Warid Introduces Election 2013 Updates Service


Warid Telecom has offered its latest services for prepaid and post-paid customers in view of the upcoming elections.

Customers will be able to receive news and updates regarding election oriented television shows, polling station locations, campaign and candidate news and updates straight from the polling booths.

Users can also find out the details of any particular constituency by sending the constituency number to the short code 2228. For instance the constituency number for National Assembly will be NA-000 e.g. NA-201or PA – 000 e.g. PA – 240 for Provincial Assemblies.

In addition, users can avail a feature that allows them to search a party or candidate’s political history, election results and manifesto. They can also participate in a one of the kind election quiz and join chat-rooms to discuss the elections with other users.

Elections 2013 updates are available through both IVR and SMS. The service is available to all Warid customers.


IVR Version:

If you are a Warid customer, dial 77713 to stay up to date with the latest information about Elections 2013. If you are not a Warid customer, dial 03201870000 to access the Elections 2013 service.

The following information will be available to our customers:

  • News & talk shows
  • Election polls
  • Chat
  • Election quiz
  • Political Party content, including wallpapers and animations
  • Party’s past Election history
  • Election results

SMS Version:

Send “ELC” in an SMS to 2602 to activate the Election 2013 service. The list of daily alerts includes the following:

  • Election News
  • Election Polls
  • Constituency Details

After Subscription, at any time you can also find out the details of a particular constituency by sending the constituency number to the short code 2228:

  • For National Assembly send NA-XXX in an SMS e.g. NA-201
  • For Provincial Assembly PA-XXX in an SMS e.g. PA-201

To deactivate the service, send “UNSUB” in an SMS to 2228.


  • 77713 charges: Rs.3+tax for the first minute and Rs.2+tax second minute onwards
  • Dialing 03201870000 will be charged as per your package plan
  • For subscription through SMS: Rs.15+tax/month
  • Sending an SMS to 2228: Rs.0.20+tax/SMS

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