty aur deen k haq my jehad karti aur dushmano k sar kat ti tu phir ap k bat sahi hy mery bhai lkn pehly islam ko study kro phr kch kaho..dont mind brother

    • Hazrat Khadija was successful trader. Muslim women participated in wars. Aap aik baat bataain kai agar sari khwateen ghar beth jaain tu aap apni maa behn biwi ko kisi mard doctor ko dikhaain gai?
      Islam kai naam per apnay views na paish kerain

      • You are right copper, And saeed kon kehta hai auratain ghar mein behti rahain, yeah 21st century hai, aur islam waqt kay taqazon kay sath chalne ka hukam deta hai.

        • Masha Allah.. Allah k karam se at least humare family ki aurtein ghar par bethi hoti hein ( and these are their wishes ) because they want to give best Islamic education to their children.. and want to give so much time to their children and make home beautiful..

          Remember, only women can make home beautiful and lovely.

          May Allah guide us

          again,, it is your deeds! so enjoy what your want to do in your life :)

      • Answers


        1) Hazrat Khadija becomes absorbed in family life
        Once Hazrat Khadija was married, she appears to have lost interest in her mercantile ventures and in her commercial empire. Marriage changed the character of her dedication and commitment. She had found Mohammad Mustafa (SAWA), the greatest of all treasures in the world. She reorganized her whole life around the personality of Mohammad Mustafa (SAWA).

        2) Muslims women participated wars for curing her “Mehram”.

        3) Ok now your answer.. If you remember, at that time there was no doctor etc.. It all used to be done by Dhai Ama.. etc. and there were no so many diseases as right now ( and those diseases created by ourself )… and still few women do like that.

        Ok, I myself say.. no problem if women go outside for playing games etc.. but at least wear Hijab…
        I am proud to be a Pakistani, but I am always disappointed when I see other muslim countries women ( sports ) and Pakistani.

        Now check this


        and many more countries like Iran… etc wear Hijab during games..

        May Allah guide us… no problem if you still don’t agree at me, it is your mind and your deeds! :) so enjoy life as you want to enjoy.


  • Dear u forgot to mention that Zong sponsored her after Talat Hussain interviewed her and requested for some sponsors on air because Rabia told him that she has nobody to support her.

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