PTI Launches Dedicated Internet TV Channel: Insaf TV

Insaf TVPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has announced the formal launch of its Internet TV channel called Insaf TV. PTI says that the move is aimed at bringing more audience at a time when party is facing issues in gaining media’s attention during their prime time shows.

Internet TV channels are quite rare in Pakistan but there are few examples — such as Saach TV — that clearly show the potential in the segment for both the publishers and viewers.

To capitalize the growing Internet population of Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaaf aims to bring cost-effective and timely broadcast of party announcements, events, updates and more to the party workers.

Currently the content on the channel focuses on video messages of PTI’s second tier leadership, also recordings of the party’s public meetings, rallies and documentaries created as a part of their election campaign.

Insaf TV will also enable those less-known PTI workers to get featured on screens, which was otherwise not possible. Moreover, those Pakistanis living abroad can also remain posted with PTI updated and activities.

Former television personality Misbah Khalid has been brought in as part of the editorial board and will be responsible for content creation on Insaf TV.

Currently Insaf TV is hosting videos on its own servers, which we anticipate to get shifted to more powerful third party resources with time. Other than YouTube (a service that is blocked in Pakistan) Vimeo and Ustream offer dedicated channels for such purposes that can manage hundred of thousands of concurrent viewers.

Go and Check Insaaf TV here:

Via Express Tribune

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  • PTI intoduced first time in the history of politics in pakistan:

    Political Webinars

    SMS based Campaigns.

    SMS Based Interaction with Political Workers and Public (Party Polls)

    SMS Based Voter Registration

    Insaf Radio

    Insaf Web-TV

    Automatic Phone-Call Invitations

    Political Hangouts in Google+

    Political Android Game (Angry Imran Khan)

    And Now Political Android Portal

    …….and wait for some more to come……

    PTI Great Going…..

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