Apple Finally Reveals iPhone 5

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Apple has finally brought an end to the dozens of leaks which we’ve been seeing since the past 1 year by revealing the iPhone 5, which the company is calling its best phone yet – though the spectators, who ought to compare iPhone 5 with competition brands,  aren’t impressed with the claim.

Early response from technology enthusiasts remained negative, primarily because of no design enhancements, nothing revolutionary in the phone and because it misses the wow factor. Apple fans were awaiting a groundbreaking device with iPhone 5, especially in a era when competition brands (HTC, Samsung, Nokia and LG) are launching super phones every other week.

The iPhone 5’s most prominent feature is its bigger 4 inch touchscreen which was in a lot of people’s wish-list since quite a time, however unlike other manufacturers who increase both the length and breadth of the touchscreen, Apple has only increased the length of the device while keeping the width same.

Other improvements include better processor and camera. LTE connectivity is added with iPhone 5 too, for which Apple is likely to be sued by HTC for patent infringement, but let the time come to unroll the drama.

Here are the specs in detail:


“It’s the most beautiful product we’ve ever made”

The iPhone 5 is made completely out of aluminum and glass. Because of the longer width of the display, the iPhone 5 is considerably longer than the previous iPhone. The iPhone 5 is 20 percent lighter and 18 percent slimmer than the iPhone 4S.

It weighs just 112 grams and is only 7.6mm thick compared to the 9.3 mm thickness of the iPhone 4S. The back features an aluminum plate which will surely save some weight compared to the glass panes.


iPhone 5 (1)

The screen

“When I say this display looks better, it really does look better.” Phil Schiller

The display of the iPhone 5, as already mentioned above, is of the same width but longer in length. Its a retina display with image density of 326 pixels per inch and aspect ratio of 16:9. The resolution is 1136 x 640 pixels.

Apple’s has said that this new display has 44% more color saturation and has an integrated touch panel. Its a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen of course. Apple has said that the screen size is just suited to the user’s hand. Regarding the app support, the company said that it has already customized all of its apps to work on the new iPhone 5 so app support won’t be a problem.

iPhone 5 (2)

Under the hood

The iPhone 5 comes with an all new Apple A6 processor. Apple has said that this new quad-core chip is 2 times faster CPU than the previous one. The graphics performance are also twice as fast as before. The amount of RAM is most probably 1Gb but we’re not very sure about that. The A6 processor is also 22 percent smaller than the A5 processor found on previous Apple products.


The iPhone 5’s camera is updated too and they are calling it iSight. Its an 8 megapixel f/2.4 aperture camera with a 5 element sensor and a resolution of 3264 x 2448. Its protected by a sapphire cover to tackle scratches and hits. Its Backside illuminated now, can shoot 28 megapixel panorama images and can detect 10 faces simultaneously during shooting.

The A6 processor too processes images better than ever. The front facing camera is an HD unit to provide a better video quality during Facetime calls. The camera shoots Full HD videos in 1080p at 30 fps and allows you to take snapshots while recording the video.

iPhone 5 008

iPhone 5 (3)

iPhone 5 (5)

iPhone 5 (4)

iPhone 5 (1)


The iPhone 5 comes with 3 microphones to provide a better call quality and improved audio quality during video recording sessions. It comes with LTE connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0. But perhaps the biggest connectivity feature was the new ‘Lightning connector’. Its a more compact connector for the new iPhone 5 which is 80 percent smaller, more durable and easier to use.


The iPhone 5 supports Wifi 802.11n 5GHz and 2.4GHz signals. Apple will also release an additional accessory to make the Lightning connector work with the older Apple devices.

Another big jump in connectivity for iPhone 5 is 4G LTE support, which is currently patented with HTC. So we aren’t sure, especially after the recent legal battles in iOS vs Android play, that this addition will make iPhone 5 a better device or will result into a ban in American market.

iPhone 5 001


The battery life will be as long as 8 hours on 3G calls, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of music playback.

iPhone 5 002


The iPhone 5 will come in 16, 32 and 64 GB flavors. As usual is the case with Apple, the price of the previous iPhone have been dropped and the 3GS has been discontinued. Good going.

