Vacancy Announced for Member Technical and Finance at PTA

Government of Pakistan has published advertisements in various newspapers inviting the applications for filling the positions of Member Technical and Member Finance at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

It is likely that upcoming Member Technical will become the Chairman of Authority.

Advertisements said that applicants should be professional telecommunication engineer and will be responsible for assuming a leadership role relating to regulating the telecommunication systems and provision of telecommunication services in Pakistan.

Advertisement said that selected candidate will be appointed for an initial term of four years and shall be eligible for reappointment after evaluation.

Last date for applying for the job is till February 13th, 2013.

It maybe recalled that current member technical Dr. Khawar Siddique Khokhar is completing his service term next month. He was possible candidate for the chairmanship of the regulatory body (and an extension to his service term), however, his grown up differences with government has lead the authorities to publish this job vacancy advertisement.

Dr. Kokhar was appointed as Member Technical of PTA in February 2009.

On a similar note, Member Finance, Mr. Nasrul Karim Ghaznavi is also completing his service term next month, who is again likely to be replaced by a new member finance.

It merits mentioning here this advertisement for a vacant job has been published at a time when Election Commission of Pakistan has placed a complete ban on direct recruitment. The ban is applicable on direct recruitment in federal ministries, divisions and institutions, provincial departments and local bodies of the provinces.

Here is one of the said advertisements, that were published in various newspapers:

Vacancy Announced for Member Technical at PTA

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  • Look at the qualification & experience asked for & the salary being offered. A person with Ph.D & MBA & 15 years of experience can earn much more elsewhere. One will only join PTA @ 176000 if he wants to sit in the office & keep on drinking tea without doing work of a penny in other words, wants to get his capabilities rusted.

      • No, we don’t have Ph.Ds available with that much experience & qualification at that salary package.

        • Ph.Ds have ruined telecom sector in last four years.
          Govt. should not select some Ph.D now if they want this sector to grow.

  • This advertisement for job is a joke itself. lol how many of us is PHD with 15 years experience and even they find 1. The one who will get the job will be base on sifarish.

    • If the person already selected is a PTA officer, he has been declared as non-engineer by the current Authority!

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