TV Channels Are Uploading Videos On YouTube Despite Country Wide Ban

Lo and behold, Pakistani TV Channels, usually considered the ethical champions, have become so desperate for their businesses that they are violating YouTube ban, imposed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, by uploading video content on YouTube.

Almost all TV channels (except a few) are regularly updating their YouTube channels with videos of their latest TV shows. It is unclear so far that how these channels are accessing Youtube website despite severe ban in the country imposed by the regulator.

This also translates into a situation where PTA has failed to completely block the access of YouTube in Pakistan.

In a related news, we are receiving reports that Pakistani internet service providers have re-configured the YouTube filter and are allowing secure protocol for accessing the website. This re-configuration is being done to allow other-than-YouTube Google services to run smoothly.

Check below screens, shared by a ProPakistani reader, showing updated Videos on YouTube.


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  • Handsome

    Yeah to Khula Tazaad hay

  • aamir7

    In early days of YouTube ban, I was asked by a TV channel to oppose the ban in their show, which I denied just because I wanted not to say words of someone else from my mouth.

    TV channel explained that they have their live streaming on YouTube and this ban is causing them loss.

    • sarmad

      i think this was geo news

    • Brother Aamir, we are considering Money only either from illegal Ads or uploading contents on such sites like youtube, facebook and etc.
      Ooh just for the sake of some pennies we can’t kick such sites out…
      Allah mujhay bhe toufeeq day…

      Uss Riz’q say mout achi jis say Nabi s.a.w key shaan main kami ayee…

  • Monis

    i also noticed that :(

  • UK

    As a responsible entity of state, Pakistani media should define their qibla themselves.

  • I think these channels are headquartered in Dubai and youtube is not banned there (hence they are able to upload). On a side note, youtube is even working on my own ISP in Rawalpindi/Islamabad at times which I get to know whenever my google accounts start syncing properly on my tablet and android device.

    • Mulla

      jee nae. sab tv channels ko dubai say nikal diya tha musharaf k time pay

      • Geo’s broadcast facilities are from Dubai Media City from UAE. Not sure about the other
        channels. Maybe they are accessing it through VPN tunnels..

  • Adnan Usmani

    Its very east to access youtube in pakistan just connect with any VPN and access all stuff

  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    They Are accessing Youtube Same way this Screen Grabber did , simple …


      True, Like amir accessed youtube, other are also accessing it in same way. So Amir you dont have to be emotional in this case :)

      • MMJ

        SOooooooooooooooooooooooooo TRUE

      • Aamir nae hain,,Mehwish Khan hai koi.Jab screen recorder yeh kaam kar sakta hai to TV channels walay kiyun nae??aakhir sab aik hi khait say hain na,,,

      • PTA

        TV Channels Business and ProPakistani’s Business

        Amir Atta… why you don’t leave this tube ?
        day after day you are highlighting this tube, just for your business, you all all same.
        You had done this same thing when pakistan bans dirtybook…

        you are making these stories by following the “search insights” and “search trends” just to make money….
        isn’t it… ?

        • Don’t know if official PTA :D
          Magar jo kuch bhi kaha bohat zabardast kaha,,

      • Ahmed

        I don’t know amir is accessing youtube or not, but shame on everyone who think that youtube should be banned. Youtube shouldn’t be banned. The banning of the site isn’t a solution. We blocked Facebook i think 2 years ago but then we open its access, and people are still using facebook, and i know PTA will unblock youtube in just 2 week or in a month and people will forget everything and will use it again. Then why PTA is blocking these sites temporarily? If you want to take revenge, want to show patriotism then do something against USA, stop NATO supply and there are alot of other ways.. Block youtube for 1 year and i bet youtube still won’t delete that fucking video.

