Breaking: Mobile Services to Remain Blocked in 15 Cities Today

mobile-phone-userA directive has been issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, apparently on orders of Interior Ministry, to suspend cellular services in 14 cities of Pakistan, with immediate effect till 6 pm 21st Sep 2012.

Mr. Rahman Malik, head of Interior Ministry, had hinted the service suspension earlier in the evening by saying that Ministry is yet to decide anything on blocking of cellular Services amid security situation in the country on Friday.

At least one cellular company has confirmed ProPakistani the order for blocking the service and said that directive will be implemented immediately.

PTA order which was sent out to cellular companies through an email at 12:15 am, (a copy of which is available with ProPakistani) directed mobile phone companies to block cellular service in following 14 cities:

  • Rawalpindi,
  • Lahore,
  • Karachi,
  • Quetta,
  • Peshawar,
  • Faislabad,
  • Jhang,
  • Rahim Yar Khan,
  • Multan,
  • Khanewal,
  • Attock,
  • Murree,
  • Chakwal, Chakri
  • Kot Momin.

Mobile phone companies are asked to remain ready for blocking service in Islamabad too, orders for which are likely to be issued in the morning.

Earlier, Mobile phone services were suspended in four cities on Eid, for same reasons.


We are getting confirmations that service is being blocked on selected networks in selected cities. It appears that mobile companies are in process of pulling the plug.

Update 2:

Mobile phone service in Islamabad gets blocked too.

Update 3:

Reportedly, mobile services are being restored now. In accordance with the original directive, mobile phone services were to remain suspended till 6 PM today.

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  • in case, an unfortunate roadside accident happen and this man is bleeding to death. NOW, how do I or others call 1122 or other emergency services?

    Just think, if water is filthy, we will not stop drinking it…. instead we will filter it and use other resources to make it clean.

    I am sure u got my point…

  • You can call emergency numbers while no service I think!
    Anyhow, this shouldn’t be happen anyway bcuz it has no use.

      • Emergency calls can still be made, its mandatory.

        For example if you Ufone SIM and you are in area where there is only Mobilink signal even then your call will go through.

        • Is there a problem with your reading skills? No signal means no calls. There is no place where you will get mobilink signal (no matter what sim you use) because mobilink was 100% down in the above listed cities.

  • What nonsense! :P

    what a stupid decision is this? Why the whole nation suffer this loss? are they trying to pull us towards stone ages? there is already electricity, water, gas crisis and now communication crisis is being added in list.

    I think there is something behind the scenes that government is trying to pressurize the telcos for some reasons. And I expect the bold team Team of ProPakistani that they would expose this one day or another!

  • Raja sahib ko bijli ki wazarat mili to ab tak bijli aankh macholi khel rhe hey. Fir Raja sahib IT k minister bnay, as we all expected woh wazarat to chor gye per apna asar b chor gye. Ab mobiles ki load shedding or woh b pura pura din… Ab Rajaa g PM hai, ab dekhty hai k ab kis chez py ki bari hey….

  • Rehman malik ko pehle bh advice di thi k agar terrorist ko khatam karna hai to pani band karo pani nahi milega to kuch din mai mar jaenge

  • Mubarak ho Admin propakistani ka naam aaj k jang news mai agaya hai website hack news wali news main. But jang ko ye nahi pata k propakistani mai ab aese news bh aati hain k ek 35 sala aurat apne purane aashna k sath farar etc. Yar nargis wali khabar dene ka maqsad kia hai koi or news nahi mili thi. Dena hai latest computer k baare mai detail do konsa acha hai kia functions hain ram ki detail do procceser k baare mai batao laptop ki details hon which is best or kia speciality hai etc.

  • Telenor is still working in my area (Rawalpindi, Faizabad, Sohan, Dhoke Kala Khan & Shamsabad), don’t have information about other areas

  • What the hell this Rehman baba and zordari are doing to telecom sector…… such type of blocking continues again n again….how is it possible for new companies to comes in Pakistan…the exiting companies will also close there operations in pakistan……..:@

  • I do not appreciate this step….i am clearly stating it …. that i don’t want this crap government any more and i hate this mindset to block the way of communication, instead of blocking the root cause….Rehman Malik you are an idiot…..

  • I know This is off topic.
    But I don’t understand why no one ever thought of this and took an initiative to correct this.


    I am not just targeting one person.
    I have pointed out this many times while talking to someone face to face.
    But everyone takes it so lightly :|

  • Telenor is working in Rawalpindi… IM ka name dekho aur kartut…. Just call se he Bomb blast nai ho sakta… Smamsung has a feature of fake caller…. Alarm can also used for this purpose.

  • Hearing news that so and so number of people killed due to blasts really saddens me. I think closing the network to avoid such hurtful news is a good step given that our country is not good enough to stop such incidents through an alternative way.

  • I’ve already mentioned few times that Propakistani should’ve thumbs up or like feature for comments I’ve few comments to like on this article.

    Oye malik mar v ja..

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