How Can Linkedin Be Used To Enhance Your Venture

linkedin2It doesn’t matter what your venture is. Be it a team of people working on a start-up, an individual employee looking for a better post, someone looking to raise capital and investors, or a freelance artist. Whoever you are, you would do well to get onto Linkedin and connect with people who share similar interests. Especially if you’re looking to enhance your business venture, there are three important ways you can use Linkedin in an efficient manner.

1. Preparation: Preparation includes not just finishing your background work, it implies complete knowledge about your subject matter. You should be up to date with what’s going on in your field, and on Linkedin you should join various groups, discussions and forums (Think Linkedin Answers, which allows you to answer questions and ask them).

But even before all this, you need to understand the technicalities of your own venture. Get your business plan vetted by a professional agency, and in fact, you can use Linkedin to find even such agencies or individuals. When you’re trying to enhance your venture, you should get in touch with website makers, accountants, people who can explain financials to you, people willing to give you feedback on your pitch.

2. Using the tools of Linkedin: Increase your visibility. Complete your profile. Connect to people all around – you never know who has what connections. Be humble, be nice. Do not put only your present company into your profile, mention everything you have ever worked on. This will give potentially interested people a background into how you have achieved the skills to come to the stage you’re in.

Improve your Google Page Rank, and leave your website and blog name on all forums as part of your signature. Ask for references, give references and generally make yourself active. Don’t presume it to be short-term and to achieve enhancement for business, think long-term. You are doing this to be connected with people who will continue to be useful to you all your career.

3. Track others who are looking for what you are: You are not the only one in your field who is trying to move your business forward. At any given point, there are at least hundreds just like you. It is a good idea to get in touch with them and exchange notes on what occurs. The idea is not to be competitive but to learn. Common tips help everyone and you will benefit from each others’ mistakes. You will also be able to learn which strategies work and which strategies are pointless. Remember, this is a two-way communication. If you’re hoping to get information, you must be willing to give some out. No one likes a self centered businessman. Advice is free. It won’t cost you.

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