Price Availability

The release date for the new iPhone 5 is 21 September 2012. Preorders are starting September 14th in select countries.

iPhone 5 will come with 2 year contract on supported carriers with $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB variants. If you want to know about all the Apple mobiles, here’s a list of the latest Apple mobiles price in Pakistan and their specs.


iPhone 5 005

iPhone 5 Price in Pakistan

iPhone 5 is likely to be available in Pakistani story by early next month, we have checked with online retailers. They didn’t confirm anything about price but said that iPhone 5 will be priced in Pakistan around Rs. 70,000 for first two months at least.


If a better processor, better display and a better camera is all what you demand from Apple then iPhone 5 could be your next phone. Otherwise spending Rs. 70,000 or around on this device, when you have far better choices for going with HTC or Samsung, then iPhone 5 might not be a wise decision.

Conventional design from Apple that have been carried forward from its first generation may depress you more.

Definitely the lightning Connector isn’t the kind of innovation for which you will upgrade your phone. This had happened with iPhone 4S and now with iPhone 5 – the Apple has failed to add any revolutionary feature that their fans expect from them.

Nevertheless, if you are an Apple fan then you can wait for another year for a better device or stay contented with iPhone 5. Because this is company’s best phone yet, but unfortunately its not the market’s best.

So does the iPhone 5 suit your needs and will you be looking forward to buy it? Let us know!


Images via CNET


Apple has announced the prices for unlocked iPhone 5, to be available in USA and Canada. Apple said that unlocked iPhone won’t be available immediately after the shipment, however, it will be made available pretty soon. Here are the prices for unlocked version of iPhone 5:

  • 16GB for $649/-
  • 32GB for $749/-
  • 64GB for $849/-


    • nothing to debate. I used to be iPhone fanatic. but not anymore. iPhone disappoints me now. S3 and 1x have no comparison with iPhone. iPhone died with Steve Jobs.

      • I am 100% agree with Mr. Furqan, That iPhone dies with Steve Jobs.

        Why they think that they are the God of Mobile phones? Why don’t other companies like Samsung and HTC can beat them?

        Why design and other technology Patents sues?

        Android is far far better than iOS its cheaper, lots of FREE Apps and its Open Source.

        • I am also 100% agree with you both guyz. Android is the best phone, cheapest with complete applications. Enjoy the feathers and feel better.

  • only retards will spend 70k on this … this is Iphone 4s bit taller that’s it
    first time i have ever seen so many disappointed faces after an apple event .. this iphone 5 could rock the world 1 year ago when they launched 4s but now there are lot more better options available .. Samsung , htc , and mostly Nokia Lumias they are Really Awesome .. nokia brought innovation this time brought disappointment

  • Blackbery 9860 Is 100% for me whatever I would be expecting my phone should be and must have …its like a best professional/socializing phone …

    • Lol, you are on a dead platform, which even shattering its executives because of loss. Go and check out, you’d find worlds’ best smart phones.

    • What would you do with a phn which is designed based on LTE in mind ?? we don’t even have 3g yet means we are 7 generations behind in data capabilities… and iphone4s still will be the first choice if one could not live without iphone .. iphon5 do not deserve it .

  • It l be hit due so much loyal customer
    Of Aplle but really there is nothing new in it same old design just stretched out… We were expecting new and revoltunary features but nothing as such by apple this time :(

      • Seriously ?? Do you even know what nokia lumia anounced a few days ago ?

