Survey Ranks Telenor as the Most Preferred Employer in Pakistan

Survey Ranks Telenor As the Most Preferred Employer in Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan has been ranked as the top employer in the country amongst various sectors, as per the survey conducted by ROZEE.PK in collaboration with Yougov, a leading a leading global opinion pollster based in UK.

Compensation & benefits, brand image, career growth, better work environment and social responsibility were the factors for selection of Telenor Pakistan as the most preferred employer.

In the industry break up category, Telenor Pakistan led from the front as the most preferred employer in the telecommunications industry with 56.79% votes.

Speaking about the most preferred employer ranking, Vice President Human Capital Division, Telenor Pakistan, Muhammad Shoaib Baig said,

“This is a worthy accomplishment for Telenor Pakistan to be declared the top employer in the country.

We attribute this to our people centric culture and egalitarian values that provide a progressive and growth oriented work environment. We believe that our people are our real asset and nothing is possible without their hard work, commitment and dedication.”

Telenor Pakistan was also found to be the most sought after employer among university students with respondents from 10 unique universities voting it as their preferred employer. It is pertinent to note that Telenor Pakistan was also ranked the most preferred employer in survey back in 2009.

According to the survey report for 2012, a total of 9,068 respondents took the survey in 16 weeks and specified their preference to work for the top employer in the country. Respondents had the choice to pick one employer from a list of 1,169 companies or choose an alternate company.

Demographics of respondents:

  • 68% of respondents hail from the four major cities of Pakistan: Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metropolitan Area and Faisalabad.ƒ
  • 88% of respondents were males whereas 12% female respondents took the survey.
  • 42% respondents fall between the age group of 25-29, 24% belonged to the age group of 18-24, while 34% belonged to the age bracket beyond 30.
  • 72% of the respondents are full time employees.
  • 92% of the employed respondents have a Bachelors or higher level university degree, whereas 52% of them held a Masters or higher university level degree.
  • 39% of the employed respondents were employed in professional or higher technical work, whereas 38% were employed as managers or senior administrators.

Top 10 Employers in Pakistan (2012)

Survey Ranks Telenor As the Most Preferred Employer in Pakistan

Top 10 Employers in Telecommunication Industry

Telenor Pakistan, takes up the number one with more than half of the weighted votes given to the top three employers in this category. Mobilink follows behind with 33% weighted votes and Ufone becomes the third top employer as preferred by respondents.

Other notable names who despite obtaining significant respondents votes do not appear in the the top three list are PTCL, Warid Telecom, Wateen Telecom and Wi-Tribe Pakistan Ltd.

Survey Ranks Telenor As the Most Preferred Employer in Pakistan

Top 10 Employers in Information Technology Industry

Microsoft leads with 33% weighted votes in the Information Technology sector. Following closely are Netsol Technologies and AbacusConsulting with approximately 30% and 31% weighted votes respectively.

Other notable names that received significant votes are Teradata Pakiatan and 3D Cellular.

Survey Ranks Telenor As the Most Preferred Employer in Pakistan

Top 10 Employers by Females

Of the 12% females who took the survey, about 21% have voted for United Nations Pakistan to be the top employer amongst nine others selected.

A total of four FMCGs are listed under the top ten employer banner by females. Females were more inclined than their male counterparts towards the NGO/Social Services sector with the inclusion of both the UN and Aga Khan Foundation.

Survey Ranks Telenor As the Most Preferred Employer in Pakistan

Top 10 Employers by Males

88% males responded to the survey, and of these about 17% have voted for Telenor to be their top preferred employer in Pakistan, followed by Unilever Pakistan that acquires approximately 16% votes from the male respondents.

Although a similar trend of preferences is visible in both classifications, Pakistan Tobacco Company Ltd, Oil and Gas Development Ltd Company and Abbott are voted to appear in the Top Ten Employers by Males
list only, whereas, Aga Khan Foundation, Procter & Gamble and Habib Bank Ltd appear in the Top Ten Employers by Females list only.

Also noteworthy is that four banks were ranked as the top employers by females, whereas as only one was selected by males.

Survey Ranks Telenor As the Most Preferred Employer in Pakistan

  • For those woh thinks Telenor Pakistan as a best employer

    Plea against layoff: The Lahore High Court issued notice to Telenor Pakistan on a contempt of court petition moved by employees of the company against their removal from services, violating court orders.

    Justice Ijazul Ahsan directed the heads of respondent company to file the reply within two weeks.

    Bushra Abdul Qader and six others had filed the petition stating that they were employed with Telenor Pakistan and had been working with company for the last 3 to 5 years. They said that all of a sudden the company started serving show cause notices to them and other colleagues basing upon professional revelry, short sizing or so called economy derive. They furnished their replies to the notices, but the company after ignoring their replies issued them final show cause notices along with letters of suspension. The petitioners through Advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddique said they enjoyed unblemished and blotless career during the entire service and in short there was no negligence of any kind on the part of the petitioners.

    You can also check the below link

  • Still I believe that Telenor is a better employer among the lot. It is relative grading not absolute so, it is better among the other usurpers and abusers such as PTCL, Zong etc. If u compare Telenor as an employer with Vendors who work for the Telecom Sector such as ZTE and Huawei, Telenor’s work ethics are way too high, because ZTE and Huawei although giants in revenues and earnings are both worst employers ever. Both promote corrupt practices and bribery in businesses and nepotism at work place. All saving is done at the cost of quality of work and employees, who are made to work for endless hours. I believe china’s roots in socialism have something to do with their low ethics.

  • This survey i believe is based on Branding created by the previous set of mangement … Let’s see Telenor was regularly winning awards but a break came in and that was because of new management especially HR .. What ever good will and policies they have were launched ,practiced and created by previous management . After the outsourcing the management should have been more effective but it isn’t . Telenor is generating exceptional profit and one expected that after outsourcing the standards would grow more in but it has sunk to cost cutting in every department. This survey does not give you an insight , Professionals confuse Pepsico with Riaz bottlers or other bottlers as they don’t brand themselves left right and center !Pepsico in terms of pay and ethics goes a long way and so does Nestle , engro and Unilever . telecom has a lot of issues a lot of favoritism and where are the Audit firms KPMG , Pwc???? Not a smart survey !

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