A Pakistani Professional to Work With the Internet Society

isocMr. Naveed Ul Haq, an ICT professional from Pakistan, was recently appointed as  Chapter Development Manager, Asia-Pacific by the Internet Society (ISOC). He would be working to strengthen and enhance the impact of ISOC and in particular, ISOC chapters, in Asia-Pacific region.

Internet Society (ISOC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, capacity building, and policy. It is an organization of global influence and action with a work focus around its key objectives and impacts to make a substantial difference globally. More details about ISOC can be found at: www.isoc.org

Prior to joining ISOC, Naveed was working with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Government of Pakistan since 2002, most recently as Assistant Director, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

He is an ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) professional, researcher and technology activist with major area of work surrounded around telecommunication networks and the Internet. Internet had been a central part of his professional career ranging from administration of Internet Infrastructure to working with Industry stakeholders on regulatory and policy measures of Telecom and Internet development in Pakistan.

Projects that goes to his credit include: Establishment of Internet peering point, formulation of IPv6 monitory group, preparing ICT security guidelines, formulation of Broadband stakeholders group, organizing industry awards for innovative mobile applications and preparing Industry guidelines on telecommunications for disabled and child online protection.

With his deep interest towards community activities for enhancing awareness and participation from individuals towards local and global Internet subjects, he delivered a number of talks to community members and also wrote a number of articles for International blogs and magazines.

He is also an alumni member of ICANN’s fellowship, ISOC’s Next Generation Leadership and Diplo Foundation’s Internet Governance Capacity Building program. He is a known professional at global Internet forums. Naveed was also recently leading ISOC chapter formation process in Islamabad.

Engagement of a Pakistani professional at International Internet organizations will help local community in promoting an open development, evolution and deliberations surrounding Internet and its issues.

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    Proud on you.

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    The Best Choice … Naveed ul Haq wishing you the best

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    Hard work and dedication always pays off… Naveed is a true of this… Keep up.. Pakistan is proud of you.. :)

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    Thumbs up for Naveed ! .. All the very best to him

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    What can we bring to the table – how to be the best country at turning off it’s networks

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    Right person for the right job. Best of luck.