Zong Offers Round the Clock Location Based Charging

CaptureZong claims to have emerged as the industry leader by being the only cellular service provider to offer location based charging (LBC) services 24/7, said a statement by the company.

Zong in its statement said that they have invested in its technology during the recent past which has enabled them to provide unparalleled services to their subscribers.

Location based charging service was first introduced in Pakistan by Zong and since then has become tremendously popular among the masses. Zong had further strengthened its facilities by introducing concentric layer technology in 2010 and has been investing in technological advances since then.

They initially introduced the LBC service in various cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. However, now subscribers from over 100 cities are benefitting from this offer.

Mr. Usman Ishaq, Head of Marketing, ZONG, while expressing his views said that ZONG has always kept its customers’ needs in front while designing innovative services and packages. LBC is a one of its kind offer and taking a lead from ZONG, all major cellular service providers are now offering LBC. However due to its technological advancements, ZONG is the only network to provide this service round the clock in more than 100 cities. This fact is an assurance that ZONG is a trendsetter which truly understands the needs and wants of Pakistani cell phone users and is always the first one to step up in fulfilling those needs.

Zong an international brand of China Mobile entered Pakistan’s telecom industry in April 2008 and has now spread its coverage across the country. Among all the Chinese investments in Pakistan, China Mobile is the biggest investor in Pakistan.

  • Zong is providing cheapest service in Pakistan. Excellent,tremendous and trendsetter service provider.

  • No doubt Zong is offering very cheapest Service but Zong Network is very Crap. i Submitted my Complaint against Network on 29 August. I call to Service Center they told me Problem Will be resolve in next 48 hours. i waited for 1 week but problem couldn’t be resolved, I called again and ask from them that why problem couldn’t being resolved? CRO told me Sir i am registering your complaint again, our team leader (Supervisor) will call you in next 2 hours and will guide you. Call come from Supervisor She Asked! sir did you find any improvement in Service? i told her no Madam Still i am not felling it better. She told me ok Sir i registered Compalaint to our concern department to resolve it As soon as possible.
    The very next day i called again regarding my issue i asked to CRO zong is playing a game a problem i am facing from more than 1 week how your concern department or Network Engineers couldn’t resolve it. She told me Sir i am Registering your complaint once again our Supervisor will call you in 2 hrs. Call Comes again from Supervisor she told Sir i am very sorry problem couldn’t be resolve. i asked her to forward my call to concern department she told me sir i am sorry i just can forward your complaint but couldn’t forward your call to concern department but if you want you can email them by your behalf. i told her madam seems thus in more than 1 week i am talking regarding my issue with
    not concern department if you can’t resolve my problem i donot need to talk with you. i disconnected the call and till the today date the problem is Same huh :(

  • so what ?
    thats not a big deal , the big deal is that how MUCH they are charging ! and y they enhance the charges ? from 8 to 12 Rupees ?????

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