The Rise of Android [Infographic]

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

Android platform, a smartphone operating system, that started late to kick-in is now surpassing every other mobile operating platform, most notably the iOS. There are now more Android Devices on this planet than the iOS phones or any other mobile OS, while the gap is going to grow only because growth rate of Android Smartphones is comfortably more than double of iOS phones. There is lot more about Android, with interesting facts to support the argument, in below Infographic. Have a look below: Android vs iOSVia

  • Looks like the poster has copy pasted it from some website doing US comparison, because the global difference between android and IOS is just too much. Android now has 72% market share globally, whereas that of IOS is only 13.4% and rim only 11%. Samsung is now the best selling phone brand in the world.

  • In US Apple is leading and has 53.5% share in smartphone sales, while Android is leader in European market.

  • I have provided more details about the comparison of Android and iOS smartphones in different countries on my website. To see these details, please visit “News” Section of my website MobileFun dot PK

  • tum kitne ANDROID maroge har GHAR se ANDROID nikleyga
    GA GA GA ANDROID — Zinda hai ANDROID Zinda hai

  • NIce Post.
    I am also thinking to break my 9 years relation with Nokia and switch to android only due to Play store…..Otherwise I am satisfied with Belle.

  • Nokia is the best. Lets not forget the king 3310 . Mobile is used for calls and sms . Even after years Nokia still thinks and act like a king. Still mobiles like 1200/1208/100 rules in Pakistan. Like this statement (Im proud Nokia owner)
    Andriod wont stay for long. Lets see whose the next black horse.. (dark horse :P)

  • @Mehwish Khan: Do you think this is a comparison of Orange to Orange? Dear, iOS devices consists of only 1 iPhone/iPad a year…on other hand Android consists of multi companies devices with multi versions per year. Do you think that it is a right way to compare one phone (iPhone) with all Android phones (from lower end to high end) is right way to do comparison.

    A common man might get convince but a person who knows Critical Reasoning kind of ananlysis…he will simply reject such comparisons. If you are serious then compare one device with one device and see the difference. Secondly, iOS is iOS, not fragmented, clutter, difficult, unpolished UI etc. Try to use it and then come up with comparison. Majority comments or writes even without once using the device. Once try it and then feel the difference. Shouldn’t be like if someone finds difficult to buy Apple devices and in the end says ‘Angoor Khattay Hain’.

    • I have used nokia and iphone and now i use android and i really don’t think k ios is even nearly as great as android, it’s not like u own the apple co. or i own google but to be true Android is the best…

      • i own android myself but i found google maps app on iphone far better than android , that was unexpected , plus Saleem does hv a point , Iphones fall under high end devices while android has all kinds of phones , cheap and fancy , plus iphone 4s DO NOT lag , unlike samsung s3, theres a tad difference among two , Ios being in the lead in my opinion

        • @Shameel Faraz: Thanks for endorsing my point. I am using iPhone 5 and it is considered as Smart Phone’s King. You can feel the quality and speed together. Camera quality is unmachable with crappy and fragmented Android family camera. iOS itself is very stable and easy to use OS. Plus, iOS updates in seconds after rolling out from Apple, whereas Android phone users are dying to get update for their phones but Hadrware hardly supports new Andoroid versions. How many of Android users are using updated version of Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)? I know your answer is ZERO, except Google Nexus and Google Nexus 7 and 10 inch tablets. Lol.

          • okay first using words like crap and all makes you sound like an ios fan boy.
            Be logical both the s3 and iphone 5 and even the sony arc (2011) have the same camera made by sony. Its more to do with software optimizations. Apple does claim to be the best and most polished why do you think the press went all out after siri and maps? Cause apple failed to live its claim.
            Google on the other hand makes products in beta and upgrades them gradually over time adding features according to users requests. how long was Gmail in beta? :P and you can clearly see that android 1.0 or even 2.3 and 4.2 mein kitna difference hai how it has improved! compare that with ios? over 200 hundred features (do not disturb!!! its so big it is a feature to be highlighted in a press conference as the top 10 of the 200 I wonder baki k kia houn ge )

            As far as updates is concerned that is not googles fault or androids fault lol thats the phone manufacturers fault who makes phone it is their job to provide you updates. If you want to talk about fragmentation tell me do all iphones support siri? do all iphones ipads support all the features of the new maps? NO!(Yeh bhi fragmentation hi hoti hai)
            Again sir its about talking sense and not being a fan boy
            You have an iphone Ipad imac etc good for you but don’t go oh angoor khatay hain you can’t afford an apple device that is why you are against apple!
            Its about choice! I had a choice I chose not to go with apple and I’m happy with it.
            People who did woh unki choice hai unko pasand hai.
            Stop it with the platform wars!

            beside even you can’t deny that android is leading the smartphone revolution! cheap smartphones android provides. So android and Ios are targeting different markets. In the end we all know it will end up like windows and mac. Apple will have a share about 20% in the market with android having a major share in the market cause more people can buy it and it will bring an end to feature phones. windows phone and rim will be players too and I haven’t seen the tizen and jola os and mozila os in detail to come to a conclusion about them but probably 5% combined share of those three.

            P.s no s3 lags what are you talking about abh toh jelly bean bhi hai us peh lol

            P.s its a comparison between platforms when you compare macs and pc (You include all the macs and all the pcs)

            (I own an iphone 4s ,ipad(2nd gen) and Xperia S and galaxy note 10.1 before you come and say apke paas hai naen kia batao ge)

            Oh my xperia s is running 4.1.2 custom roms ftw :)
            and note 10.1 is running official 4.1.2 :)

            • i cud go and continue this decent-turned-“crap” conversation

              but Zohaib Rizwani said it right

              android and Ios are targeting different markets
              end of story

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