Akbar Khan Moves to Etisalat as Group Head of Brands

Akbar Khan, Head of Marketing, Ufone

Pakistani professionals have been making massive inroads in the regional and global markets over the the past few years.

Companies from outside Pakistan are not just appreciating the quality and standard of Pakistani talent but are also offering them respectable, top notch jobs.

Very recently, there was another major development and an incredible feat was achieved by the current Chief Marketing Officer of Ufone, Akbar Khan.

Mr. Khan, who has been the backbone of Ufone’s success over the last decade, was recognised for his brilliant work by parent company Etisalat and was offered to join the UAE based telecommunication giant as their Group Head of Brands.

Realising the magnitude of the opportunity, Khan has accepted Etisalat’s offer and will be moving to the UAE to head their brand operations. This achievement is no mean feat considering the Etisalat usually considers Western talent preferably from the United States or the United Kingdom for their top positions and Khan saw off all foreign competition for the prestigious position.

Khan’s achievement is a prime example how the employers at Ufone are given a grand stage to perform at and the work and achievements of the employees does not go unnoticed.

Khan’s rise has not come without merit. He has had over 14 years of experience as Head of Marketing, Head of Brands, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with reputed global telecom brands such as Millicom, Orascom and Etisalat.

Khan has had a proven track record of achieving impressive results in intensely competitive multi- operator-multi SIM environments. He is the man behind a $700 million plus annual revenue, 23 million customers, 20% contribution from Value Added Services, optimisation and efficiency of multi-million USD budgets.  These numbers are testament to his incredible talent and achievements that are second to none.

Khan’s escalation from Ufone to Etisalat is a shining example for every Pakistani who aspires to make it big in life.

Even Khan himself wouldn’t have imagined something like this at the start of his career – what was important was that he believed in himself, worked relentlessly for it and made it happen.

His achievement should become a source of motivation for every Pakistani youngster, who should understand that nothing is impossible in life if there is sheer dedication, devotion and hard work.