US Actress Sues Anti-Islam Film Director, Demands Removal of Clip from YouTube

protestmuslimAn American actress, who appeared in the blasphemous film, has sued the film director for forging the script and fooling her to play in a hateful and anti-Islam movie which she was told to be a desert adventure movie.

According to US actress, the script she received had made no mention of the Prophet Muhammad or made references to religion in any manner. She has alleged the director for altering the script in post production phase and depicted her as to what she didn’t agree to before signing the movie.

She has alleged the director for fraud, slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Film actress has also asked the Judge to order YouTube to remove the clip from its website.

In a related news, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a press conference in New York that the film maker of an anti-Islam film abused his right to freedom of expression by making the movie, which he called a “disgraceful and shameful act.”

Ban Ki-moon maintained that Freedoms of expression should be and must be guaranteed and protected, when they are used for common justice, common purpose.

“When some people use this freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some others’ values and beliefs, then this cannot be protected in such a way.”, commented the U.N. Secretary General.

Via BBC Urdu, The News

  • Its just a drama. She just wana get out of the scene, she is perhaps scared now to see such a great protest and afraid that she might get punished for acting in the film.

    • Yes, I think it is the truth.

      Do you have a magical lie detector that says it’s a lie?

      Once again for the benefit of the ignorant: anyone who watches the movie or the trailer can hear that there is overdubbing, and anyone who looks at the lips of the actors as they speak can see their lips do not match the words you hear.

      Explain that.

      • Mr.Shahid Saleem, first of all I didn’t watch the movie and I will not watch it in my life.As far as that actress is concerned, I believe she is lying because it’s a preplaned attack on Muslims.
        BTW are you with her or with the Muslims??????

        • Well, unlike you I try not to comment on things WITHOUT INVESTIGATING.

          And so because I have seen the movie (and many many other Muslims have as well), you can either believe WHAT WE ALL HAVE SEEN AND HEARD or you can believe your own conspiracy theory.

          Your choice. Jahiliyat = literal translation = ignorance.

  • Allah knows the Truth, But the people of America should stand and ask their gov to stop such kind of activities.

  • Agr sb Muslims ittifaq sy in websites ka Boycott kren to in ko croron ka nuksan hoga aur akal b kuch thikany aa jaye gi. Dushmano ko samjhany walo, tum khud youtube jaisi gandi website ka BOYCOTT kyun nhi krty???????

    • “youtube jaisi gandi website ”

      O’ mere bhai, tum kia aisa deekhte ho jo youtube gandi hogai ? Iss tarhaan tou hamare Pakistani “Morning/evening shows” bhi band karwao jo ab kisi mujre se kum nai.

      Half the skill based things I didn’t know I was able to learn them from Youtube. I do not have the luxury to attend live sessions from Islamic scholars but I follow them on Youtube.

      Do not blame the medium.

  • yes script me sb koch likha hota hy
    and ye actress koi baci ni thee ky isy apny acts ka pata na ho
    aur islam aur our prophet pe ye film ky is tarah ke reaction se dar gai hy.
    to now ye apny ko save krny ky liye ye byan de rhe hy.
    ye koi mamoli bat ni aur script me sari kahani malom hoti hy.
    ye sb drama hy. aur muslims ky reaction se hamdardiyan leny ky liye ye keh rhe hy.
    halanky isy pata tha.
    islam koi unkown religon ni

    • Bhai, hamare president/prime minister ne tou koi reaction lia nai he, yeh bandi kuch keh tou rahi he.

      Humne sirf APNE hi mulk me aag laga di, APNI police par pathrao kia, Islamabad ka hashar nashar kardia. Yar APNE mulk ka nuqsaan karne ka kia faida, film tou America me bani he.

      Woh 1 cartoon bana dete he 15 min me, aur hamari “islami” log poore mulk me aag laga dete he.

  • Well, not only actress, every single participant in the film said they were being fooled, they asked to film about arabian desert film, the film was made in producers home and upload way ago but not good views but when someone told Egypt media about this film, after that film view increase rapidly.
    No public theater are still allowed to show film publicly except youtube.

  • I belive where is a will there is a way ! ! !
    We have to join hand to slap american socity. All Amercian Sociaty is Fruad base, their films potrate bad image of their sociaty.

    We have to rise up on media,internet to shake Amercian dirty minds that first come to ISLAM, learn basics of Islam & then potrate the personality of our Beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD ( P.B.U.H).

    This Film is totally based upon jealisy & durtiness of American minds, We must arrange programs in American & British Media for showing actual picture of personality of our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H).

    • Funny, I thought when Pakistanis burned cars and buses and shops and banks owned by PAkistanis they were projecting a bad image of us. But no, you say it is the US that projects a bad image! I stand corrected! NOT

      We will never rise up until we grow up mentally. So do you want to be fre of the WEST and do you want to develop indiginous technology and services? Yes? So how are you going to do that when one idiot makes a film or publishes cartoons and shuts down our entire country for days on end??? How can we progress when we cannot even go to the office or factory or make money by day labur???

  • i agree with shahid “develop indiginous technology and services”

    this only the way …..

    in short knowledge is power …

    we can not become powerful by buying technology or weapons but with a knowledge and capability only …

    only a single computer connected to internet can compromise whole internet …

    for a day like today to turn the tables …

    the people may have gathered over mosques after fajar prayer and continue darood-e-abrahimi till isha …..
    at least it does make sense to me according to name of day ,rather then burning tyres / closing roads / burning government or people property …..

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