Warid Offers 500 Free Minutes and SMS to Subscribers

Free minutes for Muft Hafta

Warid Telecom now offers its Glow and prepaid subscribers 500 free on-net minutes and 500 SMS to any network through its ‘Muft Hafta’ offer.

To enjoy this exciting offer, customers simply have to activate their new Warid SIM before 15th June or re-activate their Warid SIM not in use since 20th April.

Through the ‘Muft Hafta’ offer, for every 4 weeks of usage, customer will receive one free week every month for six months.

Subscribers will receive their free minutes during the fifth week after they have used their Warid connection for the previous four weeks. The number of minutes offered to the client will amount to 25 percent of the minutes they would have used in the first four weeks. For example if a subscriber has consumed 100 minutes during four weeks they will be given 25 free minutes during the fifth week.

To avail this offer subscribers need to “SMS or Call 3733” from their Warid numbers.

The upfront free 500 on-net minutes and SMS to any network have a validity of 3 days.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is for those customers who activate their new SIM before 15 June 2013
  • This offer is also for customers who have not used their Warid SIM since April 20th 2013
  • 500 on-net minutes and 500 SMS to any other network will be awarded on Call/SMS on 3733. Validity of these minutes/SMS will be 3 days.
  • Customer will be rewarded with on-net minutes of the 25% of the amount he/she has consumed within one month.
  • The “MuftHafta” offer can be enjoyed by customers after every 4 weeks; that is, the more the usage, the more the Free Minutes you will receive
  • Free minutes will be Warid to Warid
  • Free Balance upon buying of a new SIM will not count towards Free Minutes
  • 25% of the amount i.e. On-Net Minutes will be given to the customer on 25th of every month. Free Minutes will have validity of 30 days.
  • This is a limited time offer

  • Lol this offer is not valid for me :( because i didnt use my sim from JAnuary or maybe its fake new

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