List of Parliamentarians Defaulting Telephone and Internet Bills

National Assembly PakistanThe National Telecom Corporation (NTC), that provides internet and telephony services to government institutes and parliamentarians for their offices and official residences, has issued list of 284 currently sitting senators and ministers from now dissolved parliament who have failed to clear their dues for internet and telephone services.

NTC said that a total of 449 operational telephone numbers and internet connections were unpaid and are placed in the defaulting category valuing a total amount of Rs. Rs 9.56 million.

NTC said that defaulting parliamentarians with more than Rs. 10,000 dues include: 

Dr Fehmida MirzaRs. 34,642
Raja Pervez AshrafRs. 628,874
Chaudhry Pervaiz ElahiRs. 26,897
Dr Abdul Hafeez SheikhRs. 33,136
Rehman MalikRs. 138,515
Makhdoom Amin FahimRs. 37,434
Qamar Zaman KairaRs. 12,576
Chaudhry Ahmed MukhtarRs. 86,225
Arbab Alamgir KhanRs. 128,727
Ayatullah DurraniRs. 110,059
Nadeem Afzal ChanRs. 31,034
Dr Azra Fazal PachehoRs. 12,703
Dr Asim HussainRs. 12,207
Dr Firdous Ashiq AwanRs. 147,869
Chaudhry Nisar Ali KhanRs. 80,229
Ishaq DarRs. 12,046
Maulana Fazlur RehmanRs. 52,931
Manzoor Ahmed WattooRs. 269,880
Raza RabbaniRs. 64,407
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq Rs. 31,331
Sumsam Ali BukhariRs, 30,142
Dr Farooq SattarRs. 213,269
Khurram Dastgir KhanRs. 72,920
Faisal Karim KundiRs. 126,079
Talha MehmoodRs. 22,574
Sardar Faiz TammanRs. 133,834
Ismail BulaidiRs. 63,565
Aftab SherpaoRs. 13,639
Ishaq KhakwaniRs. 149,366
Maulana Abdul Ghafoor HaideriRs. 104,121
Abbas Khan AfridiRs. 11,277
Abdul Haseeb KhanRs. 60,405
Babar Khan GhauriRs. 25,958
Hasil Khan BizenjoRs. 12,137
Abdul Nabi BangashRs. 54,839
Anousha Rehman KhanRs. 12,720
Ayaz AmirRs. 20,063
Chaudhry Birjees TahirRs. 27,129

Out-going parliamentarians have said that this list outed by NTC is at least one month old as many parliamentarians have already cleared the dues.

Election commission of Pakistan said that it can disqualify any nomination for next election if there any pending dues on the applicants amounting to more than Rs. 10,000.

  • Syed Asad

    Remember their names and faces. In the coming elections if you voted for their parties you will be deemed responsible for their corruption.
    Vote for PTI, Vote for a Change

    • Rehmat

      Nest Time it would be Captain shb in the list; they all belong to same race. No change :(

      • Its not possible because IK has never had any corruption charges. Will he do corruption on electricity bills. Grow up man… Not all the people in the world are same.

        • Ahmad Ali

          He doesn’t have any corruption charges because he never got a change. Let him come to the mainstream govt and you’ll see. :)

          • TRUTH

            Its so sad that our pessimism have lead us to that "ROCK BOTTOM" where the concept of one virtuous person in power and not abusing it seems like a FAR FAR rather ALIEN concept. when at one point of time it was us who were examples of such high ideals.
            Surely our education Morality or religions do not teach us but we have probably gone Morally BANKRUPT.
            I assure those pessimistic (who falsely call themselves Realists and are in fact in denial) that even if the situation stayed the same or got worse for another 100 years and even if those claiming for bringing CHANGE kept failing us, we will still be hopeful and optimistic for a positive a change

          • Faizan

            By that notion you are not a murderer yet because you haven’t bought a gun.

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          “NAIK wo hai jis ko moqa nahi mila”

      • Babar

        yaha pe shareef wo hain jinhain moka nhn mila.. :p

    • Salman Abbas

      No. Vote for APML, no need to try new BS.

  • Shahid Saleem

    Where is the full list?

  • Saif

    Remember their names, and you will see them again in assemblies crying “hum pe jhootay cases banaey gaye par JAMHOORIYAT is the best revenge (from people of Pakistan)”

  • Saeed

    way to go PM!!


    All politicians are corrupt. Their head is GM Bush. He has been most corrupt in history, earned global money in oil trading.