Windows Phone Becomes Fastest Growing mobile OS in the World

iphone-theme-windows-phoneAccording to the latest survey by Canalys, Windows Phone of Microsoft is the fastest-growing OS in the world in Q2 of 2012 with an increase of 227% devices in Q2 of 2011. Sales too increased to 5.1 million worldwide.

Android however, retained the top-spot (in terms of market-share) and actually increased its lead by 110% over the last quarter. The sales now amount to 107.8 million. This is huge because the number of Smartphones in the same quarter a year ago amounted to 107.7 million.

Apple iPhone’s sales increased by 5.7 million to 26 million in Q2. Market-share declined though by 2.5% to 16.4%.

Symbian’s sales dropped by 64.6 percent to a market-share of only 4.1% and sales of only 6.4 million while those of Bada increased by 5.1% to 3.3 million. If sales for Symbian continue to drop at this pace, they’ll be below Bada in the near future.

Windows Phone 7 will probably take over Symbian in terms of sales in a quarter perhaps.
But it must be noted that the sales of Windows Phone devices aren’t mind-blowing considering the millions of dollars spent advertising campaigns by Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T.

BlackBerry experienced a 4 million unit decline in sales. There market-share is now only 5.4% compared to the 11.6% they had a year ago.

China leads the phone market in the world thanks to a market-share of 27%. USA is behind them with a market-share of 16%. Android is the most-preferred OS in China and dominates with a market-share of 81%.

Smartphone Market Share

  • Well personally i think that they can’not cross Android OS. But they will surely cross symbian as it’s shares are dropping

  • admin could u tell me that what is difference b/w andriod and window phone.and which one has better operating system like pc or lap top.

    • Ofcourse Android SmartPhones Are Far Better then as compared with Windows Smart Phones

      They Have
      Better Performance
      Great Hardware Capability
      And Most of them is that its Open Source Thing

    • Whilst, a computer is a computer. If you are looking for a good smartphone, use Android for now.

  • With the introduction of windows phone 8 i hope it will gain more speedy market share .

  • Well actually i have recently bought an widows device over android just because of speed and fluidity only thing i disliked is that some apps on wp7 are not free like angry birds and these things matter alot but still i really loved the way microsoft made wp7 market isnt that big but its nice after all its an os which is one year late and ive read some where windows marketplace has about 25000 apps

  • Andoind sucks. Apple will win the battle for sure because of its customer satisfaction like my bro got that Samsung glaxy S2 and during the update of ICS the phone got bricked and i tried alot to find a solution but Samsung will never help. I have an iPhone 4S and i have never had any problem because Apple will always support its customers. Thanks to Apple. The other thing about Android is that it;s so hard to understand. It’s so complicated comparatively Windows Phone 7 and iOS. I like the GUI of Windows Phone 7 but it lacks the Apps.
    I love Apple and will never switch to creepy Android smartphones.

    • atlast one sensible android hater!!!!
      as a matter of fact I also think that android is a gud OS but not as gud as everybody here claims.

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