PTCL Website Gets Hacked!

In a latest development, it appears that PTCL website was hacked today – not defaced though. Hacker has left a polite and soft message for the management by advising it to secure the official website.

Hacker, who didn’t reveal identity, opted not to deface the whole website instead he published a message in the menu available on the PTCL website.

A message pasted on its right column says:

When it will be secure:

Please do secure it. Close registration and change your IT team. Thanks.

PTCL, which hosts variety of websites from local market, has been targeted by hackers before. People familiar with the security trends told ProPakistani that PTCL server has been insecure for a long time, and this was due to happen with the kind of security PTCL has arranged for its website.

Check below the screenshot, that was just captured from

PTCL Hacked


PTCL has updated the website and hacker’s message has been removed now.

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