Google Analytics, Maps, Drive and Other Services Still Impacted by YouTube Ban

As we reported earlier, YouTube ban has impacted various other Google Services in Pakistan, resulting into slow load times or no-connectivity of Google products in the country.

Google services that are severely impacted on various ISPs in Pakistan include:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Drive
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Docs
  • Google Image Search
  • Blogger
  • Google Plus
  • Play Store on Android Devices
  • Google Apps (Gmail, Sync, Maps, or any other app from Google) on Android Devices

As we had explained earlier, this sluggishness in Google products, or inaccessibility in some cases, is due to cross-site object rendering which is now blocked due to YouTube ban. Such cross website objects include account information services, javascripts, style templates and other similar things that Google tends to store at a centralized location to enhance speeds and user experience.

It is still unclear that what procedures or filtering techniques were adopted by ISPs to block YouTube, but seemingly Internet Service Providers are yet to resolve the issue and various Google Services are still not fully accessible in the country.

How to Resolve This:

Experts suggest that ISPs should allow file specific filtering to avoid non-YouTube inaccessibility of Google services. ISPs should allow at least JavaScript files hosted on YouTube while keeping the URL blocked.

Since it is not clear that how long this YouTube ban will last, users showed concerns for inaccessibility of Google Service on which they rely heavily.

Google Analytics Reporting Incorrect (and Reduced) Data:

One of the services that is inaccessible, and has worried many webmasters, is Google Analytics. As you may know that Google Analtyics uses a java script code that helps the analytics software to show website traffic analytics to website admins.

However, during this ban the Google analytics file is not loading on various ISPs (due to the reasons mentioned above) for which Google Analytics eventually ends up not counting the visitors and resulting into lower reporting.

Websites, with major Pakistani traffic, are showing lower traffic stats, I have confirmed with multiple webmasters. It is advised to used any alternate Analytics system during this service disruption.

It merits mentioning here that Google DFP and Adsense are working fine till now.

Checklist for Webmasters in Pakistan

Experts have suggested to remove Google Analytics, Google Plus, Google Maps and other Google Services from websites, since the slow load time and inaccessibility of Google files may cause other complications.

Webmasters are advised to remove Google Services one by one to see if the website completes loading in usual time or not. If not then check for service which is causing loading delays.

Google Traffic from Pakistan After YouTube Ban:

Here is how Google reports about its traffic coming from Pakistan:


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  • M.Aswad Mehtab

    well if they are doing something atleast they should do it right… they blocked all google services which are causing a pain in the back..

    • Shahid Saleem

      They could do it like Iran: block gmail and also block is unencrypted and can be sniffed by Iran’s security agencies and is allowed.

      The gmail ban went into effect yesterday.

      • M.Aswad Mehtab

        ok we are not at that stage yet :P .. iran is implementing their own web network … and decided to cut off from the rest of the world … we can not do that ..

    • Ali

      Ya wo loog hain jo 1 lakh per month laytian hain or jb kasi koe kaam a jae to wo un sa hota nai hain..

  • zain

    well simple suggestion to resolve this is to use or

    • Shahid Saleem

      A simple *useless* suggestion, you mean. Searching on Google is okay. Other services are affected.

      • M.Aswad Mehtab

        image search on google is also not working well ..

    • Ali

      Yar bahi… agr bing or yahoo atna acha hott to hum kab ka shift ho gae thotay waha per.. or Jo log in aplication ko use kartian hain (business) wo kya karian

  • ascetic

    so what agar block hain tau, yaar Allah ka shukar hai jo hamare hukmarano ne +ive qadam liya hai. services blok hone se mar nahin jay ga koi. chahe gmail ho ya google search yeh services google ki hain aur google ne video block kerne se inkaar kia hai.

    • M.Aswad Mehtab

      iss sy koi mary na mary ..Awam k izhar e ishaq sy zarroor mare hai log …

    • Salman Abbas

      internet par noobish lafengebazy ke alawa bhi bohat kia jata hai jahil insaan

      • ascetic

        aalim ji . pata nahin tha naan

  • Ali

    I think Internet marketing walo k yaha sa shif ho jana

  • Muzamal

    Its Just Beginning

  • Jamshaid

    WTH really! My G Nexus not syncing at all. Any ideas when these services will be restored?

  • Maisam Merhant

    Google Play Store working perfectly on PTCL Broadband with dns

    • fido

      no it isnt

      • Maisam Merhant

        Sorry, but mine is working perfectly.

        • Shahid Saleem

          I use Google’s DNS server + another one, and I cannot get to Play.

    • Alone ©™

      NOt Work in My Site :(

  • The core teams of isps hav simply blocked youtube from all its routes and there were not any techs involved

  • The core teams of isps hav simply blocked youtube from all its routes and there were not any techs involved

  • also having issue with and

  • Alone ©™ Down On my Side :(

  • Sumair

    Google Drive is my top priority after Google Play and Google Maps!! Btw Google Latitude is not working!!

  • Salman Abbas

    LOL enjoy it barbarians

  • Can any one tell me where these statistics can be accessed ?

  • Kashif M

    I am also having trouble accessing Google Adsense with Worldcall Braodband as my ISP. Fortunately using a proxy software somewhat takes care of this problem.

  • napster

    i daily use google docs but know is making problem plz any one have a solution
    i am doing data entry and thats needs google docs

  • napster

    webstroe is also making problem

  • napster

    guys yeh kis net provider ka dns hai

  • Shariq

    i am facing issues in short url and google docs :( working on Digital media campaign and now thinking to change the links ……..

  • AQ

    youtube is working with “https”… and if youtube is working then i suppose other google service must also work with it.

    • Alone ©™

      Bahii Ab work Nahii arr Rah aYe be :(

  • dilll1990

    i dont know about details but i tried using proxies and i am unable to open google plus. even USA based proxies. what do you say about this?

  • akram

    opendns or google publish dns solve part of the problem

  • akram


    google publicdns

    • Kashif

      opendns is also not doing any good (at least for PTCL DSL users).

    • Alone ©™

      Not Work In My Side Dear

  • Kaleem

    Yaar yeh to bohat problem hai, computer per to chalo hal nikal hi aya hai, magar android aps ke liye kya kia jaye? kiyoun ke google maps, gmail, latitude, etc kisi bhi tareeke se open hi nahi ho rahe. han main ne ufone ka net use kiya tha, us per theikh kaam ker rahe thy, mgr har wqt gps aur sim se net use kerne main bohat battery istamaal hoti hai.

    koi to samjhao in logon ko ke kuch to theikh kaam ker liya karein.