        Wireless charging
        0 lag touch
        Unbelievably smart Cam.
        Awesome Battery

        • 1. Do you know how that wireless charging works? you need a charging pad on which you have to place your lumia, and that charging pad has cable.
          2. 0 lag touch? its not unique iPhone already has the same.
          3. iPhone 5 has camera which shots photo 40% faster than the previous one and provides more clarity to a picture taken in lowest light. It has 44% more color saturation and full sRGB rendering. its panorama mode provides you image resulting 28mega pixel.
          4. iPhone 5 has more battery timing to, even on LTE which is the big achievement coz non of smart phone has actually that durability on LTE.

          • And have you ever heard a phone with a 3 microphones (HD voice) and 5 magnet transducer speaker… its iPhone 5

            • iphone5 is incompatible with HD voice feature .. iphone5 k mu pe lanat denay k liye LIVETILES he kafi hyn .. !!!!!

              ((isay delete mat krna MOD bhai log))

              [Comment Edited]

              • lol … The BIggest problem iSheeps Have is they only compare apple products to apple products , like Woww 2x prsessing Power than iphon4s ..woww 40% quicker camera than iphone 4s ..wowww larger battery than previous iphone … bla bla bla ..That’s not how you make comparisons boys …
                look around and educate yourselves ..:P

                • Because there’s no comparison of iPhone with any product.. wait for pre orders and then start comparing those pre orders with your phones.. or search smart phone customer satisfaction. Then you’ll never get any android phone mentioned there. go and educate your self too.

                  • That’s Exactly what i am saying … you proved my point ..Apple products are good no doubt , But there are better options in less price are available , and apple fan boys just happy to get ripped and pay extra for the same functions they can enjoy with more ease and freedom .. it is not revolutionary product as iPhone Was in 2007 , it is cathing up the copetition coz they kept themselves a full year behind ..
                    New Iphone going to sell no one is arguing on this point its just that Apple is not taking things forward as others are doing ..and if some one does They start suing and holding back innovation to maintain Monopoly..
                    innovative companies work together to make things better .. like Intel , IBM , Microsoft , Samsung , Nokia … if you look at the states Samsung sold way more units than apple , but apple got way much profit from does few sold coz people do not think outside of apple and keep getting ripped .and defiantly they are not very wise consumers…
                    Also dint get me started on Apple customer satisfaction … this video says all about how wise apple customers are .. take a look ..

                    • its simply shows that how much people satisfied with products of apple that they just need an iPhone, it doesn’t matter for them which one. Because apple has gained much trust by providing power full and quality product. No body is geek like you to go that depth of specs. A customer needs a phone which is highly engineered and simple to use rather than phone which is just a mess of extra non-sense functions.

                    • Would only you decide which is best product? Its about customers all over the world, its matter of some one’s choice. If iPhone gets more pre orders and more sales why you getting worry about some one else that he is being ripped. Its someone’s money he knows better where to spend it, lets the world decide it. You buy the phone which you like. Or you going to start a campaign against about those million pre-orders that those customers are being ripped.

                    • I agree that other phones can do the same thing which iPhone does, but point is how efficiently that works. Everything can b done in many ways but which one uses best approach. This video will explain this point enough if we just compare Siri with all major OS. You’ll notice that siri provides more details rather a google search.

              • you don’t know anything, its not the iphone which is incompatible, its carriers which are incompatible for this iPhone feature.

  • Apple is a brand name and people like everything of it but after jobs apple has lost creativity and this shows us in apple5 because people was expecting a new a revolutionary thing but its the same, so i think apple will lose many of its customer.

    I think android is fastly getting popular and it will sink the apple ship very soon because android is open source and have many developers and apple has only few people to built.

    Only new design, features and good specs can remain apple top of market otherwise samsung and htc producing new and latest fones every week to fail apple.

