Zong Starts Biometric Verification of Customers for New Sales

Zong Starts Biometric Verification of Customers for New Sales
Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, getting new SIM with Biometric Verification System

Zong today demonstrated its newly deployed biometric verification system for new Sales at a customer care centre in Karachi.

Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, was issued a new Zong SIM using biometric verification after cross verifying his thumb impression with NADRA’s database in real time.

Zong, along with all other cellular operators, will complete the roll-out of this new biometric verification system in Karachi at company’s owned Customer Service Centres and Franchises by December 20th, 2013.

Afterwards, a similar deployment will be carried out in rest of the Pakistan.

After completing the deployment of biometric verification system at company owned service centre and franchises, sales’ outlets across Pakistan will be equipped with same biometric verification system.

Customers will have to record their thumb impression to verifiy that CNIC indeed belongs to him/her
Biometric Verification System will confirm a verified message to sales representative after comparing the thumb impression with NADRA’s database
After verification of thumb impression, complete data against CNIC will appear on screen for issuance of SIM

As per PTA’s SOP a customer has to present his/her CNIC to sales’ representative. After which customer will have to record the thumb impression which will be matched – in real time – with NADRA’s database.

This way, no customer will be able to purchase new SIM on CNIC that is fake or doesn’t belong to the customer.

Chairman PTA, while commenting on the occasion, said that regulator and cellular companies are making all possible efforts to eliminate unregistered SIMs from the country.

Mr. Ismail Shah said that industry is currently undergoing the verification process of new sales only, however, all currently operating SIMs may also be verified at a later time to completely eliminate unregistered SIMs from Pakistan.

A plug and play biometric verification device  used by Zong

All mobile companies were given a deadline of November 30th to deploy biometric verification system on their service centres in Karachi.

Ufone, in a press statement this morning, said that it is all ready to launch the biometric verification system in Karachi by 30th November.

Warid, Mobilink and Telenor also confirmed us the deployment of biometric verification system before deadline.

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    • One down vote to Saad’s comment was given by one of the ProPakistani’s blogger more precisely Mr Aamir Atta. It has become their fashion to dislike the comment after rectifying the mistake saying anybody can Vote down and up, which is quite obvious.

  • just read the information here guys . we can understand it correctly thats enough why are you trying to teach someone english. Go and open a college may be you get some students there. Get the information and ask the question if you like why you always try to show that you are a Pakistani who always points out to the mistakes of others but hides his own huh.?

  • if PTA and government are really serious to eliminate illegal SIMs, then the ONLY and best way is to ensure that sims be sold at either Mobile Operator’s business center and Franchise ONLY. As soon as PTA allows these mobile operators to sell sim on retail shops, then things start getting out of hand.
    The balance / Load / scratch cards may be sold at any retail shop. But the sim, being a Consumer Durable Product, must only be sold at Franchises.

    Further after implementation of Biometric, then a reasonable time be given to all 5 operators for Re-Verification of existing operational sims in the market.

    Mobile Operators for their own benefit will try their best to sell sims at maximum outlets. But now its upto PTA and Government that they wish to watch our national interest or benefit of operators.

    I again reiterate my earlier suggestion, thats sims be sold ONLY at Franchises and NOT on retail shops.

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