Ematic Announces the $80 Android Tablet


Now here’s another company you most probably haven’t heard of. Ematic, just another manufacturer which specialises in making “disposable” tablets has released its new tablet.

Called the Genesis Prime, the tablet will probably be one of the cheapest Google-certified product you’ll ever see, costing only $80.

Of course killer specs can’t be expected at this price and needless to say, the tablet offers just that. It is powered by a measly 1.1 Ghz processor along with dedicated graphics, has a 7 inch screen with resolution of 800 x 480, VGA front camera and 4 GB internal storage which also happens to be expandable thanks to a microSD card slot onboard.

And by the way the OS running is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The Genesis Prime is available in a wide range of colors. Being Google-certified, it will be able to access Google Play legally without any hacking or rooting. For $80 this is one of the easiest ways to get the Android membership. And for that price too it offers Android 4.1. That’s not too bad is it?

  • What are the benefits (other than mentioned above) of being Google certified? and what is the RAM of this one?

  • 512 MB RAM
    1.1GHz Intel Core Duo
    a front facing VGA camera
    battery capable of providing around 4.5 hours of use on a single charge.

    Roy Rayn, President of Ematic explains:

    “With Google Play, we [Ematic] were able to bring an entirely new digital experience to our consumers,”-“Intuitive and exciting, this tablet is ideal for work or play with faster web browsing capabilities and endless possibilities for entertainment.

    Lightweight and portable, the Genesis Prime is designed with the active, on-the-go user in mind. The HD video player supports up to 1080p HD videos, and the tablet features a front camera to easily capture life’s memorable moments. “

    if anyone have used it plese share his/her experience, preferably the touch experience.

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