Ufone Offers Endless Mobile Internet During Nights for Rs. 30 per Month

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

endless internetUfone has announced this new bundle for Mobile Internet, called Endless Internet, to enable its users to get internet connectivity from 2 AM to 9 AM at Rs. 30 per month or Rs. 1 per day, including all taxes.

Beating all current market rates, Ufone’s this move will bring those with lowest consumptions to get acquainted with mobile internet. Particularly those with night jobs, travellers, journalists and late sleepers can get connected with cyberspace without worrying about their mobile credits.

With introduction of this “Endless Internet Bundle”, experts are seeing mobile internet become more affordable than ever before. They believe that this trend will bring more mobile users under the net of internet-connected ecosystem because affordability makes a luxury to soon become a necessity.

Bundle Details:

  • Name: Endless Internet Monthly Bucket
  • Volume Allowed: Truly Unlimited
  • Charges: Rs. 30/- per month – Inclusive of Tax
  • Validity: 02:00 AM to 09:00 AM
  • To Subscribe: SMS ‘Sub’ to 7813

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  • I am waiting for all the “offended” people to say this package should be banned, it is ruining our youths etc etc.

    Some “offended” people just want to live in the stone ages. Why don’t they throw away their phones internet tv and let the rest of us leave normal lives?

        • just consider this someone from your family uses these night packages and of course for what purpose? relationships and GOD knows what other stuff, we can’t police even our family members now due to this pathetic good for nothing mobile devices. Then you will realize what is meant by banning them and it does not merely represent modern age as it is affecting our cultural norms and those nations who loose their cultural values are destined to be doomed. whatever i know you will not understand i pray that you do and come to realize the wrong doings of these packages and please start thinking of others too, instead of making your home good start thinking how to make this nation better than other.

          • Again the stupid family argument. Who bought kids their phones?? Who bought them the SIMs???

            I think this problem IS IMPOSSIBLE in my family. I don’t know about yours. I don’t know whose family you are thinking of.

            Do you put a camera and record them whenever they leave the house? After all, you talk about policing your family members.

            And I am 99% sure when you mean family members, you mean FEMALE members.

            Do you think people do not discuss relationships or other things when there are NO night packages? Night packages DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE DO THINGS. They will do what they want to do no matter.

    • Oh really? If this were the case, why are there no late night hourly packages in the developed countries such as the US and whole of Europe? It is for a PURPOSE, and a good one. Their parliament and authorities rejected these packages many years ago. Seems like YOU are the one living in stone age boyo! Grow up and be reasonable in what you say and thing.

      • Google for “o2 night owl” for an example of one package. Or “at&t night minutes”. Or “vodafone australia all-time”

        Should I do more googling for you, or do you feel shamed yet? What are you going to say now? That US and Ireland and Australia are not developed countries? They are not night HOURLY packages, but they give you free or cheaper minutes for 11pm to 7am or something like that. So effectively the same idea.

        Man it is amazing how people will tell stupid things in these comments just to prove some stupid point. Why don’t you do some research before posting?

  • hahaha again a good move by ufone …. night talk packages kahtam howe tou inhun ne internet packages nikal deye abh sab skype aur whatsapp use kareen ge.,.,.
    Ya beera gark kar ke he choreen ge.,., agar lag gaye ha pabandi tou laggi rehne dou new tactics dikha dou youth ko ..

        • wake up man. we need our youth to work for the prosperity of Pakistan. they talk at nyt and sleep in the class. this youth is going to handle pakistan in future , do u really think they will work better for the nation ?

            • so u want to say that parents should guard their kids the whole night? what if the kids pretend to sleep? what if the parents of the kids are working class , they work all day long so better take rest at nyt? while u r urging them to police their kids.

              • Use a little imagination. I don’t know, maybe your parents didn’t give you the attention you needed? I really do not understand why you are bringing up these lame points. You are either going to be a terrible parent, or I don’t know what.

  • This is very good offer for those who communicate internationally , specially in Europe and America , You can connect it with your laptop and use it to communicate and work online. its great step

  • LOLzzzz
    you guys are stupid just Subscribe to this Package First , i have Sub to this package 4 days before and since then i get 1kbps speed which will only give you headiC nothing else, secondly downloading is also not allowed … :@
    Only Subscribe to this package if u want to Lose ur 30rs !!! Because dont expect more than 3kbps speed at maX

  • Me ne ye pkg ghalti se lagaya he lekin ye kam nahi kerta jab chek kerta hon 1024mbs remains
    Download shuru ki to dosri bucket ka data use hogia ye wahin ka wahin raha.

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  • hi friendzz i am Natasha Islaam Bozai frm Jamsabaad koi mujhe UFone k Pakges batayega only msg my contact 03342034173

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