Warid Launches Prepaid to Postpaid Balance Transfer

prepaid to postpaidAnother Industry First by Warid: Launch’s ‘Prepaid to Postpaid’Balance Transfer Service

After successful launch of ‘Post to Prepaid’ and ‘Post to Post’ balance transfer services, WaridTelecom today announces the launch of another industry first ‘Prepaid to Postpaid Balance Transfer, through which Warid users can transfer balance from a Warid Prepaid or Glow number to a Warid Postpaid number.

With the launch of this service, all Warid customers (prepaid and postpaid) can share balance with one another.

These services are poised to bring greater convenience to Warid users providing them with a 360° solution in cases of low balance and postpaid bill payment.

Prepaid to Postpaid Mechanics:

  • To share balance, send amount in an SMS to 2424.
  • For example: B 032XXXXXXXX 100


  • For transfer amount ranging between Rs.10 and Rs.50, Rs.2.5+tax per transfer will be charged.
  • For transfer amount greater than Rs.50, 5% of amount transferred will be charged.
  • Taxes apply.
  • SMS to 2424 will be charged Rs.0.05+tax
  • A prepaid number can share max Rs 200 balance for each postpaid number.

Postpaid to Prepaid

Mechanics: To share balance, send B<space>number<space>amount in an SMS to 2424. For example:

  • B 032XXXXXXXX 10
  • B 032XXXXXXXX 20
  • B 032XXXXXXXX 30
  • B 032XXXXXXXX 40
  • B 032XXXXXXXX 50


  • Service charges of Rs.5.00+tax are applicable for each successful request
  • SMS to 2424 will be charged Rs.0.05+tax
  • A maximum of Rs.50 can be shared by a postpaid customer during one day.

  • 360 degree solution

    Pre to Pre

    Pre to POST

    Post to Pre

    POST to POST

    Only possible from warid this is real first time in PK. Along with internet sharing.

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