Windows Phone Store Finally Reaches 200,000 Apps

Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft has announced on its Windows Phone Developer’s blog that its online marketplace has finally broken into the 200,000 app margin.

Apart from that, the number of apps downloaded a day have crossed 12 million mark.

The news did take quite a bit of a time to reach as both Apple and Google have accomplished the feat in lesser amount of time. Still, Microsoft did gain most of them in the last few months, managing to lure the developers to bring several acclaimed apps like Instagram and Vine in the meantime.

The company considered it the right time to announce its new gift cards, which will be available in 41 markets initially but will be coming in more later onward.

Microsoft also announced that payment via carrier billing is now available for 51 carriers worldwide in 31 countries, with the promise to bring more sooner. The Store is available on 190 countries worldwide now.

Microsoft predicts that the app gap between its platform and others will close by 2014. We’ll have to wait and see whether that happens or not.

  • Anonymous

    I am Lumia 720 Owner and I am quite happy with my phone which I have been using for about 4 months now. You have all necessary apps, Processing Speed not bad. Nice Clean UI, What else you want. I still can’t figure it out why Windows Phone are not the first choice of many current and potential Smart Phone users.

    • abobobilly

      Restrictions. No one likes them.

      I for one won’t want “the company” to tell me what to do and what not to with with “MY” device. Freedom of Android has spoiled many souls.

      However, there exist some people, who just want a simple phone which could get the job done. Their primary choice would become an iPhone or a Windows Phone.

      • Ahmed

        Play store has over 1 million malware apps and no one likes them either. Plus it being LAGdroid, that’s the price you pay for the so called freedom.

        • abobobilly

          Low end market segment of Android is pretty much congested with “cheap” phones with mediatek processors or some low end single cores which obviously don’t perform as good as an equivalent Windows Phone in that range.

          High-end market is pretty much covered by Android. We are now on Kit Kat. Heck i am running a kit kat rom on my i9000 w/ GEL, a 3 year old phone and i am surprised to see it perform so smooth, without a hint of lag.

          My stance is the same … for a power user, a windows phone just won’t cut it. For everything else, it just might.

          If i really want to try another OS, i’d rather try either the Ubuntu Touch or Jolla.

        • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

          Yaar bhai do you own apple or microsoft? naen na
          Phir ios vs Android vs Windows Phone pe itna jazbati kiun hote ho?
          All 3 are good personal choice hoti hai har bande gi. You can’t kill someone for liking the colour red just cause you don’t like it.
          Hosla! :P

    • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

      The reason why I’m not one is it lacks google apps. I’m heavily invested in the google ecosystem so yeah Windows Phone as much as I like it. Practically its not feasible for me to use it.

    • Ammar

      The lack of any Google apps is what makes it hard for me personally to use a Windows Phone full time.

  • Yasir Mahmood

    It Seems the Time to Switch from winFrom to Windows Mobile Apps Development..

  • Mr. Active X

    Yar I Really Dont Like It :E
    Its Not That User Friendly, No Offense!!

  • Sikandar Butt

    I just want to add my words here that touch screen smart phone specially android has always been a headache for me like many users. The pathetic galaxy S series has been ruling the android world which is the toy like plastic body handset means a poor hardware for which we have to pay above 55 to 60 thousand. Internet browsing experience is extreme lagging and apps don’t comply with most mid range handsets.
    Personally I first got an htc Radar windows phone and the problem solved immediately. Its such a superb OS that it cannot lag or become slower in even its lowest price phone or even how old ur handset has become. Then I was upgraded to WP8 having a Lumia 820. Its a super hard poly carbonate material body which makes it scratchless. IE latest version is so responsive that ur browsing experince becomes greater and greatest. Also its the quality of Os that screen resolution feels very sharp. I just felt that it was made for me. Thanks God someone was there to make a quality hardware and software for delicate customers. Even today, i bet if u forget about resale issue, windows Lumia phones are the world’s best phones ever. WP 8 OS has such a great intergrated contacts, pictures and apps so greatly done that u can never ever use complicated android after truly understanding the Windows Phone OS.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      bhai sbb… log ap ko support krain gy agar ap un ko aik lumia 1020 lay kr day dain… km az km main to ap ko support kroun ga is surat main… lol

      (Windows phones are really good and smooth in performance but people are just trend follower that’s why Android is ruling right now… but keep it up.. people will definitely feel the difference of quality)