    • yes, it seems now that Steve Jobs took all the creativity and innovation with him as well…R.I.P iPhone 5

  • Revolutionary?Apple?Well well 8 was 2007 AND JUST ONCE! Not then AND NOTT AGAIN! luk at da price range 70k???Yeah there r filthy rich loyal fanboys who will go 4 it COZ NO MENTAL HOSPITAL YET ESTABLISHD FOR THEM….Mere show Off nothing else.I wont have it if i get it for free APPLE z sch a pathetic company HATE their greed and dt rubish patents dramas to hell.And apple fanboys plz dont start advocating on apple’s behalf now HOW GUD AND RITE DS CRAPPLE IS :@

  • The latest iPhone comes as Apple faces competition beyond current key competitors Samsung and Google. Late entrant Microsoft Corp is now trying to push its Windows Phone 8 operating system as an alternative to Apple and Android, the most-used smartphone operating system in the world.

  • Great iPhone by apple, lightest mobile in the world wow, large 4″ Finger friendly screen seems best suit for hands.

    Once again Apple has announced a great phone.

    • Lightest in the world :P :P :P lol .. my wildfire S is lighter than it 105 gm.. :P :P and if u find wildfire S display smaller than IPHONE 5 as the reason. Than Samsung Galaxy S3 has 4.8 inch screen and lot of usability, so it deserves more weight. :P

  • Apple should wait a little more then should come up with some thing new its all shit inside it .Really not impressive. They r just trying to pottery that its best but words r not enough to sell technology.

  • Apple is really very Good and very fast ios from other phones, but from 2g to iPhone 5 we can see that they didn’t change the layout of home screen and other options. But seriously I love Apple products because apple product have a good price in Pakistan.

  • Steve jobs k jane k baad ipad launch hua jo fail hogaya coz heatup problem agai now i5 bh fail hai HTC best in market. Samsung ki display screen glass LCD to largta hi nahi hai mene s3 use kia but maza nai aaya BB n HTC best display phone.

  • No NFC and No wireless charging Apple has its own way to cruise along, which only good for Apple fan boy still Samy SIII is the best I would say.

    • Dude $199 on two years contract means you have to pay fixed monthly charges for 24 months + 199 say like $35 x 24 + 199 = $1039

      However without contract you can get in $600 in one go.

    • bcoz thts the price with a 2 year contract in the America, the unlocked phone sells from $699 to $799 and hence Rs.70000

    • my be that price with any mobile operator offer

      means $199 down price and $50 to $100 per moth for one year contact

      u can see iphone 4 8gb is free

  • Wasique, 199$ quoted for contract man not the pay as you go price :).

    I will upgrade my 3Gs Iphone with IOS 6 thats it, no need to buy and spend more money :)

  • Hey the author forgot to mention abt nano-sim. as
    ip5 will be using nano-sim instead of micro. And nano-sim is not only smaller but slimer too as compared to micro sim. So forget guys using this phone in pakistan until some operator offers nano-sim. Till then keep dreaming.

  • Who is the amin of the forum….. propakistani still showing the mobile price 1 and half years ago…… LOL…

  • Welcome to the age of iPhone 4S XL, the most revolutionary smartphone yet! argghhh, I meant iPhone 5.

  • @shahid saleem,what wud hv impressd u?? R u serious? When a better fon GS3 and infact all android and win8 flagship Fones hv ALREADY IMPRESSED THE WORLD AND PEOPLE WITH SOME MIND THEN HOW COME A FON WITH LOWR SPECFCTIONS CAN IMPRESS???Hye hype HYPE AND JUST HYPE??What else dt Crapple can offer??

    • Wait for the figures when apple will report its iPhone 5 pre-orders, which going to blow out your mind, and non of your mentioned phone would have that. its not about what a single person think, let’s the whole world decide it.

      • Spot on Max… analyst expect 6 million orders before the first review is written.

        After the review, the world will know about this engineering masterpiece. Other companies can’t even get their 3 mega pixel camera’s from bulging out and Apple has an 8 MP, most advanced camera seamlessly inside the case. Amazing.

        • The only reason apple sell is becoz of their restrictive eco system, its hard to switch platforms when you have spent hundreds of dollars on buying apps and wht not which you can only transfer on to the next iteration of the fone.

          • Why someone would spend money on craps, of-course iPhone has best and quality apps that’s why people spent hundreds of dollars on apps.

