ICT R&D Fund Announces ICT Research and Development Awards 2013


National ICT R&D Fund has announced the National ICT Research and Development awards 2013, for which it will be rewarding the winners with Millions of Rupees as reward money.

This first of its kind awards by National ICT R&D are likely to continue every year with an aim to acknowledge the efforts of Pakistani organizations, researchers, academicians, professionals, engineers, etc. in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to boost the development of an ICT focused R&D culture in Pakistan.

Award Categories

  • ICT based Products/Systems/Applications.
  • Published Research Papers.

Awards Criteria

If you have developed an ICT product or written a research paper that has been published, and if you consider they are worthy to have created enough value then go ahead an apply as you can be the Award Winner here. Complete criteria, further details and guidelines can be views by clicking this link.

Award Money

Each award will consist of a certificate and a cash award as per following detail:

  • First Prize: Rs. 1.5 Million
  • Second Prize: Rs. 1.0 Million
  • Third Prize: Rs. 0.5 Million

In addition a grant up to Rs 2.5 million may be awarded to the winners (or the winning teams) through their parent institution(s) to pursue further R&D in a related area of interest.

How to Apply

The application forms for the awards should be submitted both in hard and soft copy format. The hard copy of the form should be sent at the following address before the deadline:

General Manager – Monitoring,
National ICT R&D Fund,
6th Floor, HBL Tower,
Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area,

The soft copy of the application form and its enclosures may be sent at the following email: [email protected]

The above e-mail address may be used to send any related queries as well.

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