Mobilink has Over 9,000 Cell Sites in Pakistan

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Mobilink_logoMobilink continues to expand its voice and data network across the country by rapidly establishing new cell-sites to reach out to numerous under-served regions across Pakistan, said a statement issued yesterday.

Mobilink’s investment in network expansion is a continuous endeavour, with 2012 alone having seen over 8% growth in cell sites, with the organization’s cellular network now spread over 9,000 sites, the statement said.

The cell sites have primarily been set up for improving voice and data capacity and catering to the growing communication needs.

Ramy Reyad Kamel, Chief Technical Officer Mobilink highlighted

“This expansion activity is in line with the commitment made by Mr Rashid Khan, our President & CEO at the beginning of 2012 to provide the best cellular experience to our customers.

Over the course of the year, we have optimized our infrastructure investment thus enhancing the coverage and capacity of Mobilink’s network across Pakistan.We are committed to consistently enriching our network with newer technologies and services, while continuing to expand our network outreach across Pakistan.”

In a meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan last month, VimpleCom’s management has pledged an investment of USD 1 billion into Mobilink’s network reach and technology. The investment will further strengthen Mobilink’s unparalleled growth over the last few years, with the operator continuing to build on its vision to reshape lives through connectivity.

Mobilink’s Technical and Regional teams are consistently working towards expanding connectivity through state-of-the-art technology and cellular services to the remotest regions across the country.

  • Mobilink installed 3 towers in our district panjgur way back in 2008, but they aren’t functional as yet. I have mailed them to bring this issue in their consideration but no effect. Is their anyway to bring it in their consideration????

    • Ajmal Abbasi

      Mobilink is just “May Be Link” so keep your fingers crossed :)

  • munaeem

    Their signal is poor in areas like North Karachi – Anda Morr. Signal drops during power outages.

  • buzurg network :P

  • James

    whats the use on increasing sites when they have pathetic GPRS connectivity

  • mudassar

    third class coverage.. no network stability.

  • Saeed

    As per my experience with Mobilink – i think they have very strong
    network in over all pakistan. I think Mobilink is the only operator that
    has huge Postpaid customers.

  • Sunan Sahir

    I guess Mobilink forgot the days when SIM was @ cost of Rs: 10,000 & Call Charges are out of mind; so they earned alot much from the one’s they invested in Pakistan.
    After NOC from State Bank Telecom Sector can bring as much as money out of Pakistan, no check balance over their balance Sheet.
    Getting 5-7% over service charges against unknown service; charging 5-7% over balance share even after we got low low balance after Govt & Service Charges- In case, wrong balance sharing and wants the balance back .. but cellular companies say sorry for any compensation or retrieve of balance,this is how Customer treat with Treat Blade :P
    Now call to Helpline feels is Hell Line – nearly 2.50Rs/ Call, Getting much as they can out of this country to bring down economy on death bed.
    ha ha ha..
    Reshaping Lives :D Nice Moto :P

  • israr ahmed

    As per my experience with Mobilink – i think they have very strong
    network in over all pakistan. I think Mobilink is the only operator that
    has huge Postpaid customers.