    • The Writer of above story did investigative reporting while Electronic media is still promoting these ban websites..
      ppl will go to these sites through proxies to watch episodes
      there is big differnce

      • Hehe,,,Unko agar na bhi pata hota na to Propakistani nay post karkay yeh ishara day diya “Aao Bhaion Daikhlo Sab Programs Live hain Youtube Per” takay missed programs daikh sakein proxy kay zaryie,,

        • yeh to aap ny wohi baat kar di ky agar electronic media Bribe ka show kry to public ko pata chal jaye ga bribe ka… ya phir
          Agar koi TV host Wine stores py show kary aur looog wahan jany lag jain..
          is it make sense?

          thats the difference, when a Inter Pass person work as Journalist and Media Study qualified Student is unemployed and just working on blogs :)

  • Monis

    i would like to point out few things
    mehvish you need to update your self and stop blaming pta and by uploading videos on youtube doesn’t voilate the youtube ban .
    there are man softwares and websites by which you can use youtube and can easily download n upload videos.
    and last thing i would like to mention to you is that

    NEWS EXPRESS TV is an Indian channel not Pakistani :P

    update your self before blaming any1

    • aamir7

      Thanks for pointing out. Geo and Dunya are very much Pakistani channels. No?

      • Monis

        they are Pakistani but their priority is Money, and what they are doing is legal but as Muslims they shouldn’t .

      • PTA

        Mehwish Khan, Aamir Atta all are same…

        different names for different types of posts……

        Amir Atta… why you don’t leave this tube ?
        day after day you are highlighting this tube, just for your business, you all all same.
        You had done this same thing when pakistan bans dirtybook…

        you are making these stories by following the “search insights” and “search trends” just to make money….
        isn’t it… ?

  • sahhar

    Youtube is still working in Pakistan.


    yes unfortunately access on you tube in Pakistan is very easy from lot of websites and software i think PTA is not working in IP FILTRATION AREA SO WE REQUEST TO PTA PLEASE DO YOU WORK PROPERLY.

  • SpidyWick

    Would this blog stop further posting about youtube? has anything left to discuss about on this topic or it needs further discussion?

  • faram

    youtube is now working with secure protocol https on my ptcl dsl.

    • Ravian

      how??? I am a teacher. i have to show my students alot of informative videos. but this youtube ban has deprived them of good educational tool

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    You do know geo is operates from Dubai media city right??
    So does the Pakistan youtube ban affect UAE too?

  • akram is currently opening on ptcl dsl but videos giving error An error occured please try again later

  • Ahmed

    Propakistani’s Youtube phobia….. and btw most of these channels are present in Dubai as well so go figure!

  • Yasir Yasin

    We should stop using you tube personally. We are much dependent on you tube if you will search any video on Google it will pop up all you tube pages not others. we should stop this monopoly. Kindly stop using you tube and show you love for Prophet (PBUH). Show you are independent and are not for sale. Media should also play positive role in it and should stop using you tube. Media is already has allegation of being in hands of western zoinists.

  • Aamir

    Firstly, I want youtube to remove all hatred videos. But if it’s not listening, then we the only solution i can see is to:

    Unban Youtube, use it for uploading informative videos about Islam, and don’t watch anti islam movies. Simple as that. Use this platform to represent our religion and let haters post their videos. If we don’t watch, then they wont get famous. Same is, if they want to know about Islam, our videos would come up and they would know the reality about Islam.

    The second option is:
    If you or us don’t want to use their services, then we should start learning programming to build a video sharing website in competition. And hope for investors to help keep it alive.

  • zshhh

    then whats the use of Banning this site ????
    jin ko use karni hay wo use kar rahe hain ..

  • ha5h

    Most of these companies have setup in Dubai, so it is possible for them.
    – I personally think Government should work out for the removal of those videos.
    – Resume youtube in Pakistan ASAP.

  • Maqsood

    true.. propakistani has this youtube phobia and are pro censorship in some ways. All those who dont like youtube can create their own video sharing website or not access youtube, you dont need to block youtube for it…. and why cant tv channels post on youtube? why the negative tone?

    • Salman Abbas

      ditto. you would expect better from a tech blog :/

  • MMMTheHacker

    hahahhaa So what about the videos that you are embedding in your posts???
    As far as Media is concerned they are all hypocrites.So,nothing new is this post.Most of the channels have programs which show videos posted on their websites (embedded from youtube) like geo dost.Media is absolutely MUNAFIQ!
    And where the hell is Aamir liaquat Bangali.
    Must be in a cocktail party….Yo Yo Yo

  • MMMTheHacker

    One thing I forgot.The videos on Hamariweb are updated everyday.

