Ufone to Give Away Free Minutes to Entire Customer Base on August 14th

ProPakistani has reliably learned that Ufone has plans to gift its customers on August 14th this year, by crediting free minutes to its entire base of customers of over 24 million Ufone users.

Free giveaway of minutes to all its customers is also evident from below screen taken from Ufone’s Independence Day TVC.

Ufone August 14th

We aren’t cent percent sure yet, but it is likely that Ufone will give away 14 free minutes to all of its customers – across the board – who will have to consume these free minutes the same day, i.e. August 14th. More, exact and official details are yet to come.

The extraordinary Independence day gift coupled with thought provoking TVC demonstrates Ufone’s commitment to the people of Pakistan and the fact that issue of governance do not reflect the innate talent of Pakistanis.

Ufone, this way, will give away some 336 million free minutes on its network, a hefty and daring gift that anyone could give away on Pakistan’s independence day. This is probably the only instance in the history of country that a telecom operator is giving away free credit to all its customer base.

We will recommend Ufone customers to avail these free minutes for wishing Independence Day to your friends and family and make this August memorable. How wonderful an experience and tradition it can evolve into. Ufone has germinated an idea, lets explore it further.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Its a good trend setting tradition which should also be followed by other telecom operators.
    Moreover Ufone should continue this tradition on other occasions like Eid, Independence Day etc. Any how its a beginning lets see what happened in future.

  • yes , which year , 2020 ?? kiyunkay ufone kabhi seedhay tareeqay se nhn batata , aur agar 2012 bhi hai to YAQEENUN kuch na uch hidden hoga jis se saarifeen apna balance ganwa bethen gay .
    UFONE , daku tum hi to ho

    • it will be given on 14th August, 2012 and i do trust Ufone, from last couple of months i can see a complete new strategy from Ufone end where they have started ignoring stars in their communication and are very loudly communicating the over all number. Best example, I subscried for Ufone Ramzan offer it says 4+tax and it is only that rather they send an SMS on daily deduction stating exactly 4.78 Rs deducted for ramzan offer and above all they are also sending unsub method within this SMS which is free. They will surely give free minutes and will not charge a penny. Good going Ufone.

  • Waah ! Ufone always comes up with great new ideas :)
    thumbs up for Ufone :)
    Thankyou Propakistani :)

  • Thats good news for gift to all customers, mera RAMAZAN package 2 days chala n 3 din say activate naheen ho raha jab request send karo Rs deduct ho jatay hain active naheen hote,

  • Imi i do not agree with u, there are so many great companies in the world, Ufone is one of the third class company and can never compete those large companies by giving just 14 free min. Ankhain kholo Brother world record k lia 14 free min is nothing, companies to hazaro k hisab sa free & balance deti haann ya to kuch b nai. hahahahahehe

    • you r rite ali but the fact is that those companies hav customers who give them monhly revenues of thousands and arpu is 28$ not 2$ lyk in pakistan….jitna pay krte ho utna he milta ha apne jaib se rupia ne niklta 3rs ganta vle pkg pe pora din GF se chepke rte ha r bate dakho….

  • 14-August ko raat 11-58 pe sms aaye ga k aap 14 minute use kar sakte hain, aur sms read karney k baad aap k paas sirf 1 minute bache ga. Its Ufone logic.

  • Zong and Mobilink have become under pressure after successful executions of Ufone. so the frustrated staff those have not availed annual increments, sharing frustrations against Ufone.
    I heard that no annual increments announced in ZONG and Mobilink.
    But Major re-engineering and right sizing is underway in both the Companies.

    Enjoy Freedom day.
    14th August

    Ufone Zindabad.

  • @Dukhi: as far as i know sms packages doesn’t gets inactivated during EID like other telecom operators do. Correct me i m wrong.

  • ufone aik bakwas network ha… Har cheez pe ye apni charges lagate hn loan pe 3+ tax kute k bacho jb humen wapis krna ha loan to us pe ye charges kis baat ki le rhe ho… lotne lo bhi aik inteha hoti ha ye begherat to dil khol k lotne hn politician mulk lout rhe hn aur ye customers ko.. Kabhi utunes automatic activate hojati hn us k alag charges deactivate k alag charges kute k bache

    • Charges are levied only to discourage the regular practice. Loan is only for emergency situation, I believe. U can also use an option of top up or scratch card where no interest is charged.

      Moreover, if you take loan from any financial institution, don’t you pay them back? Then why in that case you don’t complain that Banks/DFI are charging Interest over loan ?


  • i am using ufone for the last 11 years continiously. it is the best network in pakistan, i dont know about cellular companies in rest of the world. the best thing about ufone is that it belongs to PTML. i wish ufone to grow day by day.
    ufone is pakistan
    and pakistan is ufone
    pakistan and ufone, tm he tou ho

  • Bakwas Offer, Ufone give 14 Minutes and expire as you prepare to plan for call on U to U.
    It is their intention to give free minute but no one can use it.
    It is all about U phone not for customers.

  • I received 14 free min and consumed it within 1 hour. Thanks Ufone for providing gift on Independence day.

  • I recieved free mins but unfortunetly i was unable to use it . Becuase ufone offered 14 free mins and condition was that it should be consumed within one hours and time was 2pm to 3pm ,My friend recieved 14 free min but the timming was 4pm to 5pm . He did used this free mins . Thank ufone but no thanks

  • I received the free minutes, but till the time i checked the notification, it was already expired. Thanks anyway, UFone ..

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