TV Channels Are Uploading Videos On YouTube Despite Country Wide Ban

Lo and behold, Pakistani TV Channels, usually considered the ethical champions, have become so desperate for their businesses that they are violating YouTube ban, imposed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, by uploading video content on YouTube.

Almost all TV channels (except a few) are regularly updating their YouTube channels with videos of their latest TV shows. It is unclear so far that how these channels are accessing Youtube website despite severe ban in the country imposed by the regulator.

This also translates into a situation where PTA has failed to completely block the access of YouTube in Pakistan.

In a related news, we are receiving reports that Pakistani internet service providers have re-configured the YouTube filter and are allowing secure protocol for accessing the website. This re-configuration is being done to allow other-than-YouTube Google services to run smoothly.

Check below screens, shared by a ProPakistani reader, showing updated Videos on YouTube.


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