Apple Declared the Most Admired Company for 6th Year Running

apple-campusApple, the tech-giant, has been named the most admired company in the world for the 6th consecutive year by the American magazine Forbes.

The company achieved an overall score of 8.24. It seems like the big drop in stock prices and the stubbornness of the company hasn’t hurt its reputation much, or at least as some people would’ve thought.

The top 10 list was itself dominated by technology companies. Second and third positions were secured by Google, Apple’s rival, and Amazon, world’s biggest online store. IBM came 6th.

Adam Lashinsky, the author of the popular ‘Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works" wrote:

For those expecting a fall from grace, Apple undoubtedly is a victim of its own success. [Steve] Jobs, a legend in his own time and the face of Apple, actively hid his managers from public view, preferring that they focus on work, not self-aggrandizement.

What’s more, for a company that without hyperbole can be described as having released four revolutionary products in a decade — iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPad — expectations become exceedingly high.

He also noted that Apple has become such a huge phenomenon that even the slightest of schedule misses can collide universes and such is the bond between the Apple and the people that a miracle is expected out of it every time a product launch starts looming. That’s certainly not wrong as most people still think of Apple as the "most innovative company".

What’s more is that even a recent drop in share prices couldn’t resist the biggest profit in the company’s history of $13 billion.

List of Most Admired Companies:


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