  • iPhone Dies with Steve Jobs!

    People wait for new model like Aamir Khan Movie :) which releases after a year or 2.

    Thanks to Samsung, HTC and other Brands to come up with Latest and Cheaper Mobile phone with better specs than iPhone.

    iPhone 5 is not a revolutionary product. Very disappointed news for iPhone Lover. Its very thicker than Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • I am looking that iPhone 5 is not standing along with present devices ,htc one x,Samsung s3,Nokia lumia 920,Sony xperia T,LG optimus g , so how will stay in ground for a year when every device will come more than more powerful in every month

  • It is a somewhat race among different competitors. But finally good step from Apple because everyone was waiting for this news.Thank you Propakistani to add this useful information.

  • beside the fact that apple cannot be taken down so easily due to the product quality built and delivered in the past few years, the iphone 5 is not a choice of android fans but it does impress many of the iphone users, in the discussion forum we should have enough room for the speech of freedom.

    i too am impressed by the iphone 5 beside the fact it lack many features, but it does fulfil the desire i was expecting from iphone 5

  • Apple does not make iPhone for the Pakistan market. Heck no phone brand in the world makes a phone tailor made to suit the needs of Pakistani consumers. Apple provides an ecosystem that is unmatched in 13 countries of the world, where peoples lives revolves around Apple and the services it provides in partnership with telecom networks.

    This ecosystem service costs money, which is unheard of in our country, where we think that buying the hardware will suffice, however it is all about the software, appz and experiences.

    Apple in Pakistan is a luxury brand, thats true for all but 13 countries of the world where the Apple ecosystem is online. People who own iPhones in Pakistan do so to tell others that they can afford Apple products and are part of an elite group. Many also save their salaries for few months to be part of this elite group.

    In 13 countries, Apple is a way of life and the iPhone 5 will be a massive hit. The rest of the world has started adopting alternatives and will continue to do so until Apple formally opens its services for their respective country.

  • Apple just released the unlocked phone prices, you should update the article admin……

    16GB iPhone 5 at $649, the 32GB at $749, and the top of the line model 64GB at $849

  • Other companies can’t even get their 3 mega pixelcamera’s from bulging out and Apple has an 8 MP???Bro?? What r u smokinggg ??

  • @paki,bro u got da rite to have it.. ur thinkng ur money ur choice,we just called spade a spade and dts it.Ds release z no match to Andro guys and dts a fact (a bitter 1) for crapplé fanboys

  • The ppl who r tying to critisice iphone have really no experience of iOS applications and it’s qualities. Though I have android and iOS both. iOS covers the value of money. Android is very buggy. No further updates after 1 or 2. Device dead chances while rooting. bla bla bla. Let the world decide whats best. And those who r disappointed with iphone 5, i don’t know why is it so. Iphone 5 is great. Android lovers, get your hands on over an iphone and then analyze yourself

    • There is no doubt that iOS is a great OS and I would rate more above the Android, however peoples are criticizing bcz there isn’t much change from the previous 4S model and form factor just half increased no NFC which peoples were hopping, no mini USB despite EU rule instead they are selling converter to comply the EU, no wireless charging.

      Nevertheless Apple always try to invent their own and let the end user make use of it and make it popular and they are somewhat succeeded.
      Regardless of tech stuff they used the pre-order going to be hit as usual for sure.

  • @iftikhar,well bro no 1 z against ifone and 8s presence cannot be denied but leme tel u 1 thing..Ifone z gud so let it act gud NOT BEST! Got ma point??Having such loyal customers shows apple is realy up2 satsfyng its users and dts what counts n sammy may not b in comparison BUT..BUT da fact is that ifon z NOMORE BEST BUT OTHERS ARE!! ;). Its gud and lets JUST call it GOOD nothing MORE DN DT.Hype factor CANT MAKE IT BEST SO DUMP DS DELUSION.No offence may ur grandsons use ifones n 3012 as well :P

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