Telcos Added 143,609 Subscribers in February 2013

Sales of cellular connections in Pakistan have hit the rock bottom, since the new SIM rules are confining cellular companies to sell SIMs via service centres and company owned franchises only.

According to latest stats issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, five cellular companies added a total of 143,609 new subscribers in February 2013, down from average addition of around 1.000,000 subscribers per month during past six months.

Total cellular base was recorded at 120,962,829 subscribers at the end of February 2013, up from 120,819,220 subscribers in January 2013.

Mobilink remained the market leader with 36,011,288 subscribers, while Telenor stood second with 30,423,114 subscribers. Ufone had 23,345,258 subscribers at the end of February 2013 while Zong reported 18,659,009 subscribers. Warid registered a total base of 12,524,160 subscribers till Feb.

Cellular tele-density was recorded at 68 percent.

More details in below graphs:

cellular subscribers feb 2013

cellular subscribers feb 2013_2

  • telenor rockkkkkkkkkk
    telenor is the best network coverage in Pakistan where u go it always connect and give u a signal.telenor is the best network in Pakistan

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  • I have a question. I know they don’t have 3G or 4G in Pakistan so what options do you have? I can’t imagine how slow the data connection must be! Can you guys use apps like Whatsapp, VoIP apps etc? Do the pages take forever to download? Is it possible to send attachments?

    Also, which company offers the best and stable internet connection in Pakistan?

    • Yes we are able to do all of the things you mentioned, this is Pakistan, not some arid country in the middle of Sahara desert. Nearly all the ISP`s in Pakistan are providing very competitive services, and are offering good speeds. It mostly depends on your location. However, I have been using PTCL for a very very long time and have been satisfied with the service they are providing. It is the largest national Telecom player so I believe “might is always right”.

      • I know that they have the so-called broadband connections at insanely high rates, however, I was not talking about that. I thought that my message on this particular post would make sense that I was referring to data connection on cell phones. I apologize if I caused any confusion.

        I wanted to know about the data connections of cellular companies such as UFone, Warid etc.

  • can i ask a question??

    Kya subscribers ki quantity company k start se ab tak shamil hone walay customers par hay?? ya active customer par??

  • i have used all sim’s but ZONG is the one and only cellular company that is deducting true call charges. other companies are charging hidden charges and in this Ufone is on top.

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