  • Azi

    hahaha youtube ban in Pakistan but Mavish in UK so she could take this snap short :)

  • Anti-Zionist

    youtube pe bohat sari anti zionist videos be hain, agar google ka owner zionist lobby ka agent hota toh us ne anti zionist videos kiyon nai del ke youtube se, can anybody explain this to me?

  • Awaz Badmash

    Well people dont have anything left to do or dont have anything good to write so they think well why not write something about this ban. The mullahs will love it, the liberals will hate it. Atleast some comments would be generated.

    Some informative post would be highly appreciated. :)

  • Salman Abbas

    Mehwish anti ajkal internet ko koi censor nahi kar sakta ye PTA ka failure nai hai.

  • pta

    Mehwish Khan, Aamir Atta, KayCee, M Mathar, Khizra Zaheer all are the names of a Single person “Aamir Atta”…
    He uses these names to Publish different types of posts….

    I am observing him since a long time
    for copied content he use other names and for some types of posts he use his real name…
    isn’t it Mr. Aamir….?
    TV Channels Business and ProPakistani’s Business

    Amir Atta… why you don’t leave this tube ?
    day after day you are highlighting this tube, just for your business, you all are same.
    You had done this same thing when pakistan bans dirtybook… now you joined this dirtybook and getting heavy web traffic from dirty book…

    you are making these stories by following the “search insights” and “search trends” just to make money….
    isn’t it… ?

  • Sumair

    when Facebook was banned in 2010, this stupid Geo News was the first channel that gave breaking news that FB is accessible via Opera Mobile browser and VPN softwares and PTA should ban it too……aur isi channel k shor machane ki waja se PTA also banned VPN softwares and Opera Mobile…..remember?? I literally wanted to punch their faces k akhir masla kia hai?? Now seems like ProPakistani is doing the same thing?? Making stories like “PTA failed to ban YouTube completely”, “YouTube still accessible” bla bla!! Yar chor do in ki jaan…..jis ne YouTube nai dekhna wo is ban par khush hai, aur jis ne dekhna hai wo VPN ki madad se dekh raha hai……so let us do it!! I think that’s our right!!!


    AKIR yah konsay ghaleeez log hain k JIN k maa baap KO YA ENKO KHUD gaali di jayee tou yah os admi say baat nhai kartay or intehai bura mnatay hain laykin JEWS ki en service ko ban kartay hovay enko bohat takleef hoti hay jinho nay en kay Prophet (p.b.u.h) ko abuse keya… YAAD rahay k emaan ka takaza hay k “Prophet (p.b.u.h) say muhabat her cheez say barh kar rakhi gyee hay muslim k liay yani MAA BAAP, B.V, BACHAY YAHA TAK K KHUD SAY B ZYADA”

    MAYRE TARAF SAY LAANAT EN SUB USERS PAY or en Sub channels walo pay jo YouTube ki service use kar rahay hain

    • Sumair

      stop using internet first!! Its also controlled by Jews!! :D

  • Monster

    poll foryoutube…U don’t need youtube?
    YES or NO
    plus it for YES or click down arrow for NO

  • TruthTeller

    It is very common. It is happening when sites start restricting visitors according to IP location.


  • Saqib Sarwar

    Miss Mehwish , First think and than publish any article All channels have their links and offices in dubai and other countries and are connected through VPN so your comment “how these channels are accessing Youtube website…” is surprising us. And in your kind knowledge that youtube was blocked by tw1 and some other backbone providers not filtered /blocked by individuals ISP’s. Saqib Sarwar

  • hamzarabbani

    My question! How did you get pics from youtube? your reader sent you ok then how did he access?

  • amir

    If you use proxy then site will open .. simple

  • zia

    why dont tv channels use other video uploading sites? this will make more damage to youtube

  • Adil

    The author also seems to be using youtube so please stop pointing fingers. Govt can not control everyone the youtube ban in itself is stupid. People who want can still access youtube and those who dont want to watch did not watch when it when it was working openly.
    By blocking what did they do? It is still up there so what? Our Govt is BS

  • treacherous media

  • ye sub paisay ka khail ha