Google Shows Off its Shoes but You Cannot Buy a Pair


If you thought wearable tech was stupid, think again. From the guys who gave you Google Glass comes another wearable tech product called ‘Google Glass’. It won’t be coming to stores near you unlike Google Glass, but ripoffs are expected now that the idea is publicized.

Google Shoes are modified Adidas sneakers and is a part of the company’s ‘Art, Copy and Code’ project. Its build in co-operation with the tech company ‘Yes Yes No’. They feature a custom-build microcontroller and speak funny things out to you via a speaker, or Google plus when connected to the internet. Things like accelerometer and gyroscope are build into the shoes too along with the pressure sensors at the bottom.

Its the messages though which make this piece of technology great. For example, if you start walking it will say "I’m snoring" and if you are not moving, it will yell "I am trying to imagine what it would look like moving" at you. It can also connect with an Android smartphone.

The Google Shoes were shown at the SXSW event in Austin, Texas. What’s a pity though, is that Google doesn’t plan to sell these in any market. They might however open-source the information so that you can make your own. The pair shown off at the SXSW were made to show what’s possible with data.

So the next time you are at an Adidas store (or elsewhere) buying your next pair of sneakers, take a moment to think about the possibilities of wearable tech. This one actually looks like a better concept than Google Glass, even if its not quite nearly as functional.