PTCL DSL Broadband Offers Free 1Mbps to 2Mbps Upgrade

PTCL-logoPTCL has once again offered this free upgrade for broadband DSL customers from 1Mbps to 2Mbps speeds till March 31st, 2013.

Under this special promotion, PTCL will offer free upgrade of data rate of 1 Mbps customers to 2 Mbps without any additional charges till 31st March 2013. Meaning that customers will get 2Mbps speeds for Rs. 1,250 per month till March 1st, 2013.

After promotion is over, customers will either have to pay Rs. 1,549 per month for 2Mbps or they will be allowed to down-grade their speeds back to 1 Mbps.

All 1Mbps will be upgraded to 2Mbps broadband DSL speeds automatically.

Offer Details:

  • 2Mbps Broadband promo charges: Rs.1,250 per month
  • Unlimited download
  • All 1Mbps customers are being upgraded to 2Mbps
  • No extra charges will be charged to customer before 31st Mar 2013
  • Offers starts during February 2013
  • Valid Up to 31st March 2013
  • All customer who do not wish to continue with 2Mbps will have to Opt out by calling 1236 and reverting back to 1Mbps


  • A special 2 Mbps promotional package is being offered to customers with 1 Mbps equivalent Tariff (Rs.1,250 per month)
  • This promotional package will expire on 31st Mar-2013 and standard 2 Mbps Tariff (Rs.1,549 per month) will apply after that
  • All customer who do not wish to continue with 2Mbps will have to Opt out by calling 1236 and reverting back to 1Mbps

  • I really don’t like PTCL’s style of “free” forceful upgrade, that only lasts around a month. Call to opt in is fairer than call to opt out.

    • That’s not a forceful upgrade, PTCL is giving 2Mbps speed in the price of 1Mbps. So you can enjoy the speed at affordable rates without paying more.

  • this is bull shit PTA should take notice of this forceful upgrade technique to make more money they should automatically opt out users if they opt them in automatically than ones who enjoyed and feels to have the upgrade can call and have it simple as that bu the magic begins when most of the users (including ones having student package) get billed for 2mb (even within the free promo period) and when they call 1218 they face another magic trick that is please go to our costumer support center to deactivate the upgrade i mean are you out of your mind i was not the one who asked for upgrade why should i go and talk to donkey staff to revert it back to what it was. NONSENSE !

  • Very clever market strategy by PTCL. After the free tariff has ended and you call you opt out.first they line is always busy and if by chance they pick it up they will tell you that it will be done soon but then they take months on opting you this way you will have to pay the extra bill.thats what happened to me.i wanted to upgrade my student 1 mb to student 2 mb when it was released during that time it was free.i called them again and again.they said your package has been upgraded but the speed was the same as of 1 mb.then well after the free period was package was upgraded.thats what they do.

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