Cut the Rope: Time Travel [Game Review]

Cut the Rope is now a worldwide sensation. Downloaded hundreds of millions of times, it first appeared on the horizon in 2010. A sequel followed in 2011 in Cut the Rope: Experiments. Now, after a wait of two years, ZeptoLab has released its third instalment of the series: Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

The new game is available on Android and iOS platforms.


If you’re familiar with the series already, then you already know this game. You have to feed your cute, little monster Om Nom shiny candies to complete levels and progress forwards. Your green monster has supposedly gone centuries back this time to meet its ancestors so for the first time ever, there are two monsters in each and every level for you to feed. Once you get on with this formula, it’s mostly similar to any other Cut the Rope game. But does twice the action mean twice the fun?

Unfortunately in this case, the answer is a plain and simple ‘No’, as the game again falls victim to some of the mistakes ZeptoLab made in the last iteration as well. To start off, there are six ‘boxes’, or in simpler terms, stages: The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and lastly, The Stone Age. All of these boxes include 15 levels each (instead of the usual 25) followed by videos at the end. That sums up to around 90 levels for you to play.

Let’s start with the good news. The game features new items and abilities. There are bombs, blades, ability to stop time, sundials, moveable items & stars, synchronized candies and the list goes on. The game has got good looking visuals. The ancestors of Om Nom are all quite beautiful and interesting, especially the monster you’ll find in The Stone Age levels. They all sound great too. Presentation-wise, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a great achievement.

All the levels come with their own uniqueness for the most of the part. The Ancient Greece levels, for example, come with switches which swap between the two Om Noms.

But 90 levels doesn’t mean fun all the time. Most of the levels are extremely easy. What’s ironical is that some of them are frustratingly difficult and even boring. It feels weird to be playing a “hair-pullingly” difficult level just after playing an easy level which even a third-grader can pass. And you can literally count the number of those hair-pullingly difficult levels on your fingers. I finished the game in less than 2 hours and wasn’t exactly ‘mad’ for achieving 3 stars in every level but was still able to get 250 out of 270 possible stars. It’s that easy. This is the very thing which I didn’t exactly admire in Cut the Rope: Experiments.

And then it’s the background. As I said the visuals are good but an interactive background certainly wouldn’t have hurt much, especially since we’ve all got so used to those.


That being said though, the old, faithful cult following of the series will still love this game. The game too but as an old fan of the series, I felt disappointed.

The good: Good graphics, easy-to-learn gameplay, two monsters to feed

The bad: Extremely easy, not that many levels, boring at times, nice sounds

Final Score: 6/10



  • it is one of my very first games played on my android htc, it’s an interesting game, however I no more play cut the rope.

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