E-Banking Transactions Reach Rs. 7.9 Trillion in Pakistan: SBP

The value of e-banking transactions in Pakistan reached Rs. 7,901 billion or Rs. 7.9 Trillion during third quarter of 2012-13, up from Rs. 7.5 Trillion a quarter ago, said quarterly Payment Systems review published by State Bank of Pakistan

Total number of e-banking transactions during the quarter stood at 82,209,000 up from 79,451,000 transactions during the previous quarter.

The volume and corresponding value of overall e-banking transactions during the quarter depicted a growth of 3.47 percent increase in volume an increase of 4.37 percent in value.


Of all the e-banking transactions, mobile transactions show the highest percentage increase since the previous quarter of current fiscal year. The transactions increased by 22.84 percent in terms of volume reaching the number of 1.12 million as compared to 0.91 million in the preceding quarter.

Similarly, the value of mobile transactions also showed highest percentage increase as compared to the previous quarter of current fiscal year. The value of transactions increased by 30.66 percent reaching Rs. 7.3 billion as compared to Rs. 5.6 billion in the preceding quarter.

In terms of volume of overall e-banking transactions, ATM trans-actions have a major share of 62.78 percent and an average value per transaction stands at Rs. 10,005. In comparison with the number of transactions reported in the second quarter of the current fiscal year, the overall volume of ATM transactions increased by 6.27 percent and the value increased by 8.73 per-cent. In the overall e-banking transactions, amount of ATM transactions remained at 6.53 percent during current quarter.


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