PTCL Website Gets Hacked!

In a latest development, it appears that PTCL website was hacked today – not defaced though. Hacker has left a polite and soft message for the management by advising it to secure the official website.

Hacker, who didn’t reveal identity, opted not to deface the whole website instead he published a message in the menu available on the PTCL website.

A message pasted on its right column says:

When it will be secure:

Please do secure it. Close registration and change your IT team. Thanks.

PTCL, which hosts variety of websites from local market, has been targeted by hackers before. People familiar with the security trends told ProPakistani that PTCL server has been insecure for a long time, and this was due to happen with the kind of security PTCL has arranged for its website.

Check below the screenshot, that was just captured from

PTCL Hacked


PTCL has updated the website and hacker’s message has been removed now.

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  • God Damit! They noobs even don’t know some tactics of Web security :P Hhahahahah na jane ya hoga pakistan ka

  • there is much talented people in pakistan my some friends daily hacked many indian sites not simple blog also govt sites also crash their many server but…………………..

  • Hacker might not have needed much to do so; just a bhaoo might be enough to collapse it. The other day goddamn govt shitties might be giving lot of excuses on hacking of their site. Anyway it is an old saying don’t worry about publicly being insulted and just stay stubborn in your wrongdoings.

  • PTCL should get serious now. They are only focusing on expanding their “numbers”. The want to show that they are connecting THIS number of cities and have THIS many million users.

    @Aamir Atta .. A humble suggestion, when you make an update to a post, kindly do post the update date/time too so that people can know when the update came.

    • why? you inbred monkey. There is a ton of amazing educational entertaining stuff on youtube. Block the entire thing because you are emotional like an 9yo girl?

      • Nothing is imposible.
        I can hack you tube and google in just 60 minutes.

        “Aagha Waqar ka haiderabad jail se geo news ko interview”

  • PTCL Ki Site Mein hai Kaya Hoo jaee Hack Achii Baat hai :P Is Se Hum ko Koi Fida Tu Milta Nahii :P

    Jo Hum Ko Post Yaha Pe Miltii hai Yehii Info Hum ko Un ki Site Pe milne Chahiye :P

  • Dear PTCL , Hire professionals for IT department or use or for hiring or contact me :)

  • I bet, if not all, most of the Govt setups have typical safarshi, nalaiq, nikamy, haramkhor working without having talents or having a will to work with honesty and commitment.

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