PTCL is Forcefully Upgrading 2MB DSL to 4MB, to Charge Extra From Next Month

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

PTCL-logoPTCL has done this again, after a long time, but that’s something PTCL has practiced before.

PTCL is going to forcefully upgrade your 2MB DSL broadband to 4MB – without your consent – to offer you free upgrade for one month and will charge you regular tariff for 4MB package from January 31st, 2013.

PTCL website says that all 2Mbps customers are being upgraded to 4Mbps and they will be charged 2Mbps equivalent Tariff (Rs.1,549 / month) till January 31st, 2013 – after which regular tariff of Rs. Rs.2,100 / month will apply for your 4 Mbps packages.

Yes, you can opt-out of this promotion, but why so? Why PTCL is forcefully upgrading packages in the first place? This is something that PTA might want to ask PTCL.

PTCL should have kept this promotion opt-in, through which customers could be allowed to upgrade for free – while others could remain on their current packages who don’t want to pay extra for their DSL lines.

Here are Terms outlined by PTCL for the promotion:

  • 4Mbps Broadband promo charges: Rs. 1,549 per month
  • Unlimited download
  • All 2Mbps customers are being upgraded to 4Mbps
  • No extra charges will be charged to customer before 31st Jan 2013
  • Offers starts during December 2012
  • Valid Up to 31st January 2013
  • 2Mbps Student are not included in the offer
  • All customer who do not wish to continue with 4Mbps will have to Opt out by calling 1236 and reverting back to 2Mbps
  • This promotional package will expire on 31st Jan-2013 and standard 4Mbps Tariff (Rs.2,100 / month) will apply after that
  • All customer who do not wish to continue with 4Mbps will have to Opt out by calling 1236 and reverting back to 2Mbps

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  • Our whole town is frustrated with the phone line problems of PTCL. After complaints they ask customers to upgrade to Fiber line, same problem exists even with fiber line while customers purchase new phone number for fiber facilities.

    PTCL blames other companies for problems such as comsats DSL, Linkdotnet DSL etc while for own DSL service problems they blame each other, such as line man, and line man will blame DSL team and PTCL DSL team will blame PTCL infrastructure.

    Last day we returned 2 PTCL connection modems and switched to witribe, linkdotnet. Also suggested other 3 friends to get linkdotnet or wateen, witribe.

    I never tried Qubee but witribe is slow in Faisalabad. Though I like witribe offers which are given every month such as, free speed upgrade, free extra volume gift etc but skype call and video streaming is impossible here with witribe 1MB connection with 4 signal bars.

    Wateen is having low coverage in Faisalabad, with no more offering new connection sales.

    I hope in 2013 we get in our city with some other new companies and Qubee in our city Faisalabad. Then bye forever to PTCL.

  • Opt-out or auto-renew is not allowed for any service as per PTA. No service provider can launch any service with these dynamics, unless the customer selects for this option explicitly. PTCL has already breached these terms earlier and now again they are planning to do it.

    • 1MB main bohat istemal wala user aik din main takriban 1GB asani say lay jata hay. 2MB main zayada ho ge. 30GB kay baad package fee kay ilawa charging shuru ho jati hay jis kay baad ap kay daddy g bill dekh ker apka internet aur computer utha ker bahir phenk dain gay, ihtejaj kea to apko bhi phenk dain gay :P (mazak)

  • PTCL first killed its all competitors with dirty games & backdoor support from govt officials & now PTCL is free to do anything with the customers.

  • This is illegal act from PTCL to upgrade one’s connection without their permission. This is a cheap way to earn some extra money without notifying your customer. This act should be challenged in Court by Pakistani People.

  • When Ptcl says “unlimited download” it means that “300GB Download” & if u cross this limit you are fined RS. 5000. I
    got this terrible news from Ptcl when i contacted them for up-gradation
    from 2mb to 4mb You guys might have already known that but it was quite
    a shock to me bcoz I wasn’t notified by any means and b4 contacting them i searched for their packages on their website
    & it wasnt mentioned even there anywhere (atleast i couldn’t find it
    though i tried my best to keep an eye on any Fair usage policy term
    & condition). Ptcl representative also didn’t talked about this (either intentionally or unintentionally)
    until i asked her and got this horrible news. Ok i agree that its more
    than enough for most of the customers nobody is going to download 10GB
    per day but there is a significant minority which is a crazy downloader
    (one them being myself) or there are people who use 1 connection for
    more than one PC they can definitely get hurt from this limitation &
    its a shame that Ptcl didn’t make sure that each n every of his
    customers is aware of this limitation.

        • the 300gb limit was removed sometime back if I’m correct.
          Waisay no one can possibly cross 300gb on a 1 or 2mb connection anyways.

          • You are horrible at maths. 1mb is like 100kb/sec (after dsl overhead). If you download 24×7 for a month you will get almost 260gb. So obviously 2mb can cross.

            • you are too over smart to understand my point aren’t you ? If someone really wanted to download so much stuff 24/7 for a whole month then he would have at least gotten a 4mb connection.
              No one really downloads as much as to cross the 300gb limit on a 1mb or 2mb connection.Next time do some practical calculations instead of theoretical.

              • Can people cross the limit with a 2 mb connection in a month? YES.

                Will they? NO.

                But you said they cannot possibly cross.

                Blaming my calcuations for being impractical when your comment was FACTUALLY INCORRECT. Is it so hard for you to say “I’m wrong”? YES.

                • Sorry, I was wrong for not clearly posting what I meant, for not doing Mathematical calculations to back my point but instead speaking behalf of my own experience on a 2mb PTCL connection and for stimulating your lizard brain to prove me wrong.
                  Moving on.

                    • Well I assumed it was “Lizard_brain” as described on wikipedia, because that describes the only way I’ve read that term in literature over the past decade or two.

                      But if it isn’t, wow, you fail at English terms, too. Any other failures to report?

              • I downloaded more than 5gb a day on 2mbps. I can download 12gb per day on my normal usage. But i dont becoz of low disk space. Otherwise 300 gb can be crossed in almost 22days easily. And 2 mbps is like 290+kbps download rate.

    • I feel 10 Gb is good amount and even if someone crossing the limit then they should be charged per how much more data they downloaded instead of direct 5000 500 for 1 gb and so on.

  • New year ki khushi mb ptcl 4mb ka rate 1500 kr dia hai life time fair usage 600 gb . Aisi news sunay ko dil kr raha hai ptcl walo ki taraf se

  • I’m sick of PTCL seriously…When do we get rid of this Govt dep..
    4MB doesn’t work on our line we’ve already tried that, they say you should be under 100km area of PTCL office.
    Come on competitors

  • I have been getting 4Mb speeds since two days. I was going bonkers with happiness that i was getting 4Mb speeds at the cost of 2Mb, UNTIL i read this post.

    I was hoping something would emerge like this, as once had in past.

    I am seriously annoyed by this and would REALLY want to file a law suit against PTCL, if its even remotely possible (well, if it takes less effort on my part :P).

  • After all PTCL is owned by Etisalat who heavily grafted top notch in the last government and to the present pay heavily they need recovery after all Dubai wells are all dried up and is virtually a Ghost City.

  • PTCL are the monopolist company in Pakistan and after privatization like KESC they don’t concern about people all they concern about their business. If you ask PTA to take action than I guess you don’t know that PTA has a great stake in PTCL itself as Etisalat has stake in PTA :) so guys its like father to son.
    Few years back PTCL was great DSL provider but when they start in investing in publicity they forget to invest in their infrastructure so from that point its down fall begins.

  • ye companies bhi dekhte hain k Government apni corruption main phansi hwe hai to woh kiu na karen corruption – jahan Govt itne kar rhe to phir companies peeche Q rahen?? services charges illegaly implement on Cellular Customer – can’t complaint cuz company reserves the right to change any price,tag,promotion whenever they want- seems to be no customer protection law.
    PTA is just a toy tool in hands of MOI, n Govt. to just stamp over the Presidency & PM’s orders .
    Who cares for customer – We are at the lowest stage of Faith & that is feels bad from heart – not even say from tongue face to face .. & about using hand.. is out of question now.. everyone saves for themselves, we are not nation anymore .. we are just sheeps to say bayyy bayyy…. & we get slaughtered :D
    This is our fate, which individually we write for ourselves.

  • PTCL does have it’s problems. However they are still the fastest ISP in Pakistan. They have always been very slack with customer service, but as a long time PTCL-BB user myself, I can testify to the fact that the situation is improving as Etisalat gets more involved.

  • Are PTCL bundling line upgrades with this offer that can enable your phone line to support more than 2mb? I would love 4mb but PTCL’s copper infrastructure in my neighbourhood is terrible, it barely supports my 2mb. Looks like I’ll have to say goodbye to disconnection free internet.

  • first of all Exchange department did not change the speed and speed remains the same.
    secondly they said that they cant do any thing about this and i have to pay 2100 rs of DSL charges.
    and i said this is Bull shit and i am going to write an email to chief Executive of PTCL.
    Etisalat is not even a parent company of GOVT, it is an assosiate of GOVT and obviously Board of Directors are from Govt.
    i think this is fraud according to law.
    what do u think?

  • This is like I went to a restaurant and order a 1/4 piece of Chicken but he brought me 1/2 saying that this “this is our promotional package”. I would for sure assume it to be of a cost as that of 1/4 chick-piece but in the end I would pay for 1/2 :) . Hell with you PTCL. I guess some Kike Zionist is sitting at helm of affairs in PTCL for which we are all being sucked up.

  • in US connection are unlimited even at the price of 20 , 25 Dollar, and speed is doubt 4 to 8 Mb, please go upward rather then downward. We know PTCL broadband have lots of customer but at least be humble to inform us by email or call or sms that you are about to cross limited download limit otherwise just for having 100 mb more we ll have to pay 5000 RS which is not justifiable. Thanks.

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